Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Day Race

The nasty cold that hit me right after GWN has FINALLY left me, and I've spent the last week slowly getting back into the grove of things. UGH -- It's amazing how hard it is to swim after two weeks off!

SO, the goals for the Calgary 70.3 are this: use it as a training race and a way to bump up my fitness from the two weeks lost. :) I can do that!

Not much has been going on -- I had a bike ride to do, but I waited around until noon yesterday wondering if it was going to rain. I left at exactly 12:00pm, and had gone about 5km, when the rain finally came. LOL -- Wonderful!! Every time!! Hahahahaha!!

I'm glad I took arm warmers and my sexy bright neon yellow cycling shell. I laughed at myself when I bought that thing -- I mean, the last time I bought anything of that colour was 1986, but hey, visibility is a big thing, right? Hahahahaha!

Today, I had a good 4000m swim with a main workout that got me movin' again! In between sets, I positioned my body around this jet of water -- free massage. Hee-hee!! Have you ever watched when a water jet in the pool hits your leg? It is pretty gross -- the pressure of the water pushes your skin so it's flapping like a dog's lips when they hang their head out a fast moving vehicle.

Ah yes, I know -- this is why I haven't been blogging -- really. I truly have NOTHING else to say! Hahahahahaha!!

Happy training everyone! I know I'm happy to be back at it! :) :)


Keith said...

My heart! An update! (Sits down in shock!) lol

But even when you have nothing to say, it's still interesting.

Welcome back to the blogging world, and we'll see you in a few days.

Jenna said...

Have a great training day out there!! I wish I was at this one to yelp and holler!! EVEN if you do ignore me!!!

Julie A Poem For You:


yeah it is cryptic

Charlie Browne said...

have a great day jules

Susi said...

only two more sleeps before i get to see you. EEEEEEEEEE!!! i can't wait! glad you are feeling so much better these days!

Keith said...

When you remember that Jenna has an advanced degree, you then realize that the poem isn't just a poem. The surface meaning, of course, is to be discarded as a ruse, a red herring. One must dig deeper.

The first two lines are a desire to watch Julie. Le er. Leer, with a space in the middle. What can we derive from this? Plainly, a desire or the inevitable need to watch from a distance. Or, a space between the beginning and the end, so it's defensible to say the leer would last a long time.

bu What would Jenna be watching? Clearly, Julie's bum. But she can't say that out loud. She can only elude to it. Since even Julie is fascinated by her bum, it's not a surprise that other people are too. Especially since Julie runs and bikes so fast that is all that most people can see.

c The letter c. Pronounced see. Once again we are reminded of this repressed urge to watch. Maybe this implies that Jenna sees herself as a bystander in life, watching others, especially their bums. Does this speak to a repressed lesbianism? The cloistered halls of academe are known to be hotbeds of variable sexuality preferences.

te the note that follows la. Which is way most people refer to Los Angeles. Here we see the desire to travel, perhaps to run away with the object of her affection. It's also the note before doh. This is her way of poking fun at us, saying that we aren't smart enough to understand the hidden meanings of the poem, but would need to have it explained to us, and then we'd go Doh! Like Homer.

am Here Jenna is saying that not only does she want to travel away, but wants to leave in the morning.

ie The rule is, i before e, except after c, and some other exceptions. Once again we see the veiled reference to seeing, watching, leering. Look at the photo, with those intent eyes. How can one doubt it? And yet, with such an advanced degree, and mind capable of such convoluted subtlety, one must be aware of deeper, more mystical possibilities. That sound, when uttered by people fixated on some object, generally implies an immediacy to the action. Here perhaps is the timing element to leaving in the morning. The first flight in the morning. ASAP.

So, the cryptic translation. I want to watch your bum in the race and then fly away with you to Los Angeles first thing in the morning after the race.

I've peeled the first layer of the onion. Jenna being female, of course there are deeper, more convoluted meanings, that I, as a mere helpless innocent men, would be floundering beyond my depth were I to try to unravel them.

Anybody get the idea I need to get out more often?

Cath said...

Hey Julie - you go with a mega training session my girl! You'll still whip many a bum out there even then :)

Will call tomorrow for a chat before you head out there


Kelly B. said...

So I was going to post something supportive and nice but after reading Keith's comment...I am just laughing too hard!!
But let er rip out their day or whatever, let's have some fun!!

Julie said...

OMG!! LMAO!!! Keith -- that is the funniest thing I have ever read!! Where do I even begin...

"cloistered halls of academe..."

"...mind capable of such convoluted subtlety, one must be aware of deeper, more mystical possibilities."


Now I am REALLY excited for the post race BBQ. Hahahahaah!!

Errr -- by the way, I'll need a ride to the airport as I'll be flying out early the next morning...


And yes, I am totally fascinated by my bum. LOL!!!!

Jenna said...

I love your bum too...see you in LA. Kick some ass out there but make sure yours stays just the same....