Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eau de Earthworm

After missing the last three weeks of training, I managed to use the Calgary 70.3 as a great training day race -- and a kick start to training again! YAY!!! It's crunch time now, and I am so thrilled to be able ratchet up the training again.

Not too much else going on, so I thought I'd list some random thoughts...

Does anyone else smell the overpowering smell of earthworm when it rains? I had a 2.5 hour ride yesterday out in the pouring rain, and the surrounding air was scented with a tangible wormy smell. NICE. :) :)

The swim start at a triathlon DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO ROUGH! Again, another female wave start showed me just how kind and friendly female swimmers are. One gal accidentally grabbed my shoulder...instead of pushing me down, she immediately let go and said, "Sorry!" The next breath I took, I responded with a "No problem!" Compare this to three stories I heard from my male friends -- ugly kicking, harsh, and thrashing. People need to respect themselves, respect their competitors, and respect their sport.

Coffee tastes really good the day after a race.

I can eat 24 ice cream bars in two days.

Did anyone peruse through the Calgary 70.3 glossy pamphlet and read the pro profiles? Did anyone else catch that one girl that told her story of how she tried to avoid a Momma duck and baby ducklings crossing the road in a race once, but ran over one when a duckie turned around. WTF??? OF ALL THE THINGS TO TALK ABOUT WHY IN GOD'S NAME PICK THAT?????

The poop fairy only half-visited me on the morning of the race. Hence, my poop-belly race pictures which I will NOT be ordering. LOL!!!

Maybe if I hadn't eaten 24 ice cream bars, the poop fairy would have finished her job...

That's all for now! :) :)


Keith said...

You see! Even a non-racing race report is interesting! I looked through a bunch of pictures of people that I know, and I can understand people not wanting to buy.

24 ice cream bars?? Coffee tastes good any morning, not just the day after the race. Given the number of people in the porta-pottie line, the poop fairy was working over time, and probably got all pooped out. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Beth said...

Another race completed! You have raced a lot this year (is that normal for you?). So when do you head ot Penticton? We will be up there on Aug. 25th.

Runner Leana said...

The poop fairy...haha!

I read that story as well. Yes, it seemed really odd to be sharing it!

Susi said...


poor ducky. oh i would just DIE if i did that. wiping tears now...

ya, i'm pretty sure if i could eat flour i could go toe to toe with you in an ice cream bar eating contest, haha.

so great that you were here my friend!!! glad you had an awesome day out there. xoxo

Jenna said...

First of all, please everyone remember that the poop fairy is MINE and that if we are ever all racing together, she comes to me first!! I will share, but she comes to me first. Got it??

I could easily go toe to toe with you on the ice cream bars, so it is ok. ICAA (Ice cream addicts anonymous) says that it is a food group worthy of addicting ones self too.

I can hardly wait to see you shreddig the course at IMC.... GO JULIE!! ANd GO everyone else who will be there ripping it up as well!

Cath said...

Hahahahaha! You're the bomb!

Had a great time with Gord today - 3.5 hours later my bike was all cleaned up! It wasn't in the cleanest of states and I know feel truly told off :) What a great guy though!

Hopefully see ya Sunday honey bun and see ya Saturday keith!


Julie said...

Hey Beth! I'm heading out there on August 28. :)