Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where is Jasper Blake?

Why in my hotel room of course!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tisha and I are sharing a hotel room and last night's group nutrition/triathlon talk was held in our room. Jasper Blake was kind enough to stop by and discuss all aspects of nutrition -- from daily to race day stuff. He even shared with us his fool-proof formula for race day fueling. AWESOME!!

I WILL get faster by osmosis!!! LOL!!

Afterward, Sara gave us homework assignments -- to use the formula to calculate our own nutritional requirements for race day. Some of us are racing the half on Sunday, one is racing the Olympic, and one is racing the sprint. I am super excited to implement this new plan!!!! :) :)

Yesterday was a 5 hour rainy bike ride. My goal was to keep up with the boys -- and I worked hard to do it! The hilly route we took puts the Road to Nepal to shame. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to move and train in Victoria!! No wonder it is a triathlon mecca...

I mean when you continually see signs of 15%, you KNOW you are in another world. Hill after hill after hill. The hills are so steep that standing out of my saddle was a scary study in balance. I would stand up and put my bum way back to help me balance the bike. Standing normally would have tipped me over.

There were a few times I honestly wondered if I was going to have to get off my bike and walk up -- my legs threatened to give out again and again. Hahahahah!!

We had to add a bunch of stuff to make up 5 hours -- we had started by doing the famous (or should I say infamous?) Observatory hill twice, and then added bits of circuitous routes. When we got to the hotel, we STILL had time, so we went back to the Observatory hill and did that one more time. Right after we all peed at the bottom...LOL!!!

By this time, the three of us, Todd, Nick and I had bonded on our rain-drenched odyssey. Todd's cleat came off his shoe and was embedded in his pedal. Nick was fantasizing about the smell of fries and vinegar we had detected going through one town. And I had gone through all of my date balls!! Hahahahaha!!

A quick aside -- at one point during the ride, two coaches (Sara and Carrie) in one support vehicle told us that this was the last time we'd see them as everyone was so spread out. So time to fuel up. I *thought* I was fueled and ready to go, but as I stood there debating about grabbing some more food, my stomach suddenly opened up....

In about 2 minutes, I ate the rest of my date balls, 2 Rice Krispie squares and a Mr. Big bar. Holy crap! And then, I wasn't even FULL -- just ready to go again!! Hahahahah!!

Good times!! :) :) :)


Jenna said...

Tish said the hills freaked her out - going down. I remember that feeling coming from the flats and not even really knowing how to braketo avoid an endo... add in a little rain and you got some prairie girl anxiety :) She wanted to see more climbs and no Sounds like you are having fun!!

Beth said...

So did you like the centre of the universe? That sign always makes me laugh.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Hills and rain, you are freaking hardcore!!! Without a doubt!!! Adding in your wind ride. I can only pray I would be able to stay on your wheel.

And thanks for the virtual time out, the biggest disappoint in injuries isnt the pain, its the mental shock, like "oh crap, what am I going to do now???", thanks again

Julie said...

Jenna -- WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!!!

Beth -- OMG, it is so hilarious seeing that sign. LOL!!

Big Daddy -- You are so right about the mental aspect of injuries! I expect you to kick my A$$ if I want to train through an injury -- so repay the favour please! That's what blogger buddies are for!!! :) :)

Cath said...

Sounds fab, enjoy every minute!!

PS Just been to Sparwood pool - tried turtle lake on Tuesday - flippin freezin, took me 4 hrs to warm up - got a lane all to myself at Sparwood instead - yaaay!

I'm off up Fording River Mine road tomorrow - will think of you :))

Beth said...

Look out for me on Sunday (or Saturday for bike check I guess)!

Amy said...

What a great practice ride! Sounds like you're having a great time!

Julie said...

Beth!! Holler at me if you see me before I see you!! I want to meet you -- hee-hee!!!!

runningman said...

That is such a cool picture Julie. I don't know why it just makes me smile. Looking forward to seeing in action at CDA. I'm gonna get all the positive energy from you when we cross paths on race day! Save me a hug for the morning though, I'm gonna try some of that osmosis. :)

Missy said...

Hahahaha, you ate balls with the boys. Sorry, that's all I picked up here;)