Monday, March 31, 2008 a pool boy

LOL!! OK -- only by a pull buoy!!! hee-hee! Today my swim workout called for warm up, drills, then 4 x 500 with 45 seconds rest. I decided to use a pull buoy so I could prevent my ankle from kicking. After a few flip turns, I realized I shouldn't do those either as hitting the water started to hurt it a bit -- so it was a sort of weird workout!! LOL! The pull buoys at the Sparwood pool are so rough it's like toddlers have gnawed on them. My thighs actually chafed -- In the showers, I looked down and thought -- oh wonderful. :) :) LOL!!!

But -- my ankle is getting better by the day and I can't wait to start running again. Instead of my long run yesterday, I decided to bike 3:20 on the Ironman Canada course. I had a great ride and watched Matrix Reloaded 1.5 times -- YES!!! The frigging DVD worked for me yesterday -- I couldn't believe it. The whole earth hour thing gave me an idea. I decided to unplug all unnecessary appliances for a month and see if it translates into any actual savings on my power bill. I don't have very many things plugged in, but enough to drive Mike crazy -- He was asking, "Did you unplug such-and-such?" "Yes, hun." Anyways, I am thinking that because I unplugged the DVD, something changed inside it and it decided to work. :) :)

I did core work later on then an easy 75 min. bike.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

When a hill becomes a roller...

I just love my Computrainer so much. Last night I biked the Escape from Alcatraz course and it was awesome -- who knew that a 6% grade hill could feel relaxing?? I'll tell you when -- when you are continually pedaling up 15% grade hills! The course is 18 miles of hills: one after the other; hills within hills, hills on top of hills, hills were coming out of my eyeballs - hills,hills, hills. That is a funny word if you say it enough times, isn't it? LOL!! Hahahahaah!!

It is all the more awesome as I look outside and see the DUMP of snow we got (and are still getting). I've been able to get in quality bike workouts this winter because of my CT. Yipeee!! Instead of my long run tomorrow, I am going to try a long bike ride -- don't know where I'll ride. Hmmmm, let's see... Ironman Germany, Ironman France, Ironman Canada, or Ironman Hawaii? Hee-hee!

Yesterday I swam for 60 min: warm up and then
  • 4 x 60 (I know Keith -- WHO in their right minds make a 20m pool???)
  • 4 x 100
  • 4 x 200
  • 4 x 100
  • 4 x 60
All on 20 sec rest. In retrospect, I should have used a pool buoy to prevent me from kicking because the kicking hurts me po' widdle ankle -- hahahah!! However, yesterday was one of those swim days that started off like this:

I kept plugging away and pretty soon I felt good!! LOL!! No nuisances in the pool yesterday either -- my problem is usually the elderly people crossing over the lane. The way the Sparwood pool is set up is very weird. You know how all other pools in the world are shallow at the short end of the rectangle and then get progressively deeper? Not there! Firstly, the pool is some weirdly shaped lima bean thing. The shallows start at the longest side (the right) and gets deeper as you move to the left --that's right, if you are sharing a lane, the person on the left has deeper water to swim in. In the mornings, there is only one lane roped off.

Because of this set up, the old folks like to wade into the water at the shallow end and then go right to the middle of the lane ropes and attempt to cross. Ooomph! There goes one leg slowly over the lane rope as he/she now straddles it. Ooomph and HOIST! There goes the other leg. Now they are in my territory--- you better move buddy because I'm swimming my timed 1500m and I am getting chafed by the stupid Speedo size tag and if I'm not stopping for it, I'm sure as heck not stopping for you!!! I don't know why they can't just frigging climb into the pool on the deep side -- that's where they all go for water aerobics anyways!!!


Hahahahaha!!!Most of the old folks are pretty good now after I have ran into a few of them. They really hustle when they cross the lane now -- no dawdling anymore!! LOL!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

For Chuck -- Running Purple Man Identified!!!!

He was moving along at a good clip, but I still had to do a double-take. As he ran past me he dropped this --


WHOOO!! All Aboard!!

ALL ABOOOOAAAAARD! The Pain Train is ready for departure. Please have your water bottles filled, your comfiest bike shorts on, a towel on hand for the profuse sweat, and your heart rate monitor turned on... Chugga-chug-chug-chug-chugga-chugga-chug!! WHOOOOO-WHOOOOOO!!

Today's workout was so very awesome-- thanks Shannon, for the train analogy -- it is so true!! I biked two hours with a main set of: 2 sets of 5 with 3 min. at 170-185 Watts, and then 2 min. at 100-110 Watts. This was a big increase for me -- my first workout at this power output level and I loved it! I felt really strong and enjoyed the challenge. It was hard work, but not so hard that I collapsed afterwards -- it just really pushed me. I prefer this type of strength training!! :) :) :)

Peanut decided to try out her new bike too -- but it is invisible!! She was able to get in a pseudo-aero position for a little while -- it was hard work!!!! Hahahahaha!! It's not "The Nut" but I love this picture anyways!! LOL!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Official -- Ankle is A-OK!

