Friday, July 12, 2013

Great White North 1/2 Iron Race Report -- July 7, 2013

This was the first year of the new course --
  • The swim was changed from two loops with a beach run to a single swim loop.  This was an awesome change -- the best way I can sum up this change is with a story of a friend who is small in stature and who literally got stuck in the mud/goose poop one year mid-course.  Hahahahaha.  
  • The bike course was changed to two loops -- it was a challenging course with the wind.
  • The run was changed as well -- I really liked the course changes.  In the past I found it mentally fatiguing -- just the way it was laid out.  This year was mentally refreshing.  :) 
 Total time:  4:56:59

Swim:  29:22
I don't know about the length of the swim course as times were fast...what I do know is that I was a minute behind the eventual 2nd and 3rd place female pros.  That is all I need to see to gauge my swim improvement.  :)

My first sub-30 min swim -- I AM TAKING IT!!!! 

Bike:  2:40:29
Nothing special here -- I was alone for just about all of the ride.  It was an honest ride in the wind that's for sure.

Run:  1:47:08
I've been practicing pacing in all three disciplines for months now.  Coach Sara has written all kinds of sets where I am forced to pace properly!  My MO is I go out too hard and then suffer GI issues, cramps, etc.  My goal for this race was to execute my pacing, manage my emotional responses (ie have none, lol), and do my best on the day!

Other stuff:
  • This was the first time in my life I had the pleasant and ENJOYABLE experience of swimming with faster swimmers.  MAN what a difference!!!  Compared to what it feels like to swim mid-pack, everyone is a better a swimmer and "gets it."  I kept marveling at how awesome it was to swim!!!
  • The same feeling was echoed on the bike albeit on a smaller scale.  I was alone for most of it, however the minimal contact I had with fellow cyclists was sooooooo awesome.  Everyone "got it" and there was no swerving, shouting "on your left!" etc.  It was so bloody refreshing to not have to worry about these things!  YAY!
Me and my bud Lisa -- She is a super stud swimmer who routinely beats the pros out of the water!  Plans are in the works for me to stay at her place for a mini swim camp...she is so awesome!!!  :D :D

And for your viewing pleasure...this was post race...I was just about to get a massage when I realized I had a bottle of salt tabs and gels still down the front of my top!  LMAO!!!

CRAP!  I left my salt tabs and gels in there!  LMAO!