Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Build = Sleep

I've noticed a pattern to my training -- during the first week of a build, I am absolutely tuckered out. POOPED. But, I've learned if I can just hang on, the second week is much better.

This last week, I said a lot of "Suck it up, buttercup" and "HTFU" to myself -- especially on Satrurday's brick when I had to run as hard as I could off the bike...and of course the wind was just a howlin'!! I swear, my legs were pumping like mad, but I was hardly moving forward. Hahahahahahahah!!! When I turned around, I almost took off and landed in Saskatoon. (If I owned a cell phone, I would have called Jenna mid-air to let her know when I would be coming in for a landing.)

Fortunately, Mike was out on the deck having a cigarette,and managed to jump up and grab my leg and pull me down out of the sky. LOL!!!!

Later on, the wind quieted down so I could concentrate on HTFU during a hilly run.

I am pretty excited about this --- last week I did 17.6 hours, and it's going up from here! :) :):) :) :) :) :)


Keith said...

I just thought things were sore this morning.
I just thought my abs/core were feeling the strain.
I just thought my legs were tired.
I just thought my triceps were tired from the swim.
I just thought I was getting in lots of workout time, at between 8-10 hrs per week.

Then I read you trained 17.6 hours last week, and everything stopped. My brain just stopped in it's tracks, numb from shock. Everything *ELSE* said, in one voice, "don't you even THINK about that."

Mark down one vote for thoroughly awed.

I think we finally have a new nickname. 1090. As in, alloy 1090.

Jenna said...

OMG - I'm excited for you too - its like the cap just popped off a bottle of fizzed up pop and when you hit your A race you're gonna be totally primed!!! Ummm...but just cause you've gone pro on us (:)) doesn't mean you shouldn't blog regularily.....

Kelly B. said...

WOW!! Way to go Julie on puttin in the time!
Bring on race season 2009!!

Susi said...


you rock sista. truly inspirational. i love that you thrive off of all this - it's awesome.

love ya!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

You are abso-effing-lutely hardcore! Nice work Jul's...and I agree with Susie, you should be racing pro!

streaker said...

awesome. Simply awesome. I'll book my flight for hawaii now!

Melissa said...

Hey Julie. What a great week of training, and it's going up? That's awesome! So does that mean on week 2 of a build you feel better and not as tired? Interesting...I just started week 1 so I'm going to keep this theory in mind.

Have a great day!