Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Sparwood

The Pincher Creek pool is closed for its annual shutdown until the 25th -- boohoo!!

That means I'm back to the good old lima bean pool in Sparwood. The really shallow 20m lima bean pool -- good times! HAHAHA!

During my session this morning, a man entered my lane and I told him the rules -- lol. I know I was practically shouting at the poor guy becasue I had water in my ears -- it's the same when I wear ear plugs....I feel the need to SHOUT. Hahah!

I told him that he would stay on that side of the line, and I would stay on this side. Then I said, "But I make no promises that I will actually STAY on this side." Hee-hee!

I swam off with my pull buoy and paddles, and he stayed against the wall chatting with a mutual friend. When I returned to the wall, I paused for some reason and the guy said to me, "You swim like a warrior."


I responded, "Well, I like to splash around a lot to make it look like I know what I'm doing." Hahaha! But seriously, that is the most awesome comment EVER. It is so awesome, I am making it my new swim logo: Swim like a warrior.

The next time I'm in the city, I might even get myself a tee-shirt made up with it. LOL!!

I was scrolling through Netflix yseterday and saw that Xena was now available...(heh-heh-heh!) I've not seen any of those episodes so I think I might take a peek this evening. Now that I have WARRIOR on my mind.

Yes! I am good...and I am fast! I am a warrior in the water! YES!


Keith said...

Yay! From a warrior it's only a couple step to having an inner shark. Hopefully he will tell all his buddies to stay out of your way. Next week you come to the big city and swim with me and Cath, we've got a tentative time set up.

Julie said...

An inner shark! Yes, methinks I am getting closer to it! Hee-hee!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You have to do the Warrior Dash now, you get a warrior shirt upon completion, just saying, gotta keep your warrior status up to date with continuing warrior classes

Julie said...

BDD -- You are sooo right! Oh man, that race for sure is on my bucket list!!! :)

Theia said...

I love it! Swim like a Warrior.

Julie said...

Theia -- Love how you capitalized the W in Warrior! Hee-hee!!!

Lisa Graham said...

Nice! That's an awesome quote! And hilarious that the pool is only 20m and shaped like a lima bean! How do you stay in a straight line?!

Julie said...

Lisa -- hmmmmm....maybe this is why my swimming is the way it is! Hahahahahahah!