Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here comes the gobbler!

My sister and her hubby are coming tonight all the way from Melfort, Saskatchewan. Both are radio announcers -- Scott for the am side, Karen for the fm side. Actually, my sister just received a promotion and is now off the air and in charge of all other kinds of things. I'm so excited to see them -- with the store, I've only been up to see her 3 times. Now that is all going to change!!!! :) :)

My Mom has bought the turkey and has gathered all the ingredients to make her famous stuffing. YUM!! Which reminds me, instead of coming across the 'fraidy cows on my mountain bike ride, I came across a herd (a cluck?, a group?, a what? LOL!) of wild turkeys.

Training is going awesome! I've been easing back into things -- I've never been one to consistently log my total meters of swimming, or total hours of training. Fortunately, Sara does it for me. Hee-hee!! Last week I logged a total of 7.3 hours, this week will be 7.8 hours. I peeked ahead at next week's schedule and see my first brick is nestled in there! WHEEEE! Can't wait! :) :)

Fridays have been officially dubbed (by me) as Spit-up Day. Those familiar with Keith and his retaste zone will understand immediately what I am referring to. You will get it too, Cath! I've warned my fellow morning swimmers, that "Swim until you puke" is my new Friday workout -- and to not try talking to me as I try and catch my breath in the fleeting 30 seconds of rest.

Last Friday, I was so tired during the workout, and honing in on the retaste zone, that I had to burp. I looked over at Larry, a fellow self-taught youtube flip-turner, and said, "This is how it starts." Hahahahahaha!!

I have been taking full advantage of the weather too -- I've been mountain biking to my heart's content. Last Saturday I had a two hour ride with overgear work and it was sooooo beautiful. There were PUDDLES of yellow leaves scattered about the dirt road -- the loamy smells, the crisp air, the scenery -- WOW! I am so lucky to live here!!!!

The positive feeling lasted all the way through the miserable rain storm of a trail run I did on Tuesday. I felt like one of my dogs -- I'd take them out for a 10km run, and with all their dashing and running back and forth they end up logging more like 40km! Hopping around puddles and rivers and balancing between streams of water on the trail had me huffing and puffing. Of course in the Pass, the wind always blows one way, and the hills follow suit.

This means that just like my Dad (in the days of yore, heh-heh-heh) I was running uphill and into the wind -- rain slapping my kisser, until I turned around and headed back to my car.

Good times! I think I must have channeled Susi on Tuesday, because the wind and rain really didn't bother me -- go figure. I won't go far as to say that I was feeling the kisses from Mother Nature (remember that post Susi? LOL!) but I truly didn't get caught up in misery. :) :)

I owe this new shift in attitude to a real whiner (whinger, for Cath and Jase!) I had at the store last week. They are pretty rare in triathlon, but I'm sure you all know the type: complaining about the weather, the roads, the drivers, everything -- like they are the ONLY ones who experience such things. They are the ones who ask what your Ironman time is in not a nice way...they are the ones who are insecure and try to pull you in and pull you down, you know?

So, there are people I strive to emulate, and there are those I learn how not to be like. Good lessons all around. No more whining about the wind from me -- if I do, feel free to smack some sense back into me. :) :) :)

I'm sure Sara Reinersten doesn't whine about how a hard a hill is to pedal up...

OK, That's the last thing I'm going to rant about, otherwise I'll turn into what I despise!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone -- Oh and Susi -- We have 2 slow cookers, but I have no idea where they are...They are in the basement. Still don't understand? Ask Jenna! LOL!!!

A big shout of encouragement to my new coach, Sara Gross who will be competing in Kona on Saturday!! Good luck!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


Jenna said...

i had a dream someone was opening a dollar store here and i told them to call you and they bought qall your stuff and you moved on into your new life. how's that for wrapping things up!! AND why am i dreaming about you? lol

Kelly B. said...

How far is Melfort from Saskatoon? I would be up for a road trip to Melfort if Julie is comes that and runners in tow!!

Susi said...

can we go trail running when i come down there?! can we? can we? uhm, now i can't remember if i asked you about the slow cooker or if it has something to do with jenna, who apparantly secretly in love with you as she's dreaming about you. LOL.

happy thanksgiving!! gobble, gobble!

Julie said...

Hahahaha! You asked me about a slow cooker, and I'm assuming Jenna's basement had the same problem mine still does -- TOO MUCH CRAP!! LOL!!

Sweet dreams! LOL!!!

runningman said...

hmmmm is it a flock of gobblers?