Friday, December 18, 2009

Wheezer 1, Geezer 0

For the past two weeks, the Pincher Creek pool has been as warm as bathwater. Seriously. It turns out the aqua aerobic ladies have been complaining so much about the water being too cold, that the staff decided to placate the whiners and crank the heat up.

The only thing is, an increase of temperature creates an increased chance for bacterial growth. Thus, they needed to up the chlorine as well.

Enter moi.

I've been struggling along as best I could -- taking my inhaler before I swam; but have still had minor episodes of whooping/wheezing. Well today was NUTS!!!

Right away I was whooping and wheezing. I was so loud, I drowned out the music they had playing over the speakers. LOL!!!!

The lifeguards were pretty concerned -- kept asking me if I was "all right." Hahahahahah!! I said -- " this pool is way too warm -- is it true the only reason it is this hot is because the aqua aerobic ladies?"

Right away, the lifeguards turned on the cold water and advised me to swim next to the wall where the cool water was flowing in. (I think they were so alarmed at the noises I was making they wanted me close to the edge if they had to haul me out!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) I kept reassuring them -- I've been like this for a long time - I'll just catch my breath and then give 'er again. The whooping doesn't bother me (well, I can't really breathe LOL!) it just makes the session more difficult to actually do properly.

For example, part of the warm up called for 300m as 25 hard, 25 easy. I found it so difficult to breathe that I had to swim a lap then wait to catch my breath, then swim another lap, then wait again. Didn't matter if it was hard or easy -- I was whooping like a Mother Tucker.

When the cool water started coming in, my whooping immediately tapered off and then stopped altogether.


They are having a meeting with the aqua aerobic ladies today...Should be interesting to see what the temp of the pool is tomorrow. At least I know I'll always have a lane to myself with all the racket I make. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


redbobbin1 said...

HI Julie,
I haven't met you (yet), but I read your blog. I'm a newbie to the Pass....year and a half....and I like to read some of the Pass blogs. I found yours through a link on someone else's page.

I get a giggle reading your entries. Well, except the stuff about your Dad, that made me cry. I hope he is continuing to recoup.

The one about sneezing with a mouthful while driving..yup...done that! LOL Today's entry made me smile. Well, not the whole you not being able to breath part...LOL I'm not quite up to 'geezer' status, but you'd be amazed what 'age' can do for you!

Good luck with the training. I look forward to future blog entries.

Keith said...

You might be used to that wheezing, but I don't think you realize how scary it is for other people. I can totally picture the lifeguards being concerned. After all, think of the paperwork they have to fill out if they haul you out of the water. Honestly, it sounds like you're going to keel over any second.

The geezer whiners need to stop lingering in the hot showers, and stop going into the hot tub first. Then, once they get into the water, they need to move their asses! That's why they are there, isn't it?? Some of these people make zombies look nimble and fast. Hmmm, some of them probably are zombies, now that I think about it. Plus, lots of them have, shall we say, no shortage of insulation. I'll bet if they go for a massage, they select the incense fru-fru tickle till you fall asleep option.

Good luck with the pool temp. Oh, and did the advice guy hit on you again?

Jenna said...

Julie - as a fellow wheezer - I have found that strongly chlorinated pools can really almost burn. And there is nothing I hate more than a warm pool when your swim effort is suppose to be HARD. It is like swimming in molasses - its like your body parts start to swell.

Julie said...

Hola Redbobbin1!!!!!

Welcome to the Pass! Are you used to the wind yet? Hahahahahaha!!

Ever think of starting your own blog? :)

Charlie Browne said...

What is a Mother Tucker and what does a Mother Tucker whoop like??

redbobbin1 said...

Thanks for the welcome. I'm still amazed at how strong the wind can get. When you're watching tv at night and the howl of the wind can still be heard....well...yikes!!
What really gets me is the way the weather can be different in different parts of the Pass. I'll leave Blairmore to go run the dog and it'll be nice. I get to Coleman (we go to the colliery there) and it'll be cloudy and unbelievably windy. Wait, it's almost always unbelievably windy's more of a shock when it's not windy. LOL Then there's days I head out to Bellevue and it'll be crap here and beautiful there. Of course Calgary can be like that...nice in the southeast and storming in the north end.

Ok, enough of the weather rant.

I don't have a blog, I just read others and leave pithy comments! LOL

Cath said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I had to! I'm sorry to laugh at your expense, but it WAS funny! Now be careful, those older ladies can be of the vicious kind you know - I just think of my Mum - hahahaha!

It's horrid when the water's warm, it actually makes me feel sick! And upping the chlorine is hideous - as well as the breathing stuff, you itch all over, sneeze like crazy - all round really it's not good!

Anyhow, hope the "meeting" comes up with the goods!

Me xx

KK said...

Whoa, that actually sounds like a nightmare. Tell those ol' geezer ladies to HTFU. Well, on second thought, don't drop an "f" bomb, not even in an acronym.

Merry Christmas, Jules!!!