I went to my doctor this morning after much prodding by family and friends to see about my ankle. The x-rays were good and the doc says I'll be good to go in about a week. In the meantime I got the go ahead to bike all I wanted. Yay!! I pumped my fist through the air! I was so excited, I drove home and did my bike workout and loved every minute of it. :) :) :) :)

As the day progressed, I have felt my ankle healing by the minute -- it even started to itch a little. I have to take care of the bod!! :) :)

In other training news... today was to be my rescheduled 1500m timed swim -- you will NEVER believe what happened. I warmed up, and despite not being able to really kick, I decided I was going to do this and time it, and then blog about it. I started my watch and swam like a dingbat -- only to discover 75 laps later that my watch hadn't started. I can't even believe it!!! I was so disappointed when I went to stop the time and realized it hadn't even started -- :(Oh well, next time I will make darn sure...

Core work at the gym, and I substituted side planks for the standing jumps. All is good, and the core is getting stronger. Yippeeee!! Today ended up being so sunny and warm -- I can't wait for summer. And next week when I can start running again!!! :) :) :) :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


So, this last week I decided it was time to stop running on the treadmill and run outside. Just like that -- an abrupt decision. Because the pool was closed on Friday, I decided to run just over 12 miles instead. After the run I had some outer ankle pain, but didn't pay too much attention to it. On Sunday, I ran just under 18 miles and ooowwwwwiiieeeee my ankle was starting to hurt. I kept running in the ditch instead of on the harder road surface and it helped a little. But you know the crazy thing was -- the pain wasn't alarming me, I welcomed it. I knew it was the abrupt change of running outdoors that was causing it, and I kept saying to myself, this is actually making my bones stronger. Of course I started thinking of that Kanye West song --but I only use my iPod when I run on a treadmill. Dat, dat, dat, dat , dat don't kill me,will only me make me stronger. Hee-hee! I know IG is probably cringing right now, but I already sent my "confession" to him!!

Later that night, I went to visit my best buds from the UK who have a place in Fernie and my ankle started to swell up. I didn't really notice it until I got home and took my pants off!! LOL! I iced it last night and have been icing it this morning too and it is feeling better, but I won't be running until there is NO PAIN. Swimming is out today too because the pool is still closed, but I'll be going to Fernie on Tuesday for some private one-on-one Cath swim lessons. (And, Jason I know you are going to read "one-on-one" as a pervy comment!! LOL! Maybe Cath and I will do some one-fisted drills later -- Oh Jason, you should be ashamed of yourself! LOL!!) Yes folks, my English friends are just as sick as the rest of the us!! LOL!! :) :)

I had a great visit last night -- and a truly decadent meal. Cath' s sister is a chef extraordinaire!! We feasted on this amazing quiche/torte thing that had roasted garlic and squash and cheese and oh my I got all warm and fuzzy from the candlelight and the good food, I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. Cath and Jase invited Cath's sis and hubby and another friendly couple to stay with them for their little vacation. (Esme made these wickedly delicious brownies earlier--drool!)

So -- there I was the Lone Canuck trying valiantly to explain East vs. West dynamics of Canadian politics, Quebec separation, the nomenclature of currency ie. the "loonie" and the "toonie", and how minnows look like tadpoles. Yes!! I knew that last one would grab ya!!! LOL! I thought everybody knew what a minnow was?? No way! I have no idea what precipitated the whole minnow conversation, but Cath looked quizzically at me and said, "Minnows?" My first response was, "Yeah, you know, minnows!" accompanied by vigorous forefinger waving -- my attempt to emulate a minnow's movement! LOL!! That didn't work, so I went for the visual approach --"Yeah, you know, like before it changes into a tadpole." AAARGGHH!! Yes I KNOW TADPOLES ARE FRIGGING FROGS AND MINNOWS ARE FISH -- but I was just trying to convey what the little suckers looked like, eh? Of course, Jase whips around and says "Fish don't turn into frogs!"

By this point, I had wandered deep into the realm of "Julie's World" where fish DO indeed change into tadpoles, and Van Gogh's ear DID grow back. (Please don't ask.) LOL!!! I thought it best to just retreat!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Fish is Fish
A modern fable of a minnow who wants to follow his tadpole friend--who becomes a frog--onto land. "A superior book, simple, but eye-catching." --School Library Journal

We had a great time talking about all the different colloquialisms in the UK --there are so many! And, once in a while, a strange cultural crossover occurred, and I could provide the North American equivalent. Although I have to admit, "knickers in a twist" sounds much more civilized than "panties in a knot!" LOL!!! :) :) :)

Did everyone read how Susi did the 3:00 min plank too? Holy Crap --it took her like 3 tries!! You are "The Plank", Susi!! :) :):) Oh yeah, and for Steve -- here is"How You Do the Plank." (Quit lurking and post a comment already!! LOL!)

The Plank and The Side Plank

Friday, March 21, 2008

I forgot it was Good Friday...

