Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interviewed by High School Students

My friend (and Masters swim coach who is also a high school teacher) invited me to be a guinea pig for one of her classes...

Her students were practicing interviewing skills and she thought that my Ironman experiences would make an interesting subject for her students.

I agreed and was looking forward to it!  I was really excited about sharing my triathlon experiences but was also worried...

Worried about what?

Well, for those of you who know me, when I get excited I do not stop talking.  DO NOT STOP TALKING.  And I laugh and I giggle and I talk faster and faster and go and go and go until I sort of come to and sit there out of breath and think to myself, "Whew, what did I just say?"  Hahahahahahahaha!!

Additionally, I was concerned that in my zeal of talking about all things triathlon I would let a curse word slip out (or worse, more than one.) Truthfully, that was my biggest fear.  You have no idea how I kept coaching myself, "Julie, DO NOT SWEAR!"

Thank goodness I had the foresight to wear a tank top to the class -- I was sweating like a pig I was so nervous.  (And did you know that Wally's World sells some great quality workout gear now?  I am totally not kidding!  Their clothing used to be total crap, but I bought two Lululemon-type tank tops --- the kind with the bra cups in them -- for $15 each!  And a pair of running capris and shorts too -- great quality.  On this same tangent, Wally's World in Pincher also have the best fresh beets that I can buy around here, lol.)

Back to sweating like a pig.

The kids started off the exercise by introducing themselves one by one and then they started asking questions.  I found it challenging talking to people who have NO IDEA about triathlon.  I have been isolated from normal people for so long in my tri-bubble world, that I quickly realized I had a hard time explaining things using non-tri terminology -- as well as explaining concepts about training, etc.

There were some really insightful questions by the kids and I had a great time -- especially talking about how I ate 42 eggs a week, heh-heh-heh.

As the class drew to a close (say around 5 minutes before the bell), everyone promptly started shuffling their books/papers together and started getting ready to leave.  I was in the middle of answering a question and was like, "Oh...I remember doing this as a kid."  Hahahaha -- nothing personal lady, but we want to get outta here. :)

The best part about this little exercise was the gift my friend presented me about a week later -- she had compiled some of the reports the kids had written into a duotang, which the students had all signed!  It was so cute and awesome I almost cried!!!

To the kids in that English class:  thank you guys for the experience -- you guys were awesome.,  I had a blast and was so happy that I:
  1. Did not swear.
  2. Did not wear a t-shirt that would have had major armpit sweat happening
  3. Managed to be somewhat coherent
What else I have been up to...

Recovery after Ironman Canada went great!  I started doing yoga and weights 3 times a week and can not believe how even a tiny bit of yoga has eliminated all pain -- all those niggles that I thought I just had to put up with.  I am a total convert.

A cheap convert however.  Youtube has a zillion FREE online yoga classes for all levels of ability.  You have no idea how satisfied I feel at saving money by not taking a class.

Ironman Cozumel is November 25 and I am sooooo excited to return to the island to see all my new friends I made earlier this year!  I will be armed with a load of pink water bottles to distribute out to my new buds!! YAY!

All for now!

:) :)


Theia said...

I thought you were going to post the comments from the kids! Here, I'll just invent some for you.

1. Miss Julie was really funny, but her pits were a bit moist. A sleeve of some kind would have been good.

2. What kind of weirdo does that to herself? I mean, it was good to learn more about triathlons.

3. Are all interviews like that????

4. I learned a lot from this exercise. Like, how to not ask about what a triathlete eats in a typical week.


Julie said...

Theia -- BAHAHAHA, so awesome, I think you are pretty much on the mark. LMAO!

Keith said...

A blog update! She still lives! I was beginning to wonder if the wind had blown you away to Oz.

The kids can swear worse than you. Isolated from normal people is putting it mildly, considering you live in a community that gets into a peeing match with firefighters.

First massage. Now yoga. Whodathunkit?

Julie said...

KEITH! lmao -- great to gear from ya!!

It only takes me around 5 years or so for my stubbornness to finally give way. Hahahaha!

Julie said...

gear....sigh. HEAR from ya! Still can't type. hahaha.

runningman said...

Is Wallys World Walmart Julie? Good to hear from you!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I would ask for what the kids wrote about it, I think it would be really funny

- I have "dummying down our sport" almost to a science

- I am now curious what Wally World has for gear

Julie said...

Darryl -- Yup, it's WalMart. lol!

BDD -- The reports were so cute -- it was a great exercise in seeing what I said and what was heard. lmao!!

Theia said...

JULIE!!!! By any chance, do you wear Saucony Guides? There's a limited edition PINK one on sale!!!! I am ordering them!***4********10140-4*M120&productId=4-108270&&subCatId=cat700256&productId=4-108270&stockNumber=10140-4&subCatTabId=&catId=cat10002&productdisplayName=Women's+Guide+5&subcatdisplayName=Last+Chance&skuId=***4********10140-4*M120&pageIdentifier=productdetail&catdisplayName=Women&showDefaultOption=true

Eek, longest link ever. Anyway, hope you can get to it. If not, go to and then click on Last Chance. You'll see them. They're awesome and so you! :)

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Leana said...

You tell the best stories Julie! I'm sure those kids were enthralled. Best of luck in Cozumel at the end of the month!!