Friday, July 6, 2012

Great White North Half-Iron Triathlon 2012 - Race Report

Well, the crap weather seems to follow me wherever I go!  lol!

Last year, I went 4:58 at this race and I wanted to beat that time and go 4:45.  (I get a number in my head and I just focus on it, I don't really care if it too realistic or not -- I  keep striving for it because EVENTUALLY I'll get there...right?  Hee-hee!)

Swim:  34:56.  I took a minute off last year's time -- was holding 1:45/100m which is EXACTLY what I do in training so that is great!!  :)

Bike:  2:40:39.   Slower than last year, but there was a rainstorm...cold and blowing.  I stayed within my bubble and had a great ride considering the conditions! :)  I ended up eating 1130 calories on the bike!!!  (Coach Sara was surprised that I could handle that many calories -- but Mike wasn't.  lmao.  What can I say?  My engine burns bright!)

Every time I thought the cold would get to me, I kept thinking about how stinking hot it was in Mexico and felt *relief* that I was finally cool.  lol!  It worked!  :)

Run:  1:48:21.  Faster than last year so another AWESOME! :)  Ate another 660 calories in the form of powergels, and could have (ie should have) eaten another 110. 

I ate a big dinner afterwards too.  :)

Ended up with a total time of 5:03:44  Great day and great fun! 


My new aero drink holder crapped out, so it was duct tape to the rescue.

Chafing from your bike shoe?  No problem!  Use more duct tape!     
It LOOKS like it is just a messy unmade bed....

But there are M&Ms hiding in there!! LOL!

Look Coach Sara -- BOTH feet are off the ground! YAY!!

Best buds 4 ever!  Tessa P and me!  :)


Lisa Graham said...

Way to go Julie on a day with super tough conditions! I saw the downpour that morning from inside my cozy house and didn't want to leave the house all day - so I ran inside on the treadmill, lol! What a wimp.

Awesome swim and run PR's for you! Soon you will get that 4:45 no problem, you are more than capable. Can't wait to track you at IMC this year! Do you have any other races before then or just training up till end of Aug?

runningman said...

Good job Julie, next year you'll get it. The bike sure was tough in the rain, thanks for the yell on the bike. I think you actually helped me get my watts up for 10-20km? lol I just didn't have it on the bike. It was a good day for a fast run though. Looks like we concure there.

Julie said...

Lisa - Thanks girl! :) I am racing an Oly in Magrath Sat. July 14, and then IMC. Then, IM Cozumel. :)

Darryl -- YAY! I get so excited when I see someone out there that I know, but most often I am unable to cheer due to either "race brain" or my effort level is so high I need to breathe instead. lol. Great race buddy!! Nice to see you at the finish line too!! :)

Theia said...

Biking in the rain scares the crap out of me! Good job in those conditions, and yay for faster swim and run! In good weather, you've got that 4:45 no problem!

Janice Rafael said...

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