Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This morning, I had an easy spin for 20 minutes on my bike and then did some core and stretching afterward.

So, there I lay on my yoga mat, with Peanut circling me and rubbing up against various parts of my sweaty body. Swish, Peanut would rub against the back of my neck while I did a sit-up; swish, she is now curled up underneath my legs and leaning against my bum as I am still doing sit ups. You can't imagine the great swaths of orange cat hair I had to swipe off with a towel. NICE. LOL!!!

I'm a little stiff from all the lying around and sleeping I've been doing, so I got out my special red stretchy band. I looped it over the top my left foot, and then lay back on the mat and proceeded to flex my foot while making big and little circles with my leg, and other stretches.

I was really enjoying myself -- I had my iPod on and was feeling great about stretching when all of a sudden... WHAP!!!!

The stretchy band came off my foot and slapped me hard in the middle of my chest. It actually winded me -- I kid you not!! I let out an "OOOMMPH!" and then felt like a total idiot. LOL!!!! I lay there prone, taken out by a red elastic band. Hahahahahahaha!!

I finished with my stretching and then went to have a tub. It was only when I lay back in the bathtub that I noticed the huge raised, red welt that went across the middle of my chest. I started giggling -- I can't believe how much of a dork I am!!!



Charlie Browne said...

Ok i can just see you getting hit by that band...the only thing funnier might have been the time i was using one of those contraptions that was three metal springs with handles on either end to work out the chest and back....I had it in front of me pulling it apart to workout my back but one time i brought my hands back together a little too quickly and got it caught in my chest hair and had to get my ex to help me out of it!! Yep LOSER!!

Jenna said...

Well it sounds like the two of you have the dorkyness nailed!! Hope your welts heal!!!

Susi said...

dudes!!! LMAO.

Keith said...

Hey, I've posted photo's of my injuries. ummm, just remembered where it is. oops. my bad.

runningman said...

Am I the only relieved one here? I hear Whiplash and first thing I think of is CAR ACCIDENT! Funny story I'm glad that's all it was. :P

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

WOW, I'll be sure NEVER to stand next to you when you are stretching with the band...who knows who it will hit next :)