Friday, October 16, 2009

Run, run, away

I had to laugh to myself when I spoke with my coach about *easing* back into training. You see her definition of "easy" and mine are nowhere near the same -- although I am learning! :) :) :)

For the last three weeks, I haven't felt like there was anything EASY about my EASING back into training -- my God it is full on!! Hahahaha -- I love it though!! :) :)

Swimming is going great guns -- my arms and shoulders are pretty much sore all the time. Hee-hee -- and my bum and legs are sore from running.

Not too much else to write (so far) except that during my hard interval run on Wednesday, I was almost taken out by two vehicles and for the first time ever......

A guy pulled over on the opposite shoulder and asked me if I wanted a ride!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Can you imagine? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

So far, my defintion of easy is still evolving, my defintion of "hills" are as well, and when I am supposed to run HARD, I am no longer afraid of sounding like a dying asthmatic.



Jenna said...

Yes...I am learning what Sara means by "easy" as well. Currently, I spend my evenings rolling buttucks over Rolo's ball to hit the hot spots that send nerve spasms down my legs to my feet and up to my back. Also, "easy" means you might puke in your mouth only a few times but no realy vomitting is taking place. "Easy" means you are stiff and sore. And you feel old and broken. And you walk like someone with arthritis until your joints get lubed up and the momentuum takes hold. Easy means it will hurt in the mornign when you swing your first leg out of bed. In fact, easy just means I am kinda scared to find out what hard means.

Kelly B. said...

Holy smokes you two!!

Work them hard, Sarah!! We all want fantastic results next summer out of these gals!

Beth said...

You make me want a coach! It sounds fun to push yourself more then what you think you can.

But maybe what Jenna said changes my mimd. Ha.

Keith said...

I am sure, SURE! that Sara's idea if "easy" is much easier that Julie's idea of easy.

Cath said...

Hahahaha - me too! I'm in my first week back and my body's in a bit of shock! I keep telling myself it's going to get better - but of course all that will really happen is that it'll just hurt the same at a (hopefully!) faster pace!

And as for the asthma impressions when going hard - when we had our lovely summer weather I was out doing my intervals - my neighbour came over at the end to check I was ok (as I was laid flat out on my back on my drive) - hahahaha! I just nodded and did a grunt thing - I was incapable of speaking! And that's what we all call fun eh?! HAHAHAHAHA!

See ya Sunday girl - get that coffee pot on :)

Susi said...

i thought that WAS your definition of easy?! LOL