Saturday, September 13, 2008

I can run! Sort of...

While I am not back into training by any stretch of the imagination, I did haul my sorry butt off the couch to go for a 20 km mountain bike ride on Thursday. A very easy ride. Where most of the cycling was done on paved roads. :) I was pooped by the end but my lungs and body felt great. It was like they were thanking me: "Thanks, Julie! We were feeling so gross, now we're feeling awesome!"

In keeping with my new-found pep, I decided to attempt a 30 minute run yesterday. I took my dogs out, and started off feeling great. I was feeling awesome, and made it to this one point that has traditionally taken me 10 minutes to get to. Yesterday, I was just going easy and it took me 7.5 minutes. I looked at my watch and thought, "WOW! I feel great! Maybe I'll just go a little further..." I should have turned around at 15 minutes, but the weather was beautiful, the babies were having a blast, and I just felt so darn great.

I kept running. Very soon, I was at the half-way point of my 8 km loop. It was shortly after this that I hit the wall for the first time in my life. At exactly 26 minutes, I couldn't run at all anymore. I was POOPED!! Hahahahaha! So, I had a nice long walk back. Plenty of time to think about just how tired I was. :):)

I might be pooped from barely any exertion, but I am definitely back!!!!!!!!!!!!


:) :) :) :) :):)


Kelly B. said...

Good job Julie!! Hey...did you get my e-mail as I was wanting to send you JP's core and stretching workouts...probably mickey mouse for you but maybe a few things you could possibly use. I did 15 pushups today!! was really 3 sets of 5 but I am on my way!!!!

Susi said...

too funny. i love the way our bodies speak to us! sometimes in subtle ways...sometimes in not so subtle ways. haha.

Julie said...

Kelly -- I never received your email! Could you try sending it again?

:) :) :)

Jenna said...

Yes it feels great to be back at it.... I managed a 30 minute run but was happy to be seeing my van when i was done:)

Cath said...

Woo hoo - get you! Make the most of your break and you'll be storming at them again before you know it - and what an exciting winter it's going to be! I'm taking a couple of weeks off too, though of course my training hasn't been quite the same as yours! But then back into it - and of course most importantly on count down for the big move.....can't wait to be over there with you!