Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Biking with my people

Big surprise -- there were wind warnings in the Crowsnest Pass yesterday...Gusts up to 100km/hour.

I was in a sour mood because of the wind and ended up coming up with a plan to fight the wind!!

I couldn't bear the thought of biking in the back hall, and then having to strip down, dry off, change, and then run. Plus, I was feeling kinda lonely...

So, I unplugged my Computrainer, folded up my old school trainer and brought the whole works to my local weightlifting club. I set up right beside the rowing machine -- had 4 facecloths and a big towel spread out underneath me to catch all the sweat.

Cranked my iPod and I was off. It was great working out with other people! Just to be around other people was a nice change. The BEST was hopping off my bike, and jumping on the treadmill. No toweling off, no change of clothes and layering up, just a pure run. What a treat!! :) :) This is what a brick is supposed to feel like! Hahahahahaha!!

One thing that was made apparent during the workout was that I sweat more than ever on the bike. I remember when it was a novelty for me last year when I was able to squeeze a few drops of sweat out of my sports bra after a bike workout. HOLY MOLY, the novelty has long since worn off -- I sweat like a pig!!!!

I can easily wring out my sports bra AND shorts after a 1hour 20 min. workout. It is GROSS how much sweat there is -- and that doesn't count the puddles that collect underneath my bike. (I not only need facecloths to mop my face when I bike, I also need a big, honking towel underneath me.) The sweat literally pours off my face, belly, and back -- dripping everywhere. I even hike up my bike shorts to my chest to try and staunch the flow...

No kidding, when I get off my bike, it looks like I've taken a shower with my clothes on. Dripping everywhere and leaving sweaty footprints all over the floor. I'm POSITIVE I grossed out a couple of people yesterday. Hahahahaha!!

Anyways, there was no faffing around (stole this word from my coach -- I steal words, phrases from everyone -- even accents, LOL!!) to get my bike and trainer set up at the gym. It was just such a nice change to be working out with people!

I'm going to have to do it again sometime -- look out Pass, the Hermit is emerging from the cave. :) :) :)


Shannon Wicks said...

Change of scenery is always a good thing to interject into your routine.

One question though, did the gym people look at you funny with the cat on your back? Or did you leave that piece of training equipment at home?!?!

Crazy wind here yesterday as well which is why I did not bike into work.

Keith said...

It took a long time for that sweat stain to evaporate out of my basement, but do you hear me complaining about it? Now that you're working out even harder, I can just imagine how much sweat is being produced.

I was thinking of that baldness cure the Bloom County characters were marketing based on sweat from Bill the cat. So if we see Julie selling some fitness hormone replacement supplaments, we'll all know what it's based on. And properly done it will probably make a ton of money too.

I don't get the changing thing between biking and running. I just add layers, change feet, and go.

Those people in the club should be paying for the privilege of seeing you (the sponsored athlete and all) sweat and providing a good example.

Amy said...

I love that you took your trainer to the club - look how resourceful you are!

I sweat that much on my bike is gross.

Susi said...

i know exactly how you feel. i'm starting to do the trainer thing with friends on saturdays as the thought of a 3 plus hour workout in my basement alone is more than daunting. i did it last weekend and it was killer!

i am a perfuse glistener myself. soaking wet so have to change or i'd freeze like a popsicle as soon as i went outside - unless it's summer of course, then i don't change. :)

Kelly B. said...

Soooo...I found a corner in the hockey rink that would be perfect for my would THAT look!!

Cath said...

What a GREAT idea! And anyhow's sweat's a sign of how hard you work - well that's my excuse anyhow! When we were in London we had ours set up in the lounge, Jase's Dad came to visit and I was doing a brick workout - I quote "there's a pool across the road Cath you don't need to create another one in the apartment" - hahaha - there was sooooo much sweat on the floor!

You go get em girl.....

Jenna said...

You sweat like a pig hey?? Well do you have a penis shaped like a corkscrew too? LOL. Sweatin is good for you - specially when you are not faffing around (WTF?)