Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adventures Driving Home From Pool

Hold your horses everyone....

I made a new friend today at the pool.

She lives in the Crowsnest Pass too.

She is starting to get into triathlons.

ANOTHER TRIATHLETE IN THE CROWSNEST PASS!!!! Will wonders never cease? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

With the increased workouts, I've started chafing like an albino allergic to peanuts. Holy Doodly -- I NEED to apply Body Glide every time I swim and run and now. I get chafe marks like there's no tomorrow. After Friday's swim, I even had three chafe marks on my neck -- they looked like hickeys!!!

Thank God for Polysporin.

So, today after swimming, I got to talking (IMAGINE THAT!! LOL!) with a girl I'd never seen at the pool before. She did the Wasa Olympic last year and is thinking of doing the Calgary 70.3 next year. You can imagine my complete astonishment when she said she lives in the Pass as well. :) :)

After chatting, I had to make a quick deke into Wally World for more avocados and then headed home, tucking into my recovery food as I drove...

I had eaten a banana, some walnuts, and was just starting in on my mini loaf of banana bread when I could feel a truly magnificent sneeze coming. It was the kind of sneeze that you have a few seconds to prepare for. Not the kind that sneaks up and whacks you out of the blue.

I hurriedly smooshed the mouthful of banana bread to one side of my mouth to try and restrict the amount of stuff that would inevitably blast out.


Not too much banana bread flew out of my mouth, but my nose was another story. Immediately
an old memory popped into my head. Years ago when I was a little tyke in kindergarten, this little boy had an explosive sneeze. It rocked his whole body and his hands flew up to keep himself steady.

I'll never forget this image: There he stood with his hands stretched out by his face as he looked at the long, sticky booger that stretched from his nose to the floor.

It was like he was frozen in time. Our whole class was. I'm sure it was only a few seconds, but it seemed to last forever...We all waited to see if the booger-rope would break.

ANYWAYS, you get the idea of what I'm trying to say right?

Unfortunately for me, I had no kleenex in the car. OH MY GOD!!! I looked down at my banana loaf wrapped in saran wrap and had to make do. It was an altogether unpleasant experience. (By the way, I did remove my banana bread from the saran wrap before I did the deed.)

I then scrabbled around the car with one arm trying in vain to find SOMETHING to blow my nose with. It was then I realized the one good thing McDonald's is good for ---- extra napkins in the glove compartment!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those napkins have sat there for years, but thank God for Mickey D's (or as my Dad refers to it: Choke and Puke. LOL!!!)

Note to self: Throw a roll of TP in the car tomorrow...

:) :) :) :)


Keith said...

Well, I'm laughing. You don't say, but I'm just assuming you met this girl, naked in the shower? That seems to be how you meet people.

I can just picture that poor kid. And you with snot all over the steering wheel and who knows what else, trying to drive, while swabbing things down with a small piece of saran wrap.

And no mention of the registry office. I'll have to elaborate in my blog.

Amber Dawn said...

but please don't share the adventure you need the TP to clean up... ;)

Cath said...

Hahaha, Keith! Hey, so another tri buddy close - yay, yippee, yay!

Just got back from the pool and managed not to headbut the water - hahaha! I must admit I did feel a bit of dork running up and down the pool - well, I say running - it's more of a shuffle - hahahaha! I was giggling away at myself - people probably thought I'd gone mad - hahaha!

Jase and I are going to work our butts off this week to get all of our jobs done so we can have next week off (next guest not un til 27 Dec) - do you and Mike fancy doing something w/c 21 December for a pre-christmas something?? Let me know what you think

Lots of love
Me xxxxx

PS my password is mends - do you think it's a good omen for mending my back - hahahaha!

Julie said...

I can just imagine you giggling away to yourself while water-running!! Hahahahaha!! I'd totally do the same thing.

And I don't know about getting to see you guys because...


Would you mind a little visit on Friday, Dec. 18 instead? Or do you have guests? Can be just a quickie visit even!

My sister is coming down on the 21, so that'll be out for me.

Jenna said...

My sister and I refer to the big, sinus draining sneezes that leave hangers and danglers as KERCHUNK sneezes. They are messy as all hell but they feel so good if you are having a hard time blowing your shnoz.

I had pool nose tonight as well. Mouth full of tea. NO WARNING. A vision of tea splattering the windsheild. I managed to get the tea half way down. THAT HURT.

Cath said...

It's a date, look forward to it! And we can celebrate with a freshies muffin on behalf of Mike! FANTASTIC news!

Keith said...

I have been mulling this over. The chafing I mean. On your neck. After swimming. Swimming of all things.

Skin has it's limits, I understand this. Skin that is fine with 6 or 8 hours of workouts might not be able to deal with 8 or 10 hours of workouts, day in day out, like you're doing now.

But chafing on your neck??? After swimming? Just how big are the shoulder straps on your suit? You aren't doing something weird like scrunching your shoulders up toward your ears are you? It can't be the abrasion from the water due to your speed, that would be showing up on the top of your head and points of your shoulders. (Have you checked? I wouldn't be surprised you know. I'm getting less and less hair up top, and I blame the increased swim speed.)

Julie said...

Keith -- I am doing some drills where ym arm is right against my cheek -- maybe that is where it's from! But only on the right side. Hahahahaha!! Actually, it only chafed there twice, now whatever I was doing has straightened itself out now. :) :) :)