So I drove down to Sparwood this morning, only to realize when I got there, that the pool was closed for Good Friday. They are only open from 1-4 and that is only for public swim. Too bad -- it was supposed to be a 1500m TIMED swim! HAHAHAH!! Keith -- I got out of it again!! Hee-hee!! Pool will be closed on Monday too.

Yesterday, I biked 90min. w/u, drills, then 3min at 100rpm, 3 min. at 90 rpm. Afterwards, I ran 3.09 miles.

I just finished my core workout --Plank 3:00min (Yahoo! I still can't believe I can do it! ) then more fun core. I 'm heading out for a run right now because it is not windy out there today!!!! There are only like 4 days of the year when it is this calm, and I am going to take advantage of it!!

Cath!!!!! I am so glad to hear you went for a bike ride-- your glands must be all better now? :) :) I have to work Saturday, and I'll be at the store pretty much all day today too - but after that -- I'm ready to visit!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quick Transition!

I don't know if any of you do this, but since I have started triathlon, I find myself doing some tasks really quickly -- like I'm being timed in transition. For example, as I walk into the change room for my morning swim, I can take off my toque, scarf and one mitten in one smooth motion. LOL!! Hahahaha!

Today was a great day! Swam 75 min this morning: warm up, drills, then main set of 5 x 400 with 30 sec rest. Then it was plank for 3:00min, then the rest of my core workout. Later on I ran 9.25 miles and did some major stretching as usual. I swear by stretching! I believe it has kept me injury-free this year. I stretch after every single run.

OH! AND I finally finished my history essay!! YAHOOO!! You have no idea what a weight lifted from me. I mean, I did it to myself, but it was so important for me to get over this hurdle (that I put there in the first place). :) :)

One more funny thing -- I was in the tub and asked Mike to get my facial cleanser from my swim bag. I explained it to him this way - "Can you get my orange tube of facial cleanser, hun? It says Deep Clean on it." Well, first thing he brings me is a big bottle of body lotion -- not orange but blue and white. Then he came in with a green bottle of shampoo. THEN, he came in with my ginormous RED can of Big, Sexy hairspray!! At this point, I thought he was fooling me, but he said, "What? It's like a tube!" LOL!! Finally, on the fourth attempt he got it right!! lol!! HAHAHAHA!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All about Jake

We have Mike's son Jake for Easter and I decided to take us to Sparwood for this "Swim to Survive" event they had going on. The brochure outlined the event -- treading water for a set time, swimming 50m, etc. Upon completion, kids would receive a certificate and a tattoo. The only thing was when we got there, Jake was the only 13 year old amidst a sea of 5-9 year olds!! AAARRGGHHH!! Poor Jake --we could see his pure discomfort as he emerged from the change room with a grimace on his face. He sat in the hot tub - defeated- for a bit, then came over to talk to us. I felt so bad for him and said we can get out of here. I didn't want him to feel like we had to stay just because -- Just then the lifeguard came up and rallied Jake's spirits a little to go "test his upper body strength" on the swinging rope. He gamely walked over, taking his place at the back of a long line of kidlets. He was easily a body length taller than anyone there and you could just feel the social discomfiture oozing out of him. Poor Jake!! :) :) After he did his swing, he came over again, and I said "Let's blow this popsicle stand!" We had a good laugh about it on the way home!

I should mention that Jake is a budding triathlete -- he did Wasa last year and he had so much fun!!!! The kids race is held the day before the adults -- they get to run through the same finishing chute. If you ever get a chance to watch a kids tri race before your race - do it!!! Firstly, it takes the race pressure off you as you enjoy the true meaning of sport through a kid's eye. Secondly, it is a BLAST!! OMG -- they tied all these milk jugs together and strung them parallel to the shore for the various swim lengths. Kids were encouraged to swim the whole way and not walk in the shallow water. The first heat were kids as young as 4 years old!! They were so cute. The announcer was making comments like "Oh,the pink swimsuit has just pulled away from the pack." Then you see all these little tykes running to their tricycles. My favourite was this little four year old in speedos. He unzipped his shirt as he was coming through the finish line, and the announcer said, "Oh you can tell its pretty hot out there." HAHAHAHAHA!! He was the same little guy that when we were all clapping for him as he entered the finishing chute, he stopped and in a puzzled sort of way started waving back. It was so cute!!

Jake had an absolute blast that day. We were so proud of him -- he is not much of a swimmer but he swam the whole way -- despite the fact that other kids starting water-walking faster than he was swimming! AND he is going to Wasa again this year too!! YAY JAKE!!!

Today was big bike day -- 2 hours with main set of 8 x 7 min. @ 150-160W/ 3min. @ 100-110W. That tuckered me right out so that is all I did!! Time to watch some movies with Jake!! :) :) :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

3:00 Plank!!!!!!!!

HOO-RAH!!!! Yeah baby --I did the front plank in 3:00 min today -- my goal!! :) :) :) I started "Phase 2" of the core workout program, and side planks were 4 sets of 6 reps. Each rep was hold for count of 4 then lower; then rise up and repeat. Then a bunch of other fun core stuff.

