Saturday, May 22, 2010

Running in my clogs...

6 hours on the Road to Nepal today (or RtN as Keith has coined it! Love it, btw, Keith!)

Sadly, I didn't see any buffalo babies the entire time -- only horses. One was a l'il pony with a tricked out mane that reminded me of Elvis.

It was COLD to start - I think it was 4 degrees Celsius. No matter, I turned my mind off and got the ride done. At about 5:15 into the ride, my body wanted to stop and even the littlest hill saw me barely pedaling. It would have been funny if I could have mustered up the energy to laugh...As it was, all I could do was groan. ;)

Now, each time I have made the 2 hour trip to RtN, I have usually forgotten something. Or had a close call. Well, today, I was halfway there and realized I forgot my running shoes. I had a 30 minute brick after and all I had brought were these:

I was happy I hadn't brought my flip flops. I even thought of running sock feet...but then that thought quickly passed. Hahahahaha!

I finally finished the ride -- oh man, I was BAGGED -- and put on my clogs. I was sort of nervous at first as my foot is still not 100%, but thought, what the heck? When I was in Nepal, the Sherpas would carry 100+lb piles of stuff on their backs and climb mountains covered in snow/ice and be barefoot in flip flops. I can channel the Sherpa!

And I did! I ran 30 minute in those suckers, and they weren't too bad!! Although I must have looked like some sweet action with my cycling jacket and clogs. Oh yeah baby. Hahahahahaha!!

By the way these are my favourite pair of shoes -- and the ones I have been known to wear with compression tights in public. (Facebook mini-discussion last night -- HAHAHAHAHAH!) Such a hawt look, I know. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!


Kelly B. said...

Holy keener!! my shins would soon be burning with my toes trying to grip the inside of those things!! I raced the kids down the streed the other day in my flip flops and nearly tripped up trying to catch my 7 year old!! And then I was all sweaty in my street clothes...eww.

Big Daddy Diesel said...


Heather said...

OMG you crack me up! :) I love it!

Jenna said...

ha ha ha!! LAst night it was a bike ride in a pink cotton t- cycling shorts and black dress socks...with a trun to follow I pulled a jog bra over the pink shirt (blue bra) and runners on the black socked feet - I almost took a picture. Forgot I was dressed like that and went upstairs to find other people's kids in the house who were like.... WTH???