Monday, August 10, 2009

My Favourite Email...

Every so often just before my current schedule ends, I anticipate a new one in my inbox. I have quite the little ritual now when I open my email and see a new schedule! YAY!!

I get out all my coloured dry-erase markers and go about plotting the upcoming weeks. You have no idea how much satisfaction I derive from this simple exercise! Hahahahahaha!! I know I am a dork!!!!!

In other training news...

I had a great weekend of training -- 5.5 hours biking from Longview to the Highwood Pass and back, and then a short run. I met up with a few of my coach's other athletes and away we went!! What a blast -- it was perfect weather too -- first time I've been up there when there hasn't been snow/hail/rain/or other type of self-inflicting drama. :) :)

Yesterday, I had a great 2.5 hour run -- I did 24 km with my crazy uber-super dog Toby. She is 11.5 years old and you would never believe it! I am always sourcing out various water stops for Toby and yesterday, the water Gods were smiling on us...

We were running back home along the highway when the sprinklers on this small strip of municipal grass came on. Perfect timing! Toby went running into them and kept *biting* and trying to *eat* the water. If any of you have dogs that like to do this, you know how funny it looks, eh? :) Those underground sprinklers really shoot out the water, and when Toby grew tired of snapping at the water, she let the sprinklers blast her chest. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

My run was great, but I could have gone further had I brought more gels with me. Big mistake, so I learned a good lesson yesterday! I had another run later in the afternoon, and Toby was raring to go. How does she still have so much energy? She was quite put out that I wasn't moving as quickly as the morning run... LOL!!

Afterward, I wore my compression tights the rest of the day, and through the night. Heh-heh-heh --- I'll take all the extra help I can! :) :)

The only hint that Toby gave that she was somewhat fatigued was when she refused to get up with me this morning to see me off to swimming. But when I came home, there she was, back curled around to her head (she does this when she gets excited, we call her the C-Dog because her body forms a C, LOL!) and wiggling and squiggling all over the place.

I wonder if I could exercise her enough if I took her biking with me? Hahahahahahaah! :) :)

The picture is slightly blurred because Toby is always on the move! Hahahahaha!


Beth said...

Awww I love your dog!

Sounds like a great training weekend. And I have to admit I would get huge satisfaction out of filling out the bulletin board too. I haven't been planning my weeks well the last month or so and it definitely affects my enthusiasm for training.

Keith said...

Neat board. I am surprised you don't have a huge pink check mark through each one as it's done. One thing I don't see in there is the word 'taper'. Though now I look at the amounts I see they are down from the full time workout schedule, down to about what I peak out at running on the ragged edge of exhaustion, so I guess that's a taper for you.

Great weekend training! It's so nice to have the good weather again.

Kelly B. said...

What does that say in the bottom left corner of that calendar? Race? What race are you doing at the end of August...?

Hahahahaha!! OH can't wait to see you ROCK IT this year!!!

Amy said...

LOL Kelly B. I love the board and I agree w/ Keith, I would probably have to check each day off if I had it. Sounds like a great weekend. Your dog has so much energy - I wonder if she can give me some?! We're 19 dyas out (I'm racing on the same day). Thanks for the comments on my blog. Very, very nice. <3 (that's supposed to be a sideways heart)

Susi said...

awesome training weekend!!! i love toby!! can't wait to visit with all of you in september!

Cath said...

I'm a cross out girl too! And Julie I thought you'd be part of our club! It's very therapeutic when you do that!

It was fab to see you last night - though the 6am alarm this morning didn't agree - lol!


Runner Leana said...

Love that your dog ran with you for that long! My dog makes it less than a block and that is it. He's really more of a sprinter.

Yes, getting my schedule in the e-mail is always a happy day!