Thursday, October 7, 2010

8 years of accumulated stink....

When I first got into triathlon, I went HAYWIRE buying all kinds of shorts, tops, sports bras, etc. I mean you sort of have to though, right? You can't just have one pair of bike shorts...if you have say 5 of everything (at least), that means you don't have to stress about laundery all the time.

And about the laundery....

I've always taken good care of my workout stuff. Hang it to dry so it lasts longer, etc. But over the years, I have come to realize that every wash only removes around 99% percent of stank. And you don't notice it, until one day, say about 8 years hence, all those little 1%'s add up and YOU ARE THE STINKY ONE IN THE GYM!!!!!


It was a few Saturdays ago, I was doing a treadmill test -- had on my favourite black sports bra top and was sweating away. There was a certain point when the top got sweaty enough that it suddenly released all that cumulative B.O. I was horrified at myself!

Now, to be honest, I've been noticing this gradual degradation of my clothing for some time now. I smelled stank when I would ride on my trainer -- my favourite biking jacket had stinky armpits that no matter how much I would scrub with Shout! and baking soda only took the edge off. My favourite running top suffered the same issues.

The piece de resistance however, came a few weeks ago when I walked into the bathroom and was overpowered by the aroma of BO. I immediately yelled at Mike, saying, "GEEZ! You need to have a shower or something -- it STINKS in here!!" Poor guy, instantly smells his armpits looking worried/anxious/confused. It was at that moment I realized that the stink was coming from all my facecloths/bike shorts/bra top that was hanging over the shower rod to dry after my workout!!!!!!

Cue my sister.... Like an angel, she told me to add a cup of vinegar to the wash and it would remove all stink. I was so excited to try this, I took all my workout clothes out of my closet and washed them again -- this time adding a cup of vinegar along with the detergent.

I thought I had nailed the stink problem, until that tready session. It turns out that the proportion of 1 cup vinegar to 8 years of sweat is slightly off....

Thank goodness there were only two other people there that morning I went to the gym. Now, I was doing a treadmill run test, where I was running progressively faster and faster with 1 minute rest between sets. It was during one of these breaks that I felt OBLIGATED to explain to both men the reason why I stunk and that it wasn't ME, but it was my bra top.

Oh man -- the one guy was so nice and said - "I don't care! I don't even notice!" LIAR!

The other man was friendly but you could tell he was thinking "What in the heck is WRONG with this chick?!?!" LMAO!!!!!! I can talk pretty fast in one minute!!!!!

I went to Wal-Mart later that day on a mission: Buy the biggest jug of vinegar I could find. These past few weeks, I've cycled through all my workout clothes...when I would finish a session, I'd strip down, dump LOADS of vinegar on them and fill up the sink with hot water and let them soak all day. I did this every day. THEN, I threw all the clothes into the washing machine and poured more vinegar over everything and then added detergent. And you know what?

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am now stink-free -- odor-free, not even a scent of vinegar lingers. YES! :) :)

Here is a quickie update of what I've been doing (as I have been getting over the loss of Toby):

1. One week after IMC I went for a run. A RUN. A real run and I felt incredible. I felt so incredible that I emailed Coach Sara and said, I feel like I haven't "peaked" yet. She wanted to wait 3 weeks to see if this feeling did and I've been back at training like a pit bull with a bone -- a big meaty bone with lots of fat and tendrils and ligaments hanging from it.

2. In a last minute change of mind, I've entered the Beach 2 Battleship iron distance race in North Carolina-- Nov. 13. Me and my Dad are going to drive there and back --- EPIC ROAD TRIP!!! YAHOOOO!!! :) :)

3. I've joined a Masters swim group and I can't believe how much of a difference it is making to my swimming. Having a coach on deck toss out simple reminders and give you instant feedback is invaluable!


That's it for now....


Lisa G said...

Ha! That is so hilarious about the treadmill 'stink' session in the gym! I'm sure it was not as bad as you think and the guys honestly probably did not even notice!

Awesome and exciting news about the Iron distance race in N. Carolina! Even better that it's not an M-dot race!

Keith said...

All that rigmarole with vinegar. So much simpler to do without. The clothes, that is. You won't hear any complaints from the guys, I assure you. (hahahaha)

I've got some funny smells coming from the 'clean' workout clothes hanging in the basement. I may have to try the vinegar thing. There WILL be complaints if try the solution I suggested to you.

Master's swim groups scare the crap out of me. Glad you've got the courage to go. Come to think of it, where is it based? Pincher?

Cath said...

First athlete - yeha - get you!! V exciting times ahead! xxx

Susi said...

SOOOKKIIIIEEEE!!! you and your vinegar story slay me!! LOL. love it.

Beth said...

Glad to see you posting again! And the next load od laundry is having vinegar in it. Especially if its a load of Graeme's clothes. Ha.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOLOL!!!!!! I can not stop laughing at this!!!!! I would probably be the one thinkinh you were crazy while explaining it to me

And a BIG congrats on getting your first client.

I am looking for a coach next season to prevent burnout, got a sales pitch?

Julie said...

Keith -- you would LOVE Masters swimming -- I think you should try it out! Whose the dude that taught himself to flip turn? Yeah baby -- that was YOU!

Cath -- Welcome home! Did Jase run the race? (I am purposely being ambiguous here...Hee-hee!)I thought of him that day! Enjoying the great weather? I KNOW you are! :) :)


Beth -- That vinegar does work! :)

Big Daddy -- My coach is mentoring me to be a coach. She goes over every workout I write and then gives me advice/tips/session ideas -- so basically, my athlete is getting 2 coaches (one noob - me, and one professional triathlete -- Sara) I am starting out with this guy who is brand new to triathlon -- it is very exciting to be a part of his journey!!! :) :)

Melanie said...

Wow! this is one motivating post. Another way to get rid of stink is hang your clothes outside in the sunshine and rain. Good luck with the battleship iron and the masters swim club.

Jenna said...

Nuthin like that STINK that comes out as the clothes warm up from body heat.... I am throwing out lots and going through the tees that never fit me but I kept cause??? I'll send and NOT WORN freshly scented gear your way (if its xs) Congrats Coach!!!

Julie said...

EEEEE!!! Jenna -- send me your stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I love free stuff!!!!! LOL!!!