Swimming this morning was 70 min: warm up, drills, then 8 x 200 on 30 sec rest. Later on, I ran 3.93 miles with strides.

Now -- I am waiting for my arm to be 100% before I resume chinups!!

I nearly bust my gut laughing about Chuck's adventure... oh boy, EVERYONE can sympathize!! :) :) :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good run.

Ran 15 miles this morning. Good run. :) Total miles this week: 30.89. Not too much else going on here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fine Dining in Cowley, Alberta!

Last night, Mike and I went out with another couple (my vet and her hubby) to a remarkable restaurant just 15 minutes away in Cowley. It is a tiny little place tucked in the middle of nowhere -- but WOW!!! the food is fabulous. They are only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -- and only serve prime rib on Fridays. We all ordered prime rib -- and it was the biggest, meatiest, medium-rarest (hee-hee!) prime rib I have ever had in my life. I felt like Diva with a piece of roadkill!! It was so delicious -- the veggies, the potato, oh boy.

Yesterday, I swam in the morning: 70 min: warm up, then main set of 10x60, 10x100, 10x60 with 15 sec rest on all and 1 min. between sets. Then after all was said and done, I played around with my youtube breast stroke. I didn't get into the hot"tube" after though, qt!! I'm hoping the odd 20m pool size and the extra swimming I do will help me out this year! :) Later I did my last core workout of the "dynamic phase". Yay!! Next week, I'll be back to more planks -- Chuck, I might try some twisting and leg marching, etc!! LOL!

I had to take evasive action later on, I felt a tickle in my throat and hit a wall of fatigue. I know I made the right decision, because today I'm full of pep again. :) :) Have a great weekend!! :) :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Running on the "Roadkill Road"

Newly dubbed, by moi, is the Roadkill Road. This is the gravel road I take Diva and Toby on all the time. The last time I took them out,Toby cut one of her toe pads really deep, so I haven't taken them out for a while. Also, that last time, Diva went rummaging through the snow and found what looked to be a super-sized chicken breast with a bit of hair on one side and a big meaty bone on the other. You must realize -- this dog is stone-blind yet always manages to find a bone from some deceased animal. Honestly, it's like hunters kill animals and leave the carcasses to rot here in town. I mean I don't really know for sure, but it is uncanny how many animal parts Diva has been able to find.

So, Diva had this big disgusting thing in her mouth and had such a look of contentment I couldn't take it away from her. She was in ecstasy -- she ran with it, then would lay down on the side of the road and just gnaw and slobber all over it. She took it home with her and ended up eating the whole thing!! UGH!!! Diva has guts of steel, but oh brother, she has been farting ever since. Really, really, really stinky ones too -- the kind that wake you up at 3:00 am gasping and saying, "Oh My God Diva!!!!!"

So, today,when Diva disappeared for a moment and then ran by me carrying a stick, I didn't think too much of it. That is, until I saw the end of the "stick" flopping back and forth like a wrist. I was almost too afraid to see, but I did... it was a frigging deer leg!!! OH YUCK!!! This time I had no qualms -- "Diva, DROP it!" and she is such a good little doggy that she did. So there is this deer leg lying out in the middle of the road now! hee-hee!

My buddies from England are going to be here soon and I am so excited to see them -- Cath if you get a chance to read this-- we are going to have a great visit, but I am going to make sure you get enough rest!!!! You have been sick, and do not need to make up anymore workouts -- you just have to get better. We will visit and visit, but I am not going to tire you out. :) :):)

Onto the workouts -- Bike of 2 hours then brick. Ran 3.62 miles That was it! :) :) Nite!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Li'l Stinker and Other Social Blunders

I have a terrible habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong times to the wrong people! I never set out to do it -- it is just a gift!! LOL!! Here are a few gems:
  • Today, I picked up Chinese food and told the lady at the counter how I would never buy a hot tub because I wouldn't want to have the responsibility of cleaning it -- She actually sells hot tubs for a living (and works part-time at the Chinese place).
  • The time I let it slip among people I didn't know too well that I believed "golfing isn't a REAL sport."
  • The time I was tongue tied, and was telling Cath's hubby Jason about my new blender -- but I couldn't remember what it was called. But I did remember reading the side of the box and it being called a personal drink blender -- but it came out sounding like a vibrator.
  • The worst so far -- a few years ago we had rain for two weeks and everyone was talking about how wet it was. Yes, I know you can tell where this is going. Small town etiquette requires a "Hello. How are you?" to everyone you see. This man asked me the usual question, and I said ... "Oh! I'm wet!" -- Oh Lord, Mike still bugs me about that one. In fact, he has suggested getting a life coach to follow me around! Hahahahaha! LOL!!
All that pasta yesterday and perogies today made me a ticking time bomb on the treadmill. Like Chuck, I try to be discreet, but all I am saying is that I was so glad there was not very many people there AND the music was really loud!!! Eeeeep.

