Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Like any couple that has been together for more than a few years, Mike and I have developed our own lexicon. Anyone who spends more than 2 days with me inevitably starts hearing some of these terms....and the truly lucky will hear me perform my piece de resistance song about Peanut (Lips of a Nutcho song.) For animal lovers it's not so bad, but my good friend and fellow teamie, Tessa was subjected to the entire song after the swim/run camp. Hahahahahaha!!

Just goes to show what a good friend Tessa is that she sat through it. LMAO!! Mind you, when I arrived in Calgary for the swim/run camp, I had to pick up a set of her house keys from a coffee shop. She was cryptic about what I might have to do to *pass the test* to get them.

The girls in the coffee shop said I had to dance the Macarena. I couldn't remember for the life of me how the heck to do it -- I sort of danced like an awkward teenage boy (from one foot to the other) saying, "da-da-da-da-da Macarena" and then clapped my hands. OH MY GOD I felt like such an idiot!! LOL!!!

So, one of the coffee girls walked me through the sequence of moves and did the dance with me. My face was beat red by this time, but the girls were intent on me getting the dance right. FRIG -- learning how to catch the water is easier than the Macarena.

Finally, they decided I was humiliated enough and told me Tessa had a reward for me: A specialty coffee and 3 ginger cookies. I laughed and said, "Tessa is so awesome!" The girl that taught me the dance responded with, "If one of my friends made me do that, I wouldn't call her awesome." LOL!!!!

But you see, I had plans to serenade Tessa my song later on.... Hahahahahaha!

Ok, back to the dictionary of Mike and Julie:

Bunler: Mike's nickname. I have no idea where this came from but I call him "my bunler" and "The Bun."

Ball: This word gets attached to the end of any other word for any reason. Derived from the medication I had to give Mandalay a couple of years ago for her ear --- I'd call it her "ear-ball." Now, I'll ask Mike, "Do you want more chicken?" He'll reply, "No, I'm full-ball." You can use it like the word *smurf* -- remember them?

Here's another example: "Had a good swim?" "Yeah, but my arms are tired-ball."


I had a couple of awkward moments when I was at the Ghetto Camp in Penticton this summer...I caught myself saying "ball" and tried to cover it up by saying something else. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! My secret is out!

Chibble: Having a chill. Enough of one that you need to take a bath. ie. "You cold?" "Yeah I've got a chibble." Also can be used like this: "Brrrr!! I'm chilly-chibbler! I need a tub!"

Fidge: This doesn't have the same ubiquitous quality as "ball" but can be applied to a lot of people/animals. If someone is slightly mischievous, or cute, or just being fidge-like, they are a fidge. "You little fidge!" You can also turn it into a verb if you want.

Here's Bunler occupied with two l'il fidges.

This was my big plan yesterday: making Bunler's Breakfast Burritos. Scrambled eggs (in a bit of bacon fat), bacon, and cheddar cheese all rolled up into a tortilla, then wax paper and foil, then put in the freezer. Bunler takes one out when he's hungry.


Beth said...

I am sure Graeme and I have our own words too but now that I am thinking about it, I can't come up with anything. It's totally going to come to me in the middle of a work meeting or something. ha.

Julie said...

When it does, you HAVE to share!! How is your head doing after that crazy-ass owl attack?

Charlie Browne said...

I am revoking the 15 minutes of blog time i alloted you in your 24 hour day.....certain things you just should not share! truly are weird...lovable but weird.

Julie said...

Funny you should say that -- there have been a number of times Mike has explicitly told me, "DO NOT put such-and-such on your blog." Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Keith said...

Given our coffee conversation at your house, and the look on Mike's face then, I can just imagine what ISN'T making it to the blog.

Yes, me and Linda have our own vocabulary too. Watch my blog. Don't hold your breath.

Cath said...

Hahahahaha - you make me laugh soooo much! I guess Jase and I do too - or maybe it's just us talking English and people think it's our own words - hahahahaha!

I can just imagine you dancing in the shop - I'd have gone bettroot red too.

Should I tell everyone about you going down on one knee and singing to me on Friday - or should that be our secret not to be blogged - oops, too late!

You're a gem of a gal, and there could only ever be one Julie.....surely????

See ya buddy - ps off to physio tonight....more torture - hahahaha!


Amy said...

OMG, love this post. Patrick and I have a language too. And, we make breakfast burritos like that and freeze them too! They are so good!

Shannon Wicks said...

I didn't know you can freeze breakfast burritos. Mel makes the vegetarian ones all the time and I often wish I could enjoy during the work week as I don't have enough time to make breakfast in the morning.

I appreciate your quirky side...I believe all couples have their own style of quirkiness.

Julie said...

Cath -- I think I should make up another song for you the next time I come and visit...LOL!!!!

Shannon -- You can freeze them!! I wrap them in wax paper, then wrap them in foil. To reheat, just take off foil then nuke the burrito in the wax paper. :)

runningman said...

Lisa and I have nick names, but I'm too embarrassed to share them on the interweb. One thing I can mention is that I now understand the girl habit to add thingy to almost everything(I shouldn't say all girls, but lot of them) I even catch myself doing it once in awhile. The word itself can be changed too ie. phone charger = pluggy thingy

Amber Dawn said...

hahahaha! I wish you lived here. I could use a dose of your loopyness every day :)

Kelly B. said...

This is a good post! It is SO true! We have all sorts of words and looks and gestures and signals that only the two of us (and now the kids have picked up on)...kind of fun!