Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty

So, Chuck has prompted me to get my butt in gear and post! I've been busy training and sleeping. :) There are just a few more niggly-piggly things to be done for the store, but everything is out of there and I have no reason ever to set foot in there again!!!

Here's what I've been up to --

Since I've started training again, I've noticed how much more I sweat than last year -- especially on the bike. I mean REALLY sweat. So, I've started this little game, where I see if I can actually wring the sweat out of my sports bra at the end of a workout.

I've come pretty close -- I've been saturated, but I could coax nary a droplet...until last week. I think I crossed the sweat-barrier or something. After my bike, I quickly stripped off my duds and performed my little ritual -- And Lo!!! The sweat wrung out of my top, hit the tub. YAY!!!

Hahahahaha!! See? It doesn't take me much to get excited!! :) :)

Onto to other training news -- Next week, I'm bumping up to 4 swims a week. Which brings me to the push up challenge. Sorry, Jenna, but I haven't been able to squeeze anymore push up workouts into my schedule yet. My poor wee little arms are plain tuckered out from all the swimming I'm doing!! But, I am not going to bail, yet. If I crap out, then I'll concentrate on cheering all of you on instead!!!! :) :)

By the way -- I've been thinking about the blog world lately, and wanted to thank all of you who have commented and blog themselves. I have learned so much from all of you -- so that when the poop has gone down in my life, I've drawn upon your experiences for strength.

I actually just emailed Kelsey about this -- most recently, her example has provided me with immeasurable strength. Instead of sinking into bad feelings, I rallied myself by remembering how hard Kelsey has fought for change and how courageous she has been in dealing with one obstacle after another. All this -- and she didn't even know the influence she had!

I guess what I am trying to say, is that we really do have an impact on the world around us -- even if we don't know it. Just the way we live our lives (and blog about them! Hee-hee!) is like a stone cast into a pond. You never know just who those ripples are going to reach.

Shannon -- Your pure heart and love for animals echoes my feelings and has provided me comfort knowing that there are people out there who feel the same as I do. Your insight into training has actually lifted me up on at least one occasion. When I felt terrible about having a miserable swim in a race, it was your comment that eradicated my self-doubt and put me in the right frame of mind. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!

Keith -- Your wisdom and humour have challenged me to dig deeper within myself and find the goodness instead of concentrating on the bad. Your story of the monk carrying the woman across the river came at a very critical point in my life. You have no idea how much that comment enlightened me -- I truly felt my spirit lift. You have a knack for saying just the right thing at just the right time. If I were to hike up a mountain, I'd expect to find you sitting there (cross-legged and in the zone)-- calm, patient, wise. Thank you for your extrapolation on the floating elephant theory too!!

Jenna -- You recommended a book that is slowly changing my life, and have gently reminded me via comments and emails to not get distracted by fear. You have provided me with so much strength -- the experiences you have gone through with your father, your family, your training, your kids, and even Rolo. I admire your succinct honesty. When I find myself making excuses or copping out of something -- I think of you -- charging ahead and just getting things done.

Susi -- Our friendship has blossomed and I have learned so much from you. You have a quiet simplicity and a no-nonsense way about you that inspires me to challenge my own fears. I remember the last time you were here and I was mildly alarmed about the prospect of me taking my bike apart for transport -- you basically said, "all you have to do is this, this, and this." Suddenly, it wasn't such a big deal anymore. The way you see beauty in the ordinary, the way you have battled your own demons, and your stories of the good hamster/bad hamster dichotomy teach me something every time! YOU ARE A NINJA-WARRIOR-PRINCESS!!

Kelly -- You have a big heart and a depth of perception that make me think twice about snap judgments I make. Things that have really stuck with me about you -- your great love for your kids; when one of your kids told you (in a funny way -- I forget the precise words -- but he didn't say 'I can't') he couldn't do something, how you always buy the Timmy's order for whoever is behind you, and how you manage to get your training done even with all the challenges of injury, trepidation, and time constraints. You remind me to be selfless and not selfish.

Darryl - You have a dogged determination and straight forward to approach to life. You are not afraid to call a spade a spade, and never make excuses. You just do it!! Sometimes I get bogged down in thoughts, and it is your example that has helped me turn off the inner static and just go for it.

Chuck -- I can't wait to meet you! Following your journey in learning how to swim has been so inspiring to me. You hit major stumbling blocks, but came back to conquer your fears with an amazing persistance and equally amazing positive attitude. To think of where you were last year swimming, compared to where you are now --- WOW!!!

Cath and Jase -- What can I say? Thank you so much for coming into my life. A cosmic connection, or as Charmaine would say, "A seismic connection." LOL!!! I've never met a couple like you guys. Both of you are so kind, wise, thoughtful, and honest. More than anything else, you guys have motivated me to become a better person -- in my thoughts and actions. You both have illustrated the meaning of true friendship. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

HUGS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


runningman said...

Oh phew! I thought at the end you were going to say you have to leave the blogging world and were saying good bye. It's so true how you can affect someone by the smallest comments, greetings, etc. It's almost scary, some things that I say to someone could literally change they're entire day. I'm trying to be more positive, like you Julie. You have an amazing sense of humor, yet so jenuine that you take the time to appreciate everyone you meet. Keep it up!! :)

Keith said...

(scuffs feet, looks bashful.) Thanks!

Jenna said...

Hey...where the hell was the KLEENEX REQUIRED warning before that post? And btw - do NOT forget or over look the impact you too have had one everyone who reads your blogs, knows your spirits, appreciates your sense of humour and how easily you are distracted by the life that surrounds you (wringing out your jog We love you GIRL!!! Now get your ass to toon town!!

Charlie Browne said...

Said with a moist eye, "Back at Ya!"

Kelly B. said... eyes are super misty after reading this!! Thank YOU!! This blogging has been fun and it has been great to get to know you too!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

That is one of the greatest things I have ever read. You are truly a life-long friend and have a beautiful soul.

I look forward to meeting you and Mike on Saturday.

Susi said...

Julie - I have never met someone who is the epitome of 'joie de vivre'. Your enthusiam is incredible and contagious. Whenever we get to spend time together I am revitalized. It is because of you that on days when I don't have the energy, I still try to push through my workouts because I know you would. YOU ROCK MY WORLD SISTA!

Love and hugs.