Saturday, November 13, 2010


Made it about 6 steps on the beach when I heard a snap and almost passed out from the pain. I couldn't even walk.

Hobbling past all the other athletes was mental agony - I couldn't help but cry knowing I couldn't even start.

More later -- all I can say is that North Carolinian's are the friendliest, most truly caring people I have ever come across. Unbelievable.

I'm still crying off and on. It will pass -- saw the event doc, things look good (as in nothing broken), she gave me her personal cell phone number and I'll be seeing her Monday before we head home.

I can't lie -- I am so disappointed. But, on the same token, the genuine concern and kindness I experienced on the 5 hour odyssey to find my Dad (two strangers took my bike and me to the water taxi, all the people in the LONG line up let me cut in front of them, the boat guys, the volunteers on the other side, oh man -- I could go on and on) has taken the edge of the mental disappointment.

I can't help but smile. I'm still crying off and on, but I can't help but smile too.

More details later.

Love you all --

Julie :) :) :)


Keith said...

Already commented on FB. I know you had justifiably high hopes for this race. But it's just a race, and there will be other races. It's more important that you take care of the foot (and the rest of you). Take the time to heal up, tough as that might be, and you'll come back stronger and faster than ever.

Julie said...

Very good advice, my friend.

Time to take some time off and heal....whatever will I get up to?


And yes, I have stopped crying and feeling sorry for myself, although I can't guarantee I won't have a minor flare up later on. :)

Beth said...

Oh Julie! That truly sucks. I am sorry. I think another minor flare up is justified.

Lisa G said...

OMG - that is crazy! Sorry to hear that happened, but you will bounce back from it stronger than ever and set your sights on the next lofty goal very soon. Aim high! Take care of that ankle and rest up - I'm sure your next challenge is just around the corner!

runningman said...

awwww, sorry to hear that Julie. Big hug for you. As others have said, you'll be back, but it still must sting. Take care, heal up. As you're taking some time off of training, if it's difficult, think back to your training and all of the things you wished you could do but had no time or energy to do. Do those things now. I'm doing all sorts of things I wanted to do and it really helps fill the void till I can train again. :) Hope that makes sense.

Julie said...

Darryl -- Like dancing lessons? LOL!!!

Keith said...

You've got Mike interested in dance lessons? I'm seriously impressed! Mike will enjoy them more than he thinks he will. I know from experience.

runningman said...

ha ha Keith, I like how you assumed Julie was talking about herself. Nooooo silly it's me(and my wife) taking the dance lessons. hee hee.

Cath said...

Hey there - right decision made! Good that nothing was broken :) Don't go there! It's hard, but you made the right decision. The tears may come and go for a few days maybe, but then, onwards and upwards - just think of it as super base training for next year :) That was my plan anyhow :)

Take care and enjoy the journey home

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

oh Julie I'm so, so sorry!! That SUCKS :( But everyone is right, sometimes your body just needs a break and you will be back to your amazing athleticism in no time!

And think of the mental toughness you gained!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

OH NO!!!!! Its better to DNS and get better then start and possibly necer race again, I hope whatever snap heals fast. It wasnt a total wash, you got to go cross country road trip with your dad, thats pretty cool (well most of it is cool)