Swam 70 min. today: Warm up, drills, then 6x 250 on 30 sec rest. Core work at the gym, then I had to knuckle up and do some planking for the gang!! Still at 2min. 30sec for front, now up to 1 min on each side. I did two chinup attempts when my left shoulder went again. So,I took a break then did two more just to make sure I really screwed it up! Owwwwwieeee! OK, no more chinups for a while now. Sorry guys! :( But, they will be a work in progress. :) :)

Ran 7.14 miles with 2 sets of 10 min at tempo.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hungry like the Wolf

You remember that Duran Duran song? "Hungry like the wolf...?" My bike ride today left me famished -- I had a pasta fest all day long. My workout was to last 120 - 130 minutes and of course I bumped it up to 3 hours 10 min. Main set consisted of an increase of wattage -- WHOA DOGGY!!
  • 9 sets of 7 min at 150-160W/3min at 100-110W
I had called my Mom before I started biking, and she said something so cute by mistake -- "Happy Bikling!" And it was a good day for bikling!! :) :) LOL!!

I noticed the increase of wattage over last week right away, and it took about 50 minutes in until I started to feel the groove. After I reached the two hour mark I was so thoroughly soaked, I decided to hop off and change. What a difference the dry clothes made! I felt like a new person. For a brief moment, I entertained the idea of pushing onto 4 hours -- but my legs had had a good workout. There's always next week right? LOL!!

I rode on the IMC course and was just about at the top of Richter -- again I wanted to just get to the top, but reined myself in. The rest of the day has been spent picking up dog poop from my poop soup backyard and writing my history essay. Almost done -- I'm in the final stages now-- I just need to pull it all together with sentences that flow, ideas that gently segue into the next, and those other finishing touches. :)

Diva was so funny yesterday, she found this stick out in the yard and brought it in the house. The snow had just melted off it and it had a nice sag to it -- but still with a good amount of stiffness. Perfect for chewing into billions of splinters all over the carpet!! Oh yeah, and it was my BRILLIANT idea to get cream-coloured carpets despite my four animals and two huge crab apple trees in the front yard. LOL!! :) :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Triathlete . . .

I was thinking of how generally great and positive triathletes are. Everyone I have met through this sport has been awesome in one way or another. Last summer when I was running way out on the highway, west of Coleman, I saw a woman get bucked off a horse. I actually stopped my watch first(LOL!!), then went running back down the road, hopped a fence and came to the rescue!! Well, it wasn't just me -- a fellow happened to be driving by and saw the incident as well -- we both arrived at the gate simultaneously. The lady happened to be all right, just in shock. So, I gave her a hug and went on my merry way. I felt just great after that --you know -- all that warm fuzziness?

So, OK, this is kind of dumb, but today when I went to the gym, the ladies change room was closed and I heard the toilet flush (small change room in a small town). After the lady exited, I went into the washroom and saw that she had used the last of the toilet paper. But instead of changing the roll, she had just unwrapped the roll and put it on the floor. I thought to myself -- Well, it's a good thing I'm here! Whoosh! To the rescue! Been bucked from a horse? Don't want to change your toilet paper roll? No problem -- Here is your friendly neighbourhood triathlete to the rescue!! LOL!! I even folded the first square of the toilet paper into the little triangle like they do in nice hotels. Hee-hee! I got a kick out of it -- I am easily amused! LOL!!

Today I swam, but forgot to look at my IG schedule -- so I made up my own. After that, core work, and two chin up attempts. My arm is almost A-OK, but still a little bothersome. So, two-chinups were the best I could do. Later on, I ran 5.13 miles with strides for the last 10 minutes -- OOOOOHHHHI loved it baby!! :):):)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Poll Closed -- IG's pants officially clean

Well, my first poll has closed now and the results are in: 74% thought IG's pants would have have serious poop in them. And for the real story?? IG accepted it all without a blink. Cool as a cucmber that one! ;)

I had a great 18.04 mile run this morning. Total miles this week: 42.24. It occurred to me today whilst running, that all those miles you put in are really only for the last 6 or so miles of the race. Because that is when all the training (mental too) pays off. The first few miles are nothing -- it's those last miles of crap you have to prepare yourself for!!

This last week I particularly noticed my personal challenge of getting enough to eat for the workouts I am doing. If I am not fueled properly --the next day I feel like I got hit by a truck. So, my goal for this week is to remember to carry extra nuts, bananas, yogurt, and Nutri Grain bars with me wherever I go. I get busy, and won't have anything to eat, and then it is too late. So -- no more excuses!

My arm is feeling good, so I'll be back to the old chinup bar tomorrow! But, I am going to replace weights this week with yoga. My hips are getting tight again -- and it will be a good break from weights for me.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time for a new swimsuit!!

Well our night on the town amounted to smoky bacon and cheddar burgers at the Rum Runner's in Coleman. The Crowsnest Pass is the weirdest place -- half of the restaurants are closed on Mondays, the other half are closed maybe on Tuesdays or whenever they feel like it. So, our usual haunt was closed (I think the owners went to Vegas) and we resorted to good ole' burgers.

