Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interviewed by High School Students

My friend (and Masters swim coach who is also a high school teacher) invited me to be a guinea pig for one of her classes...

Her students were practicing interviewing skills and she thought that my Ironman experiences would make an interesting subject for her students.

I agreed and was looking forward to it!  I was really excited about sharing my triathlon experiences but was also worried...

Worried about what?

Well, for those of you who know me, when I get excited I do not stop talking.  DO NOT STOP TALKING.  And I laugh and I giggle and I talk faster and faster and go and go and go until I sort of come to and sit there out of breath and think to myself, "Whew, what did I just say?"  Hahahahahahahaha!!

Additionally, I was concerned that in my zeal of talking about all things triathlon I would let a curse word slip out (or worse, more than one.) Truthfully, that was my biggest fear.  You have no idea how I kept coaching myself, "Julie, DO NOT SWEAR!"

Thank goodness I had the foresight to wear a tank top to the class -- I was sweating like a pig I was so nervous.  (And did you know that Wally's World sells some great quality workout gear now?  I am totally not kidding!  Their clothing used to be total crap, but I bought two Lululemon-type tank tops --- the kind with the bra cups in them -- for $15 each!  And a pair of running capris and shorts too -- great quality.  On this same tangent, Wally's World in Pincher also have the best fresh beets that I can buy around here, lol.)

Back to sweating like a pig.

The kids started off the exercise by introducing themselves one by one and then they started asking questions.  I found it challenging talking to people who have NO IDEA about triathlon.  I have been isolated from normal people for so long in my tri-bubble world, that I quickly realized I had a hard time explaining things using non-tri terminology -- as well as explaining concepts about training, etc.

There were some really insightful questions by the kids and I had a great time -- especially talking about how I ate 42 eggs a week, heh-heh-heh.

As the class drew to a close (say around 5 minutes before the bell), everyone promptly started shuffling their books/papers together and started getting ready to leave.  I was in the middle of answering a question and was like, "Oh...I remember doing this as a kid."  Hahahaha -- nothing personal lady, but we want to get outta here. :)

The best part about this little exercise was the gift my friend presented me about a week later -- she had compiled some of the reports the kids had written into a duotang, which the students had all signed!  It was so cute and awesome I almost cried!!!

To the kids in that English class:  thank you guys for the experience -- you guys were awesome.,  I had a blast and was so happy that I:
  1. Did not swear.
  2. Did not wear a t-shirt that would have had major armpit sweat happening
  3. Managed to be somewhat coherent
What else I have been up to...

Recovery after Ironman Canada went great!  I started doing yoga and weights 3 times a week and can not believe how even a tiny bit of yoga has eliminated all pain -- all those niggles that I thought I just had to put up with.  I am a total convert.

A cheap convert however.  Youtube has a zillion FREE online yoga classes for all levels of ability.  You have no idea how satisfied I feel at saving money by not taking a class.

Ironman Cozumel is November 25 and I am sooooo excited to return to the island to see all my new friends I made earlier this year!  I will be armed with a load of pink water bottles to distribute out to my new buds!! YAY!

All for now!

:) :)