Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Does Broccoli Stink When You cook it?

Just a question...but really why does it stink so much? When I cook broccoli it stinks up the whole house. If you were to go out of the house and come back in, you would gag because of the stink. If you stay in the house, you still gag, but you are a little more used to the smell.

Not too much to write about -- I've been pretty pooped until I got my groove back on Wednesday. It was on Wednesday that I noticed I was back to my usual self -- goody! Just in time to race on Sunday! :) :)

Swimming is coming along -- but I need to get smaller paddles because my elbows drop with my big elephant ones. :)

That's it for now!


Keith said...

Because broccoli wasn't meant to be cooked. Raw, baby, raw!!!

Charlie Browne said...

Jules, broccoli stinks when you cook it so it can stink more when you perp and fart it!! Law of nature baby!!

Cath said...

Are you sure you're not trumping when you cook it and blaming the broccoli instead - hahahaha!

Great to have a swim together this morning - what a gorgeous pool!

You can try my paddles on Tuesday, don't buy any beforehand

See ya Sunday ready to cheer louder than anyone has cheered before - hahahaha! You might wanna keep those ear plugs of yours in for the entire race :)


Julie said...

Hee-hee, Cath!! Back from Cranbrook with your paint already? :) :)

Tuesday, I'm going to make sure I watch how super swimmers keep their elbows up. :) Instead of always looking at your tight little rear zooming on past! Hahahahahaha!!!

Jenna said...

by draggin your finger tips in the water - then the elbows have to be high :) stinky broccoli ass...hahahah

Cath said...

Hey just had an idea following on from Jenna's comment - at Surveyors if you swim close enough to shore you can do exactly that - scrape your fingers along the lake bed and have your elbow really high as you're pulling through - I was doing it the other day - it's an idea? Maybe we could do it over the next week or 2?

Julie said...

Oooooh!! GREAT idea Cath! I have problems keeping my elbows high IN the water -- sorry for the discrepancy, Jenna! :) :)

Keith said...

Here I woke up all excited to get to the blogs and coffee, thinking I'll find out just how well Julie did at Wasa. And then I realize the race is TODAY! In fact, it should be starting about now, unless I've messed up on the time zone thing.