Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taper Time.....FINALLY!

I was hanging in there until the very end....

But, oh man, was it ever tough! Today was my last *real* day of training before taper....*Real* in the sense that I am fatigued, tired, and oh yeah, did I forget to say FATIGUED????


I knew there was no way I'd be able to get my 2 hour run in before the pool opened today.

The pool opened at noon.

I lolly-gagged around the house -- moved from one end of the couch to the other. Got up to eat. Got up to get a glass of water. Got up to eat again. Then, got up to do the dishes. I was sort of huffing and puffing and moaning a bit to myself too. You know those little noises you make, like sighing, etc to let everyone know just how tired you are? Well, that was me, except I was alone -- I had no one to appreciate how tired I was, and those noises still occurred! Hahahahahahaha!

After my swim, I was on auto pilot trying to drag myself out the door. I wanted to go to bed and lay there.....forever. Instead, I peeled open the Halloween candy and got some sugar in me to try and kick start the bod. I got little shavings off chocolate in between the keys of my lap top...

Now, sugar and I have always had an on/off relationship. When I was little, every time my and sister and I would get into the candy, we would get really, really hyper, then we would crash and start crying. Hahahahahahaha! Well, today, even the sugar had a hard time getting me going. I barely got lift off, but I did finally get out the door.

2 hours later, I was so BAGGED, I was moaning out loud as I climbed the front stairs. I moaned all the way down to the basement where I did the laundry...

Then I moaned even louder when I realized I forgot the new bottle of vinegar (because I was washing my workout clothes, remember?) at the top of the stairs and I had to climb them....

You know when you are so tired, you use your hands to help you get up the stairs? That was me. Moaning all the way.

When I unscrewed the vinegar cap, I realized that stupid metal foil seal needed a sharp object to pierce it open. I literally moaned even louder, "No!" And looked crazily around my arm's length perimeter. Oh God. Nothing!

I then jabbed my forefinger in and LO! It worked! My finger dipped into the vinegar, and without thinking, I licked my finger. MY GOD, I ALMOST WENT CROSS-EYED!!!

Right then and there, I wanted salt and vinegar potato chips so bad I nearly fainted. After a quick shower, I phoned the gas station that is literally less than a block from my house and asked them if they had any s&v chips. (I wasn't going to risk going there and wasting a trip -- I needed them NOW!)

They had two bags left! I drove over there (I gassed up whilst there, to make it not too lame -- LOL!) and got the chips.

When I tucked into them, I swear the earth moved, angels sang, and I experienced what my sister and her hubby call "quiver-tail."

You see, they have a cat (Sparky) who has a very distinct habit when she is LOVING a back rub or a treat. Her tail quivers. It starts from her body -- her back is arched and the quiver moves up through the base of her tail, until it gets right to the tip of her tail. At this point, it is really quivering.

My sister's hubby thinks it looks perverted. Hahahahahahah!! Me and my sister think it is AWESOME!

Anyways, when I crunched down on all the salty vinegary goodness, "quiver-tail" is simply the best way I can explain my delirium.

Oh yeah baby. Now THAT hit the spot!!


Keith said...

Now THAT explains the FB comments this evening.

Knowing how you bounce through a 20 hour training week, I'm not sure I can imagine what has been on your training plan to have you this tired.

runningman said...

ha ha ha quiver tail. Can that come from extreme relief? I think I may get that after having to pee for a long time and finally being able to let loose. Glad you got through the training Julie, I'm looking forward to hearing about your race. Letterrrrr rip!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LMAO!!! So this is what IM taper madness is all about.

Keith said...

Taper madness was facebook last night. I've never had so much fun in front of a computer.

Julie said...

LOL!! I've never typed so much in my life -- LMAO!!

Jenna said...

i have a cat that quivertails - and I am always waiting for pee to follow...never understood that. I can NOT believe you called the fricking gas station.... i can so see what you described!! Well done sweetie - off you go now!!