Monday, August 2, 2010

Calgary 70.3 - A great training day!!

I get a real kick out of using races as training own personal aid stations -- cheering spectators, and friends racing/training alongside you. :) :)

Last year the Calgary 70.3 was a tough training day -- I had missed three weeks of training due to The Cold From Hell, and Coach Sara used the race as a great fitness booster.

This year, the race was serving a similar purpose -- only this time I have not been ill but have an Ironman under my belt and a sold training camp too!

As in any race, I am racing against myself, and a training day or not, I always harbour the secret goal of earning a new PB. I knew I was going to have a really, really good chance at it, since last year I literally did nothing for the three weeks prior to the race except cough, sleep, and spit up mucous.

This year, I also decided to use the race as an Ironman tune-up race prep. Nutrition was bang on. YAY! Electrolytes, bang on. Another yay! Another goal I had for myself for this race was to not let drafting packs suck me in and annoy me. For the first time (ever!) when a pack wold go by and then slow down or get congested, I would slow down and keep my distance. I would either soft pedal or if I was in aero, I would sit up and let the wind resistance slow me down.

And it worked!!! I didn't get stressed at all about drafters this race. Another yay! When I would feel the familiar tickle of annoyance, I would sit up and pee or drink or eat or whatever, and then say the words "Fluffy Bunnies." Immediately, I would relax. :) :)

When I owned the dollar store, I used to sell these Easter gift bags that had the cutest picture of fluffy baby bunnies on them. Thinking of how cute they are just relaxes me instantly. I also think of the time I went to the Calgary pet fair and held a little bunny. :) :) :)

So, all in all, I took off 21 minutes from last year's time -- more importantly, Coach Sara was pleased with where my fitness is at - that she wasn't expecting me to finish that soon! YAY!!

The race has kick started my final big block of training for Ironman Canada. :) :) :) I'm right back into training today and have a solid week ahead of me and I feel stronger and stronger! I am soooo excited for IMC this year!!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday is a hilly ride....Highwood Pass anyone? ;)


Sparfy said...

bunnies? during a half ironman!!?!??! omg.

congrats on not having gunk in our nose!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"fluff bunnies" made you think of real live bunnies, I cant stop giggling.

Ya, when I hear someone say "70.3 and training day" in the same sentence, you wont have to worry about me and sucking your wheel, to me, that equals "out of your league, Scott"

Cath said...

Was good to see you out there - you're run looked nice and smooth - worth all that hard work :)


Keith said...

Congrats on the super race results, and even more importantly, staying in control of your mental attitude, and racing YOUR race.

Suzanne said...

Way to go Julie! So fun to see the work pay off :) Would love to join you for part of your ride on Wednesday. Send me an email!

Beth said...

Congrats Julie!

Dano said...

Hi Julie, I saw your blog via Keith's. Congrats on a great race! I thought I was being crabby about drafting but glad to know it wasnt just me that noticed it. But unlike you I let it get to me and it frustated me. Really sucks when a pace line passes you and then slows down in right in front. Reading your blog post was a good reminder to enjoy my race and not care about their cheating.

Good luck with IMC and congrats again on a great race!

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CAM said...

Good job on the pr!!!Ironman canada is almost here.It sounds like you will have a great race there.Are you guys all hazed in with forest fire smoke there?Golden is sooooo hazy:(

Julie said...

Cam -- it's been a little hazy here but nothing like what you guys probably have!!

SO weird about the Ironman Arizona lake or no lake thing?!?!?!?!