Monday, October 25, 2010

What I've Been Up to.... OR

What it Feels Like to Train My Bum Off. LOL!

After completing the power tests Coach Sara had me perform on the bike and the run, she changed the way she is training me. Let's just say things are a little more errrr, intense.

Last week, there were a couple of days I thought there was no physical possibility of me completing some of the sessions -- the cumulative fatigue, the very THOUGHT of what the workouts entailed....But I pulled through.

I don't know how -- well, yes I do. A mixture of stubbornness and caffeine seems to do the trick. ;)

So, I sort of just came around 5 minutes ago....I found myself sitting in a kind of stupor in front of the computer with a Coke Zero in one hand and no idea if I had just woken up from a nap, or was going back to bed. LOL!!!

This weekend, I completed what was (for me!) some epic workouts. (Every time I say or think this, I automatically insert the clause "so far" -- because what was epic a couple of months ago, ain't so "epic" now! Hahahahaha -- That's what coach's are for right? Hee-hee!)

Anyways, I've been training hard and training consistently. Saturday saw me pedaling away on my Computrainer at the gym for 4 hours with 2 hours of race pace power sandwiched in, then a 30 minute run on the tready: 15 minutes faster than race pace, 15 minutes easy.

Then, Sunday, I woke up early to get 2 hours of hilly running in -- the session called for some "good downhills" in the last hour. Home, quick shower (actually a quick tub, my legs and body were getting pretty beat up at this point and it was all I could do to ease into a warm tub and just lay there with Peanut watching me and batting at the water. I don't do ice baths. Blasphemy, I know. I don't do massage either. Right Keith? Hahahahaha!) then it was off to the pool for an hour swim. Then, food and a 30 minute run on pavement to REALLY MAKE SURE my legs took a good pounding.

My God I felt like I ran a marathon. This has been another one of those days where I start to drool when I sit down and relax. It's like my body falls asleep before my mind does. Hahahaha! And in the morning, when I go down in the basement to clean the kitty litter, the climb back up the stairs feels like my heart rate is at 195. That's before my oatmeal however. Hahahahahaha!

Nov. 2 is the day me and my Dad leave for North Carolina. I am very, very excited to race. I was dissatisfied with my performance at IMC and am hungry to race once more this year. goes!

While in Wilmington, my Dad and I plan on taking a segway tour (oh yeah baby!), and a ghost walk!! I am super excited about the ghost walk.

Well, starting to drool again...time to sign off and stare into space for a couple of more hours and then head to bed. Hahahahahahaha!!

Like my new iPod case? Or the poor-man's version of an iPod case? Heh-heh. The ole sandwich bag trick. I either carry it in my hand, or if the clothes I am wearing have a pocket, I'll stick it in there. Hey -- whatever works right? I usually don't run with an iPod, but there were two runs this week I needed to use it to get me out the door. I created a new play list and turned up the music so loud I couldn't hear myself suffer (or think, or breathe, or anything for that matter). Like I said before --- whatever works, eh?

BRING IT, BATTLESHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

(Yes this post was written in a state of extreme fatigue/delirium/joy/giddiness/etc. As if you couldn't tell....)


KK said...

Hey Jules! Have a fun trip with your pops. You said you're doing one more IM this year or did you mean "just a race?" like a marathon or something? LOL, IM makes everything else look like a sissy race. Good luck whatever it is-sounds like you are killing it these days, nice!

Keith said...

Can't wait to hear about your road trip adventures, and B2B. I use exactly the same high tech case if I'm going to be carrying the phone on a ride in a pocket. Sounds like the training is going really well. Just think, your recovery will have to be just as epic as the workouts.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am tired from reading this, I guess this is my life in about 4 months. Gee thanks ;-p

Have fun with you dad, I want to hear about the ghost walk, will there be pictures?

Sparfy said...

very best of luck!