Friday, October 9, 2009

Winter's here all right.

We have this old minivan that has over 280 000km on it. This is what I use to barrel around town with and go back and forth to the pool in the winter. You see, our minivan has STUDDED tires on it -- these suckers ROCK!!!

In the last few days, when I have headed out at 5:15am, there has been virtually no traffic on the highway on account of the icy conditions. But our good ole minivan is out there, holding its own against the elements. The traction on those studded tires is amazing -- no kidding I can take corners like it's summer time. Not that I do, of course...We only did it a couple of times when we first got the tires. In a parking lot. :) :)

Not much news to report...Swimming is so blissful in the Pincher Creek pool. I'm usually the only one there in the morning. Occasionally a couple of other people show up, swim for 20 min and then leave. IT IS SO AWESOME!! :) :) :)

The sun was shining yesterday, so I was feeling optimistic as I headed out for my run with Toby. The optimism dulled when a FREAKING snowstorm blew in half way through my run. There I am on the side of the highway running in clothes that totally blend into the dreary snow flurries and clouds. Very smart, Julie.

Toby was covered in mud and dirt. All the running kicked up vast quantities of crap into the fur of her undercarriage -- and, when we got home and the stuff started to melt, there was an unholy mess to clean up!! Big splats of mud dripped all over the floors from Toby's belly. It was so bad, Mike got off the computer and gave Toby a bath!! LOL!!

Good thing I had cleaned the bathroom only the day before...

She was so filthy, Mike at one point stood up and said, "That's it. I have to take drastic action." He went outside into the snow and fed the garden hose through the bathroom window to help blast off the belly dirt! Hahahahahaha!!

40 minutes later, Toby was shaking, rattling, and rolling all over the house -- she was frisking out like she's never done before. It's funny, when she's in the tub, she HATES it. She stands really still and licks her lips over and over again. But as soon as she's out, it's like she's on catnip. Hahahahahah!! She was rubbing her back along the towels we placed on the couches, and then she would jump around barking and attacking Peanut and Mandalay.

It was hilarious!! But, I'm not taking her out again until spring. LOL!!!


Keith said...

What, no photos of the wierdly sculpted snowdrifts caused by the gale force winds? No pics of frozen crab apples hanging forlornly onto the tree? No pic of your yak trakized footprints heading down a pristine sidewalk?

Keith said...

Julie is playing with my mind. When I commented the first time, the title was all there was. No words at all. I was crushed. Now I feel better!

Besides, the weather changes here fast enough that if we took a change of clothes for every potential kind of weather we could get in a couple hours, I'd be toting a backpack, and Julie would have one of those roller suitcases!

Julie said...

Hee-hee! When I first started writing the post, I accidentally hit the "enter" key. Remember when the "enter" key was the "Return" key?

Beth said...

I think you need to take her out again and then video her reaction. It sounds priceless.

I can't believe how much snow you have. They were talking about it on the news this morning.

Cath said...

We went to Calgary and back yesterday - it looked such a lovely day in the morning, but boy did that weather turn! It was bad enough running to and from the car never mind being out on a proper run! You poor thing!

I've got a bit of a stinking cold at the mo, so when I'm clear of it I'll give you a shout

Love me xxxx

PS My verification word today is frucky - cool!

Runner Leana said...

I love those early morning swims when it is so serene at the pool! Yesterday there was hardly anyone there, probably because it was so cold out and who likes to leave the house that early in the cold?

Poor Toby getting so dirty from the run! Wet doggies are hilarious though, aren't they?

KK said...

LOL about the only taking those corners twice in a parking lot. Mmmmm hmmmmmmmm, sure.

I love vacant pools-so motivating! Glad you get to enjoy yours.