My swimsuit finally pooched and it's time for a new one. It's funny, one day it's fine -- the next... WHAM! And the suit is sagging and taking on water every time I push off the wall. And why is it that swimsuits always wear out on the bum first? You can't see your bum -- how can you check to see? HAHAHAHA -- Susi, I guess if you touched someone's bum, "and they stopped" maybe they might get the idea!! LOL!! All those old gals that do water aerobics in the morning, parade on by and I see the varying stages of decomposition of their swimsuits. Swimsuits should come with a warning tag attached to them: "Check bum periodically. Bum side of suit will wear out faster than any other spot. When rinsing out suit, if you can see your hand through the fabric, it is time to replace the suit. It does not matter that from the front the suit looks brand new -- Please replace the suit!!" LOL!!! hahahahaah!

I don't know if men have a similar problem -- all I know is that if a guy is going to wear baggy shorts and swim, he should remember to tie the little drawstring at his waist. I have seen more bum crack swimming, than I have when I had my plumbing done.

Yesterday, I swam 60 min, with 3 sets of 4x100 with 20 secs rest. I was channeling Jenna, so I had a faster than usual swim!! LOL! Core work afterwards, then a 90 min. bike. My arm is still sore, so chinups and weights were out. I am taking IG's advice about doing weights, then backing off when I am completely fagged out --hahah -- nod to my English friends; I have to practice my British colloquialism as they are arriving soon!!

Getting my Saturday morning coffee ready -- for qt: I LOVE history and am leaning towards teaching high school social studies. Either that, or I'll write those reports commissioned by the government you always hear about on the radio: A new study just released has found that people who walk to work instead of drive are more physically fit. Astonishing! LOL! :) :)

For Cath and Jase -- apparently there are degrees of quality within the Hamburger Helper brand -- I purchased the WRONG kind. If the instructions don't have you adding milk, stay away. Hahahahahaha!! Otherwise, it's just a water, hamburgery, soupy taste. However, it was balanced with my spinach salad in which I add every kind of vegetable, grapes (too scared to try them in oatmeal yet, Jase!), and almonds.

Have a great weekend everyone! :):)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brick Day

I am making great strides in the completion of my history assignment -- I take Athabasca University courses, because I have finally decided what to do with my life!! Normally I chug right along, but these last two courses have had me turn into a major procrastinator. That is not my normal state -- so it has been a blow to my pride (mainly) that I have had to purchase an extension! Oh well --all things in good time, right?

Today I biked 90 minutes -- warm up, 3 x 1min one leg drills (1 min right leg, 1 min easy, etc), then cadence along the lines of: 3 min at 105rpm, then 3 min at 90rpm. Afterwards, I hopped off my bike and put my running clothes on my sweaty body and headed off for my 30 min. brick. It was very windy, so I was really happy that I ran 3.72 miles in that time.

A little fatigued today, so weights are out. I got dressed up -- means clothing other than workout gear, but no makeup though -- and smiled sweetly at my Mike to take me out for dinner. I really don't want to cook -- and he doesn't like to eat what I cook. I'm all about easy stir fry, yogurt with fruit in it, chicken breasts and broccoli -- poor guy just wants his Hamburger Helper. So, tomorrow HH is on the menu, and I'll be having stir fry!! Don't get me wrong, I'll eat HH too -- I don't enjoy cooking -- I like to eat NOW -- not dick around in the kitchen. We don't have a dishwasher so each pot or pan that dinner needs is another one I have to wash. I'd like to put a bumper sticker above the stove that says "I'd rather be training!" LOL!!!!! :) :) :)

Breakfast of Champions ...

Thought I'd share my perfect breakfast with you... :) :) :) I used to eat oatmeal every morning, but found I would be really, really hungry around 90 minutes after. I also had trouble with being pretty dehydrated in the mornings - my fingers would already be on their way to prune-hood before I even got in the pool. All, this, my friends, was before we received a "Magic Bullet" for Christmas. (And yes, I totally pilfered that name for my bike!)

Every morning, I mix a smoothie that contains:
  • chocolate milk
  • 2 scoops protein powder
  • big spoonful wheat germ
  • two big spoonfuls ground flax
  • yogurt
  • a small green banana (the green ones taste more like banana in a smoothie for some reason)
  • 4-5 frozen strawberries
Ohhhh!! Heart be still!! It is so good -- I just love it --no more wrinkly fingers in the morning, no more growling stomach right after I eat breakfast! YUMMM!!! The only thing is, the cup is so big, that when I tip it back to drink, the top of the cup hits me right between the eyes. I never noticed until one day, i saw this brown smear on my head, and realized that it was some of my drink crusted there. I usually drink my stuff on the way to the pool, so I checked my glasses, and they too had this debris caked on them!! Ewwww! Like my Dad would say - I'm saving it for later. Hahahahaha!

