Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to Winter -- UGH.

After surviving jet lag and another one of my coach's secret "tests," I've sort of settled back into my pre-Hawaii routine. (I never know when I am going through one of these infamous tests, I find out afterward... Hahahaha! But, I'm starting to clue in to a possible test indicator -- when I feel like absolute crap and that there is no way I can get out of bed to do a certain workout, it's most likely a test! Hee-hee!) New things that have come about:

1. I bought a bike box.
2. I am starting to use my Polar to check my speed when I run.
3. The Kona pool was in YARDS not meters -- those sets of 15 x 100 sure had me feeling FAST in Hawaii! :) :)
4. I've accepted the wind. (When I bike at least -- not for anything else, just the bike -- Hahaha!)

Let's see -- since I've been back, I've got in two bike rides outside. The wind has been just as crazy as usual. I think I wrote on Shannon's blog: the one day I went out, I rode 40 minutes west, and it took me 17 minutes to come back. That wasn't even the really windy day...

I was just ecstatic that I could ride outside, because as of last night, we've had over 1.5 feet of snow. Welcome home -- YUCK! I'll be putting the trainer tire back on my bike.

Not too much else to write about, except we are going to a wedding this weekend and then I'll be racing the Police Half Marathon in Calgary. I am so lucky to have such good friends who offer to put up with me (and overnight too!) every time I need to come to Calgary! :) :) :) Keith and Susi have been so awesome!!!! :) :)

I'm excited about the race, but I'm REALLY going to be excited for my first tri race this year. That's when the exclamation marks will increase exponentially on my blog!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!

Next time I write, I'll be writing a race report. :)


Jenna said...

1.5 feet of snow. WTF? who the hell pissed mother nature off so bad? Did someone litter? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!lookingforwardtoyour

Shannon Wicks said...

Best of luck with your run this weekend. I'll be sending good vibes from 20-something degree weather we'll be having on the east coast :)

Keith said...

It's all the girls buying new swim suits. I'm sure of it. The race ought to be a blast. I expect that by the time I finish, Julie, and all other blog buddies will be long done, stretched out, showered, changed, gone for lunch, and hopefully come back to cheer my tired ass across the line.

Amy said...

That is NOT true, Keith. You are going to kill it! Good luck you guys! i can't wait to read all about your race(s).

That snow is ridiculous. I never knew I should use a different tire for my trainer. Hmmmmm, something to think about. Thank you for pointing that out!!!!

Amber Dawn said...

I hear ya sista! Except it is still winter instead of Back to...
Kick ass in the 1/2 this weekend, and Keith you are going to rock it- you are running on home turf!
When is your first tri?

I didn't bother changing my tire for the trainer...bad I know but I am hoping (ever hopeful) that this is the last of the crap weather...