Thursday, February 2, 2012

A post actually about training!

Imagine that!


Have you ever heard of that urban myth about getting a splinter in your foot and if you don't remove it, it absorbs into your skin and passes through your body and pops out somewhere else?

Yes, you know where I am going with this...

Now I can't say for SURE if the above scenario is indeed what happened, but I have had 2 splinters show up in the oddest of places.
  1. Splinter #1: Made its debut in my gums!!! I am not kidding! I felt something with my tongue above my front teeth one day. I kept feeling it, and when I peered in the bathroom mirror, I saw this little bump and pulled out a splinter. WTF?
  2. Splinter #2: This splinter appeared last week as a nasty red bump on my collar bone, just a bit away from where my swim suit strap rests on my shoulder. I thought this thing was a zit, but it hurt and wouldn't pop. So, I thought it was a spider bite. (Anything I can't label, automatically is a "spider bite.") Then, a few days later, I tried squeezing it again and a frigging splinter comes out! Again...WTF???

OK, so what have I been up to lately? Lots and lots of training! My focus has been training to train. Train consistently with increased volume. Currently, I am sitting at about 17 hours/week.

I've been including a number of *bonus swims* too! I am always scouring the internet for new drills, videos, programs to help me become a better swimmer. I found one that I ran by Coach Sara (who approved it) and have been doing it in my spare time. Plus, when I do "bonus swims" I feel I don't have to do core. :P

It's funny, I used to love core sessions. Really enjoy them. But for some reason, the pendulum has swung and I go out of my way to avoid doing them now -- Even though I asked Coach Sara to schedule them in for me. It's not like they are difficult or anything..I just would rather NOT do them.

Here is a brief summary of what I've been up to:

Swimming: Really, really awesome stuff. When I compare myself to last year, it is a huge difference. Last year, I would go 10x50m @ 70 sec, and all would be 55 sec and then creep up to a minute. This year, I HOLD 50 sec for all. Same thing goes for my 100m sets. :) :) :) You have no idea how immensely gratifying this is! Or maybe, fellow adult onset swimmers, you do!

Biking: I love my Computrainer. I LOVE going down into my basement and hopping on the trainer. It's funny, because a glance at my training environment would probably make most people flee back up the stairs in terror. I face two litter boxes, and I have to be careful when I stand on my bike not to hit my head on the stairs overhead, but there is just something about being on my bike that I love. I don't care if I am on a trainer or on the road (although the road is way more preferable!) -- I love my bike and the time flies! Training by watts and HR is really teaching me about control.

Running: My God I am turning into a runner. I guess that's what running 5-6 days a week consistently does for a person. :) I used to always feel clunky and out of place running. Now, dare I say it? I feel like I am flowing now. I was a doubter...but now I am a believer. Haha!

Core: MEH. Hahahahahahaah!

What I would like to learn: Breast stroke and Butterfly. I really have no idea how to do these strokes and the only reason I keep up with my Masters group for these sets is because of my fitness level. Hahahaha!

One big thing I've learned: You can have a sh!t swim stroke, but with a decent body position and plenty of fitness, you can be faster than you think! :)


Theia said...

Nice job on the swims! Our times are pretty close. Wait, you're doing 50 meters? OK, our times are not close. I'm in a yard pool, so my 50 yard time of 48-51 seconds is not the same as your 50meter time of 50 seconds.

Geez, you're such a showoff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. You know I'm joking. I think you're awesome.

Theia said...

And how on earth did you get a splinter in your mouth???

Julie said...

Theia -- LMAO!!!!!! Yeah, I am still wondering about the mouth splinter! Hahahahaha!!!

Keith said...

I'm not even going to comment about the mouth splinter. I don't need to, do I?

Yay on intervals! I'm trying to get back to that. Once you get it, don't ever give up swimming it.

Core. Meh squared.

Julie said...

Keith -- Plank squared. LOL. I will never forget your facial expression at that swim camp...OMG, I still laugh about that. Hahahaha!!

Shannon Wicks said...

Looks like you are kicking some serious butt in training! Nice job!

KK said...

LOL at this line: Anything I can't label, automatically is a "spider bite." so true!

I had never heard about the splinter theory, but now that I have I bet I'll hear all about this phenomenon. I just hope I don't experience it. Creepy!

Happy training, Jules. You are kicking ass and taking names this year! When's the first race? Can't wait to hear about it!

Lisa Graham said...

Julie! Awesome awesome job on your training - 17 hrs? Wow! :) And I'm with you on the trainer cycling- I know most people despise it, but I actually really enjoy my trainer! Ha!

And what the heck about those splinters, that just craaazzy!

Julie said...

Shannon -- I am kicking my own ass for sure! LOL! I think of it like a video game -- and I am racing beside myself all the time. :)

KK -- I still can't believe how frigging gorgeous and tiny you are! Maggie is going to pop out and you'll be back to your uber-athletic self right away. Like right after she is out. Haha. Just in case you didn't fully appreciate how quickly you are going to be back in shape. lol.

Lisa -- That is so cool you like the trainer too! :) Two peas in a pod -- we really do have to hook up this year -- go for a swim or something.