Yesterday, I ran out of IG schedule so I decided to have a swim drill day. The pool I swim in during the winter months is only 20m, so when I do sets of 50m, I do sets of 60m. I figure the extra swimming might actually help me! So, I did a good warm up, then sort of played around:

  • 60m right arm only
  • 60m swim
  • 60m kick
  • 60m left arm only
  • 60m pull
  • 60 kick
I did this 3x, then ended with a drill pyramid of fisted drills -- I really like these ones. Then, as a finale -- my youtube breaststroke!

Brief aside -- Cath -- I can't wait to see you again!! I can't wait to take lessons from the "Swimming Master"!!!! I am really looking forward to your visit! :) :) Your swimming sounds like it is improving by leaps and bounds -- which is incredible because you are already so GOOD! :)

Later on, I did core work at the gym. Man, there is this one exercise that is surprisingly difficult --I thought the hiatus from plank work would be "easy" but Aye Carumba!! Here is the exercise: You lie down on a mat and hold a weight (I use 8lb) straight up in the air. Then, you stand up any way you can, all the while holding you arm straight up in the air by your ear. Then you lie back down, same thing with your arm. That is one rep. Do 5 on each side, break, then repeat 3 more times. Whoo baby -- dare I say I am looking forward to planks again!! :) :) :)

I tried my daily chin-up attempt, but my left arm was pretty sore from some new weights I did the day before. So, I decided to rest my muscles.

Afterwards, I ran 12. 12 miles -- the first two miles with Diva and Toby. They got absolutely filthy! The wind wasn't too bad, but the temps had dropped making it pretty crisp. Then, some good stretching.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Homeward Bound

Today I watched the classic Homeward Bound while on my bike. The DVD conked out again so it was back to the good ole VCR. I am such a sucker for pet/animal movies. I keep saying Awww! at the most predictable moments. There was this one part in the movie that almost made me hysterical. I have no idea why I found it so funny, but I couldn't stop laughing. I think it was the combo of knowing how my dogs act and pedaling my arse off. For those of you not familiar with movie, let me summarize... A family moves out of town for a while, leaving their beloved pets (two dogs and one cat) at a friend's place way out in the boonies. Said animals get worried about their missing family and decide to make their way home -- over hill, over dale, down a waterfall, crossing rivers, encountering grizzlies and cougars. Anyways, there is this one part where the goofy young puppy catches up with the older, wiser dog, and he says, "Whew! I am too pooped to even poop!" hahahahahahaahahahahahahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frig, I am still laughing at that -- Man,I don't think I've ever been that tired, eh? LOL!!!

I recently watched the movie "I Am Legend" and had to pause it when something occurred. I won't give it away for those who haven't watched the movie yet, but after I paused it, I went and pet and kissed Diva and Toby!!! I am such a sucker!!! And I know it! :) :)

Today was my last day of the IG workouts. I was to ride for 2 hours with the main set: 9 x 6 min at 140-150W/4 min at 100-110W. I felt great, so I kept on and put in a total 3 hour ride. Afterwards, I ran 3 miles, then weights, chinup attempts, and a bit of core. Oooh baby, my chinups are getting closer every day!!

Oh yeah - I was on the radio today! I called into the Dave Rutherford show to voice my opinion! HAHAHAHAHAAH!! I guess I have officially crossed the line over into "old farthood" -- I don't think anyone under 50 listens to it!! HAHAHAAHAH!!! :) :) (And I am NOT saying 50 means old fart by default!!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Downward Dog x 2

There is a very good reason I do all my stretching at the gym. Our house is tiny and with two border collies and two cats running around, there is no room for me. The times I try to do pilates or yoga on the kitchen floor is interesting. It starts when I roll out the yoga mat ... Peanut (cat 1) thinks it's a game and will come running out of nowhere to attack the mat as it unfurls. She likes the feel of the sticky mat on her claws. Once I am in position, I have to watch or she will jump on my back. This is an endless thing with her. I'll be sitting on the toilet, and she jumps on my back; bending over to tie my shoes, she's on my back; getting ready to do a pushup, she's on my back!!! It is then my cue to walk her over to her food on the counter to drop her off. I call it the "Peanut Express."

Mandalay (cat 2) then will walk on by, meowing at me. I'll be lifting my legs or arms and she will be twining around any part of me that is off the floor. But -- the worst part is trying to stretch with Diva and Toby. They see me on the floor (well, Toby does and Diva follows suit) and they come at me like arrows. I do downward dog, they both do downward dog too. It's so weird! Toby gets right underneath my body and holds the position for as long as I do. When I come down it's doggy kisses all over. Diva just goes right for my face and leaves a pool of drool.

