Friday, November 6, 2009

Invasion of the Towel Snatchers....

A strange thing happened at the pool today....

It started off the same as usual -- the same people showed up to swim like they always do:

1. Guy that usually likes to sit in hot tub and then swims with little black paddles for about 15 minutes, and then leaves.

2. Husband and wife who swim for about 40 minutes.

3. Older dude who does water walking/swimming/ lifts himself out of pool by hanging on the diving board. He's nice -- I think I alarmed him once when I went underwater and grabbed his legs when he was doing his diving board pull-ups. I popped up and laughed, but I think he thought I was a pervert. LOL!!!

There were a few other people who joined us regulars -- they are the sort of irregular regulars if you know what I mean:

1. Larger lady with kickboard/flippers -- she puts all her stuff (clothes, towels, etc) in one of two cubicles in the women's changeroom.

2. Older guy that came in with lady today -- hadn't seen him before.

3. Girl that teaches aqua aerobics.

So, there was only ONE person who I had never seen before. Everybody else I knew....

The question of the day is...

WHO stole my towel????

I hung it on the peg by the showers before I went swimming, and when I finished swimming, my towel was gone! And it was a good one too -- a microfiber one from MEC. You know the kind that absorbs a lot of water and folds up into your palm. It was an AWESOME towel and somebody took it!!!

Now Pincher Creek is a small town -- even smaller than the Crowsnest Pass. There isn't exactly a thrum of foot traffic at the pool at 6:00am.

The only woman who swam and left before me was the lady that swims with her husband -- she's out because I know her. The larger lady and the aqua aerobic girl were still swimming when I left...And I truly can't see either of them taking my towel and hiding it in their stuff and then going swimming. Hahahaha!!

There is a gym that faces the pool, but there were only three people in there this morning -- it is possible that someone from the gym came all the way down the hallway and into the women's changeroom to steal my towel.... BUT WHY?

The only other person that has access to the changerooms is the lifeguard. But WHY would only my towel be taken and nothing else? My backpack, my shampoo, my clothes, were right underneath my towel. I always leave everything lying right out in plain sight -- so why would someone just take a towel?


Fortunately, the aqua aerobic ladies came rolling in just as I emerged from the showers and exclaimed, "Where's my towel?" The LODs (little ole dears) were quite excited that my towel had gone missing and I am sure this has fuelled conversation for the rest of the morning at least! Hahahahaha!

One of the LODs volunteered to go get an extra towel from the lifeguards. I felt stupid standing there naked waiting for a towel. If I was still showering, or DOING something it wouldn't have felt so awkward -- so I went over to the paper towel dispenser and pumped out a few sheets of recycled brown paper and started toweling off old school. Hahahahahaha!!

Anyone have any guesses as to where my towel went?

Ms. Scarlet with the towel in the gym. LOL!!

Colonel Mustard with the towel in the men's changeroom.

The plot thickens, and the mystery continues...Will I ever get my blue MEC towel back? Was it needed in the face of a desperate spill of some kind in the woman's change room? Will it turn up in the lost and found?



Jenna said...

just so sad you had not wiped your butt with it before it went missing....

Keith said...

Put up a note in the change room. "Missing blue microfibre towel. Lost from Ladies change room. Used for control of an infectious skin disease. Washing the towel will not remove the infectious agent. Please return the towel, and get instructions on the required medication. Thank you."

That ought to do it. If it doesn't come back, give me a call. I have to go to MEC anyway (new tights, maybe some other goodies as well), and I can get one and mail it down to you.

Amy said...

LOL about your #3.

I can't believe it went missing! I also can't wait to see how this unfolds. Bummer that it was a nice towel too. I bet those LODs will get to the bottom of it.

I also think Keith has a good idea about posting a note (but don't really include the disease thing). Sorry Keith. :)

Cath said...

That's not funny about your towel., but sooooo funny about you pulling the guys legs - I'd have been in stitches watching that! Sounds like he had a bit of a sense of humour failure - unless of course you nearly drowned him in the process - hahahahahaha!

runningman said...

I'm not very good at clue, I got no useful advice. The post was very entertaining though, thanks Julie. I also chuckled about you grabbing that guys' legs. ha ha ha

Susi said...

this is why i use a lock. i don't care how few people there are in the pool and how early it is, use a lock. lock your dang stuff up missy!

oh, and i know a really painful thumb lock that you could use to make the perpetrator confess. learned it in martial arts. works like a charm. :)

failing that - karma baby. it's going to bite the theif in the arse. heh.

Runner Leana said...

I can't believe someone stole your towel! I leave mine out all the time too. I don't want to have to run dripping wet from the shower to my locker. No...I like to towel off! Of all the things, stealing a towel is almost like stealing underwear in my opinion. Ew!