Monday, March 12, 2012

Arizona Training Camp Wrap Up

Last day in Tucson and I bit it on the trails -- OW!!!!

My training block in Arizona is sadly coming to an end. :( BOO!

As usual, I've had an enormous number of adventures while I've been here (besides the regular ole training stuff).

For your reading pleasure, Tucson, Arizona 2012 in bullet points:

  • Went to an Urgent Care Clinic to take care of a brutal chest infection/sinus/bronchitis. We went to a hospital first and we were not there 2 minutes when a woman came running in and slapped the glass (dividing the hospital staff from clients) yelling: "Please help me, I've been shot in my arm!" Holy shit she had been shot in her shoulder and there was blood all over!!!
  • The random drunk guy out in the middle of the desert walking on the shoulder we had to cycle around. There was no town in sight, I have no idea how this guy got there or where he was going.
  • Incidents like this are the most likely reason behind Tucson being known as "Dirty T."
  • Yesterday I cycled for 3 hours with 4 female pros: 2 are Ironman Champions, 2 consistently place in the top 5. I had an episode of giddiness brought about by sheer exhaustion afterwards.
  • After this bike ride, I ran 5x1km intervals with Sara -- it was during the 2nd interval when I started counting seconds on my fingers that Sara told me, "I'm worried about your state of mind, you should take off your shirt." It was hot out, and I was still wearing the black long sleeve shirt and tights I rode in. It was hilarious -- as soon as I took it off I felt so much better. LMAO.
  • The 3 hour bike ride was an "easy" one for said pros. They commented afterwards, "you were quiet! You weren't that talkative today!" NO SHIT!! LMAO!!!
  • After the 3 hour ride, Sara said, "Come with me." Good God, I had to do 30 more minutes of intervals. I had been doing 3 hours of intervals already. LOL.
  • I didn't have to mortgage my house when I went to the Urgent Care Clinic -- it only cost $120.
  • I got lost running on the trails in the desert. Twice. Eeeep. Rachel was racing a duathlon just outside Phoenix and Sara and I decided to run for 1 hour 20 min before the race started. I got confused and ended up coming out at the beginning of the mountain bike course -- lol. Right before the racers started coming thank God. Ran a bit extra that morning. Hahaha.
  • Linsey Corbin knows where the Crowsnest Pass is and knows of the big green mining truck in Sparwood. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about spit out my dinner. LMAO!
  • My Paleo diet went right out the window as my training hours doubled -- and I have been catching the abuse ever since. LOL. I shoveled copious amounts of every kind of food into my mouth.
  • Exhaustion is no excuse for missing a session -- This is what Sara told me yesterday: "You look like death warmed up. Oh well, that excuse doesn't fly here." LMAO!
  • More headway in swimming!! If I engage my ovaries (I am serious this is exactly what it feels like -- LMAO) I *catch* the water. So this is my new mantra: Engage the ovaries.
  • Watching Rachel come in 3rd at the Desert Duathlon. YAY RACHEL!!!
  • The grocery store is called Fry's not Fru's. lol -- the "y" is stubby. Heh-heh-heh.

There are many, many other things that went on, but most things are of the "you had to be there" kind of vibe.

Thank you to Sara and Rachel who were so gracious and wonderful and patient with me (especially when we were out cycling in the middle of nowhere and everyone had a cell phone, except me...eeep.). And for their efforts in teaching me how to ride in a pack. (I'm still a chicken, but getting better.)

When I was sick as a dog, Rachel chauffeured me all around Tucson (we were gone for hours) in search of a doctor and then a 24 hour pharmacy (because these things ALWAYS happen on Sunday at 5:00pm.)

Let the season begin!!!

Julie :) xxxxxxoooooooooo


Keith said...

You sure lead an exciting life. Mike twitched as he read this. I know it. Glad you made it through mostly ok. Wave as you head through town.

Julie said...

Keith -- Will wave tonight! :) And as a final treat, we saw a pack of javelinas last night and two babies!

Theia said...

Wow! That's quite the wrapup! So when you say you are going to hit the trails, you really mean it eh? haha

And to the ovaries comment.... wtf? haha

Shannon Wicks said...

That picture is bad-ass.

Trip to the hospital where the woman came in bleeding from a gunshot is crazy.

Training like a champ with the pros for that past couple of weeks is priceless!

Sara Gross said...

For the record, you did awesome and rode with us just fine on more than one occassion. Also, for the record, I believe what Julie means by "ovaries" is "transverse abdominals"... only a slight difference there ;)
You are a champ Julie (and also an impressive eater!)

Julie said...

Theia -- Yup -- that is EXACTLY what it feels like. Hee-hee!

Shannon -- Yeah, I felt pretty hardcore, but that excludes when I was way out in the middle of the desert and said, "Momma!" LMAO.

Sara -- You are the best! :) Good thing I am gluten/dairy free. :DS

Lisa Graham said...

Lots of crazy stories - lol! That's hilarious that the paleo diet went out the window with all those hours of training! So awesome you got in so much good riding and training there! You're so ready for the season to start:) I'm excited to follow your races this year - you should come to calgary in June and do the Chinook race with me! When's your IM?

Julie said...

Lisa - I was planning to do the iron-distance race in Marble Falls, Texas at the end of April, but plans have changed...

I might come up and cheer for you at Chinook! I am going to race the Oliver 1/2, June 3 and then Wasa Oly on June 10.