Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From Zero to Hero - Ironman Los Cabos 2014 et al

After IMCoz, I took some time off...

Especially the last two weeks of December where I did absolutely nothing but eat one of each of these every day. 

January 1 was to ease back into training as I had nothing planned until July...

That was until February rolled around.  I accompanied Coach Sara (yes, female champion of IM Brasil 2014) to Tucson and literally dove into training with her.  The first week with Sara, I logged 27.5 hours of swim, bike and run.  I felt a lot like I did during the first few months of my life:

Sara?  What are we doing today?

Training went well, so well in fact that Sara encouraged me to find a race I was excited about and go for it. What about Ironman Los Cabos?  Nothing like a last minute decision to race an iron distance race a month away -- haha.

I admit I started to get scared and questioned how I could be ready in time?  I wanted to take 6 months and just train to have a good iron-distance race.  But, after chatting with Sara, I was somewhat convinced and at the end of the day, trusted her!

Sandwiched in between here was our annual MRT Tucson Phat Camp and a trip to Palm Springs for a small race -- I had a huge PB in the swim and came 4th in my age group. The swim was what I was really excited about -- I came out with the fast girls in my age group for the first time in my life!!

Yay! I just swam like a rockstar and Sara is a pirate!
Onto IMLC --

Ironman Los Cabos results:
8th in AG (first time in the top 10 of my AG!)
Swim: 1:04:56 (!!!!)
Bike:  6:07:46
Run: 4:19:11
Total:  11:37:35

Whoever says that IMLC was easier this year because of the bike course change is full of shit.  It was very hot. The run was ridiculous -- it was 3 laps and near the end of every lap they put this sandy hilly trail section.  It was like Xterra -- I was like, Man you don't DO that to people in an iron-distance race!

Yeah, the money shot right there, Ironman sure ain't about looking glamourous. lol.

 The carnage was plentiful that day.  I chugged along and got it done, but I was borderline having complete bowel release and the occasional cramping along groin and inner thigh area.  I might slow down, but I keep on chugging.  :)

To date, out of the 15 iron-distance races I have done, this one hands down has been the "hardest."  I'm not looking for a harder one, by the way...lol.  They are frigging hard enough without putting a hilly frigging trail section in there!

Good race and fast recovery which is good news for me since I have decided to take on the Dirty Double this year:  two iron-distance races in 7 days.  Ironman Mont Tremblant on Aug. 17 then 7 days later, Challenge Penticton.

After the race Sara and I indulged at the Cabo Gluten Free Bakery in San Jose Del Cabo -- this place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

 Two days later, I hopped on a plane and made my way to Cozumel where I have been:



First female overall -- AND FIRST FEMALE OUT OF THE WATER!! 

Hitting pinatas

All for now!!


Sara Gross said...

Julie's blog is back baby!! Hi guys!!

Julie said...

Hey Sara!!! :)

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