Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 -- Bring it!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

I've been busy running 5 days a week and building. Lovin' it.

Swimming lots too! I've even managed to bribe my Mom to come to the pool with me and video me underwater. This was awesome and so helpful having her there, I could make an alteration in my stroke, then watch it, then do it all over again.

I took my Momma out for tea and cinnamon buns afterwards -- I drank a nice big black coffee.

My Mom is pretty terrified of water too, so it was a big deal for her to get into the water and do this. She is the best! :) :)

I met with Coach Sara a few weeks ago when she was in Calgary and had some more "aha!" moments in regards to swimming. I think the thing I was most excited about was seeing that how I was swimming on film was exactly what I thought I was doing.

Got that?

For those of you who have ever been filmed whilst swimming, you will appreciate this. Usually there is this HUGE disconnect between what you THINK you are doing, and what you are ACTUALLY doing.

I also asked Coach Sara to literally move my arms to show me how I should be doing my catch. We got into the hot tub where there was a double-sided handrail, and I lay on top of it while she positioned my arms. LOL!!! But I understood finally!!! YAY!! (Now, it is all about putting it into practice.)

Then, we got out of the hot tub and I jumped in the pool and she videoed me again and again. The pool was pretty chilly if you were just standing around, so we would go back to the hot tub and review the footage.

Holy crap, you can imagine after 3-4 times of getting in and out of the hot tub and into the cold pool, I was SPENT. Hahahahahaah!!

And, I am so grateful for the time Coach Sara spent with me! I am so lucky to have such an awesome coach! :) :)

Very excited about racing in 2012!!! There is an early IM race on the horizon for me....and another mini-epic road trip for me and my Dad to take to get there. (Mini-epic is anything less than

Let's see what else.....oh yeah, I bought these neato training paddles that force you to do the catch in swimming. Coach Sara didn't personally like them, but they have been working for me. I have one day a week that is my "Pool Play Time." So dubbed by moi. I don my swimming snorkel and new paddles and focus on feeling the catch, good form, etc. I look like a total dork, but everyone in Pincher Creek is used to me by now. :D

I have to say that swimming backstroke with those paddles, and swimming backstroke in general has been a key element is helping me "feel the water."

All for now! :) :)


Keith said...

You see now why we all talk about feeling the water? Now, you too have drunk the water kool-aid, and are talking about it. Welcome to the club!

I know the hot tub you were talking about, that must have been quite something to see. Which is what I was trying to accomplish draping you over the lane rope in the pool that day. Which was so much fun. I'll have to drive down sometime and get a lesson from you.

Lisa Graham said...

Awesome work you are doing in pool! Julie, you are going to be a swimming rockstar in 2012! That's exciting news about an early season IM for you in 2012- can't wait till you fill us in on all the details! Hopefully we can connect at a race or two this year... you'll have to let me know your race schedule!

Julie said...

Keith -- LOL, you make me laugh guy! Hahahahah! We need to go back to that little bakery too -- that's the same one I took my Mom to. :)

Lisa -- Are you doing GWN next year? I am! If you are WE HAVE TO HOOK UP FOR SURE. I will make no excuses but show up and ride/run/swim/CHAT with you! :) :)

Lisa Graham said...

Hey Julie - nope, no GWN for me next year. Decided to opt out for 2012 as I want to try a new race instead. Haven't finalized my schedule yet but I'm sure we'll catch up at another race this year!

Julie said...

Oooo -- Lisa, you are being as cryptic as I am. LOL!!! We will catch up for sure somewhere....:) :)

KK said...

Yay for fabulous swimming technique and good coaching to boot! What IM are you doing? Is that what the mini epic road trip will be? I can't wait to read all about it-you and your dad have some awesome adventures. And your mom sounds like a buddy too. :)

Happy New year, Jules! Good luck to you this year-you're going to be smokin' fast!

Theia said...

Mmmmmm, cinnamon buns!

Wait, was there more to your post? If so, I missed it. My brain glazed over after I saw cinnamon buns.

Julie said...

KK -- You nailed it, me and my Dad have a hilarious time together. lol.

Theia -- LMAO. Nope, cinnamon buns pretty much cover it. :D

Theia said...

Julie, come back to my blog. I posted two pics for you to weigh in on. And the Amelie haircut... Oof, that is hardcore! I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that one. Maybe if I looked like Audrey Tautou!

Julie said...

Theia -- I am on my way!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Here is to a great 2012

Jenna said...

dont they call you the crazy lady anyway? miss u.....