Well onto some explaining for Keith!! I use miles because (Ok I hope I don't lose you here!!) it's like a mind trick with me. 26 miles just sounds easier to me than 42 km. It's like when I go out running in the summer before the sun comes up -- the more miles I put in before it rises, it's like my workout hasn't started yet -- those were just easy warmup miles. I fool myself into not making a big deal out of the distance so I can go further. Also, 26 is easier to count to than 42 -- I have been known to lose track of laps quite easily in the pool! OK I know it is not too bloody likely I'd forget how many miles I ran, it's just 26 seems more innocuous to me. I don't know -- but it seems to be working for me!!! LOL!!! :) :)

As for my swim times -- I don't truly know. You know how Jenna's secret fear is of her crapping myself? (Sorry Jenna!!!! LOL!!) Well, my biggest fear is that every swim speed I swim is the same! Hahahahaha! I know it isn't true, but I will go out of my way to avoid the truth. I will "forget" my watch -- the clock is too far for me without contacts; or I will "forget" how many laps I swam and do a little extra. Swimming is for sure my big limiter -- this is the first year where I've been able to do swimming workouts and not be sacked for the rest of the day. So, I swim by how I feel, I guess -- what matters to me is how fast I swim on race day. Then, the number is important to me. hee-hee! Now you have insight into my weird-ball mind!!! Hahahahahaha!! Maybe, just for you, next time I will time it -- must overcome fear!! :) :): )

Well, I did go back to the gym and run 5.4 miles, then did some major stretching. I was feeling good so I decided to throw some plank work in. I already did my core work earlier, but what the hay! I beat both plank times!!!!!!!! 2 min 30 sec. for front plank, then 50 sec on each side plank!! Woohoo! After that I thought, frig I may as well try a couple more chinups --So, I tried it 2 more times, then I was toast!! LOL!! :) :)

Long runs, voting, and chinups

Yesterday I ran just over 15 miles bringing my total for this week to 41.26 miles. My schedule is running out -- poor IG is going to be inundated with schedule requests I imagine! I wonder who will get the first new schedule? Hmm?? Any wagers? :) :)

I had a 60 min. swim this morning-- main set was 2 x 1000 on 90 sec rest. I went to the gym afterwards for core and the daily chinup attempt. I am definitely getting stronger! Not there yet, but I am lifting my body up now and am doing this double lift thing as of today! It goes like this: I pull myself as much as possible, and then while holding this position, I do this grunting sort of residual-left-in-the-tank lift. Chuck -- I think it has to do with stretching my neck to get up a little higher!! Hahahahahaha!! I tried it 7 times, then called it a day.

Afterwards I went to vote -- it really bugs me how the media makes all these bloody suppositions, etc. How all you hear is how Albertan's don't know which way to vote so most will probably stay home, how the "undecided" factor is so massive, how "Albertan's want change." I wonder where all these radio stations and newspapers get their stories because it is the same one in every media source. Is there some King of Oz sitting somewhere just thinking what story to promote and every single radio station plays the exact same story? Gee it is such a good thing we don't have state run programming where all you hear is one story repeated over and over again -- Oh wait, we do -- the CBC. OK -- Enough of rant. But, if everyone did triathlon, the world would be a much better place! :)

The wind has picked up so I'll be doing my run on the treadmill later this afternoon. I'm going to throw in a few more chinup attempts while I'm there!

I've got some serious blog-reading to catch up on! :) :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday, Jehovah Day

I live half a block away from our local "Kingdom Hall", but had not been the subject of the Saturday morning visit for quite some time now. I think it has been because Diva and Toby are usually outside and bark like mad fools when anyone walks by. Today however,the girls were inside and I heard this polite knock on my door. Here I am on a Saturday morning, the house is a mess, I am trying to work on my History (yes it is capitalized!) essay, and I am thinking -- Oh no! Who is it? My house is a pig sty! My hair is all over the place. ACK!!!!

Sure enough it was two nicely dressed gentlemen who handed me their little pamphlet. D and T go barking out there, Toby jumps up on one of them and suddenly . . . Diva pukes!!!!! She puked all over one man's trousers and all over Toby's back!!! I rushed to wet a paper towel, grabbed a roll, and hurried back to the two men. I felt so bad -- the poor guy was all dressed nicely and here Diva comes and pukes on him!! And the thing is SHE HAS NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!! I mean she has puked, but never all over someone. The poor man, was just kind and nice, and then he complimented me for being so "hospitable"!!! Oh Man, just think how blown away he'd be if I invited him to a proper dinner party!!!! LOL!!! :) :) :)

I was trying so hard not to laugh at the situation. I mean, after 6 years of no visits, the first Jehovah that dares to venture beyond the front gate gets puked on. Classic! I felt terrible for the poor guy -- he was very polite and was not forcefully pushing his religious agenda, or anything. Ahhh well! And here I was worried about what I could possibly write about in my blog today!!!!!

Toby got a bath, and now I have to clean the pukey tub. Who says animals are not as much work as kids? :) :):) :) :)

Friday's workouts

Yesterday was still pretty windy, but I just kept thinking how good it feels when I turn around and fly on the return portion! I ran 8.11 miles -- feeling great. If I had my water bottle with me, I would have gone further. My body keeps telling me: Run, Julie, Run! :) :)

Had an easy bike of 45 minutes, then swam in the evening for 45 minutes: 3 sets of 10x50 on 10 sec rest, and 90 sec between sets. Popped to the gym afterwards to get my core workout in and a few more chinup attempts.