Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Elkford Sprint Race Report

I was so excited to FINALLY race!!! After last year's DNS in North Carolina, and months of healing my broken foot, I was so ready to let loose! :)

Coach Sara gave me a bit of rest but said she would be training me through the race...I've been logging some pretty crazy hours training, and the week before the race I felt so bagged. SO BAGGED. I was wondering how on earth I would recover and do the race! Hahahaha - and it is only a sprint!

On Wednesday before the race, I had a 5 hour bike ride that I ended up only doing 2:12 of....I got caught out in the middle of the back roads between the Pass and Pincher Creek in the rain storm to end all rain storms. HOLY COW. It was like a monsoon swept through -- all the cars had their lights on and it was effing cold. SO COLD. And windy. By the time I arrived at the Shell gas station in Pincher Creek, I was frozen solid. I had a hard time speaking to the guy behind the counter when I tried to ask to use the phone. He asked, "Are you all right?" And I replied, "N-n-n-n-n-no, can I use your phone? I have money!" and I held up a zip lock bag with assorted dollar bills in it (dripping wet). The guy just waved my baggy away and gave me the phone -- LOL!!

I called my Momma to come rescue me (one of the major perks of living in the same community as your parents!) Then, I stood there, dripping wet and made a big puddle standing in the gas station waiting for my Mom to arrive. A couple of men in work trucks offered to give me a ride home, but they thought I lived in Pincher...They were visibly surprised when I told them I lived in the Pass. HAHAHAHAHAH!! It is so easy to impress people with biking mileage around these parts.

I had big plans to set my bike up on the trainer once I got home to finish off the session....However, after some food, a hot bath, and a thorough bike cleaning, my energy levels fell like a rock and I went to bed instead.

Ok...enough preamble. Here are the race deets!!!

First woman overall and 4th over all. :) :) :) I was tickled to analyze the results and learn that I had the 2nd fastest bike split overall!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Here are my splits:
750m swim: 13:36 (YAY!!! I AM getting faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
20km bike: 36:27 (Windy, hilly course)
5km run: 22:53 (Work in progress!!)
Total: 1:12:57

For the first time, I was in the last heat for the faster swimmers. LMAO!!!! And get this, I was leading my lane!! Hahahahahahahahaha!! I warned everyone in my lane before the race, "I hope my swim time guess-timate matches my ability!" Once we got rolling, or shall I say, swimming, the guy right behind me passed me, but then piddled out, and I re-passed him -- and was first out of our lane. :)

The bike portion was so awesome. I was so present, so fully in the moment, it felt like the ride lasted 2 minutes. Seriously. It was like I was completely immersed in every single moment. Very weird, but very cool. :) :)

The run was good too -- my breathing was hard and loud for the first half, but I chugged, chugged along. Man, there was this one girl who was such a good runner -- she did the 5km in 18 min and change, she looked great!!!

Small race, AMAZING volunteers and a beautiful day all in all. I don't want to slag my competitors BUT...

To the only person in the race that wore his wetsuit: REALLY?

I won a $25 gift card to Canadian Tire and a stainless steel water bottle. :)

Most importantly....I am fit and racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


runningman said...

WOW, very very impressive Julie!! Those are fast splits!! Congratz!

Shannon Wicks said...

Congratz on a great race...way to kick off the season!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Dang your fast, congrats on the race!!!

LMAO!!! The last picture, that guy is totally checking out your rear end!!!

KK said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to read that you are back at it, AND kicking major ass! I know it's been a long, tough road back back for you so you deserve to enjoy every ounce of this glory!!! So happy for you, Jules, you rule!!!!!! Congrats, friend.

Julie said...

Big Daddy -- LMAO!!! You're right!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Lisa Graham said...

Wow - so amazing Julie! You rock! You're making crazy progress in all 3 disciplines, it is so great to see and I know we're going to be seeing even more out of you soon!!

Also, that bike workout was nuts - I hate being that cold! Good on ya for getting through 2:12 of it!