Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Change a Flat Tire -- My First VLOG!!!!


Keith said...

Was that Peanut in the background commenting? I've never done the baby powder thing. I leave them as flat as possible so I can cram two into my saddle bag. Then I blow it up a bit before putting it into the tire. I look at both the inside and the outside of the tire when looking for whatever caused the flat. Sometimes if it's a little staple or shard of glass it retreats back into the tire again. Once I learned the trick of rolling the tire back onto the rim, I haven't needed to use tire irons, and thus no more pinch flats. Yay!

Alan Kidd said...

Even in a race of any distance one might consider inflating the old tube to find the leak; When you lay the leaky tube alongside the wheel mounted tire you will then know the location of where the tube was punctured on the tire and you should then search the tire inside and out for the cause of the puncture.
The powder is a very good thing to do, hadn't thought of that!

Julie said...

Keith -- if you were to roll the tire back on, I'd shout: SHOW OFF!!! LOL!!

Alan -- good point!

I also forgot to mention that after you put the tube in, to check to see if the tire has been pinched between the rim and the tire. What can I say? It was my first vlog and I was a *little* scatter-brained and nervous. (And if anyone make a comment about me being scatter-brained all the time, I'll send Keith over to you to shame you with his uber bike-tube-changing ability!)


miles99999 said...

I found your blog from Theia (Fit Goddess). I'm a relatively strong guy and I still have to use tire levers. Cheers!

Julie said...

Hiya Miles!

So glad it isn't just me that uses tire levers! :D

Keith said...

So now I know, I need to do a vlog myself, rolling a tire one. I agree, it would be showing off to do it with the trainer tire.
Nobody watching would have known you were nervous.