Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update from Arizona!

Some of you may remember when I had the opportunity to train with the pros in Australia a couple of years ago...well, I am at it again, except this time in Tucson Arizona!

Here are a few quickie things I have learned thus far:
  • How to ride just behind and in between two riders so I can get the benefit of a draft and keep up for longer! (Thank you Rachel and Sara!)
  • To react quickly to a red light instead of starting to slow down wayyyy far in advance.
  • To react just as quickly when the light is green -- Green means GO. And these girls do not dawdle.
  • I can actually do one-legged drills on the road. Both legs too!
  • I rode over THREE cattle-guards today. :)
  • Riding over Gates Pass not as a workout, but as part of the cooldown. :)

All for now! Gotta eat, sleep and then train some more!


Lisa Graham said...

Nice! You are going to be a superstar on the bike again this year!

I'm envious you're in Tucson- winter just arrived here so the lovely Arizona sun would be sooo nice right about now! Happy training :)

Theia said...

OMG teach me how to brake properly at a red light! I fall way behind because I start braking 14 blocks in advance!

Julie said...

Lisa -- You are bang on right about the Arizona sun!

Theia -- LMAO! I have learned that riding a bike is different that driving my car. Seriously! LMAO!!

Shannon Wicks said...

Enjoy the training and weather!

Keith said...

Over the cattle guards. Now you are really ready for 22X.

I thought the deal was to time the braking so as to be going the max speed when the light turned green.