Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random thoughts

After I workout I like to bathe. In a bathtub. I used to be a shower person, until I went on my little Nepal stint a few years ago. I endured such cold and hardship (ok, not REAL hardship, LOL!) that I promised myself if I sucked it up and made it through the trip, I could have as many HOT baths as I wanted -- for the rest of my life. This particular thought occurred to me in the middle of a snowstorm at 18 000 feet while we were huddled up in tents. The temp went down to -15 Celsius that night and I was soooooo flipping cold.

Anyways, whining aside, there is no greater enjoyment than immersing myself in hot water. It feels so good it's almost like I'm doing something wrong -- you know that feeling? Hahahaha!!

After my bike workout yesterday, I stripped down and headed to the tub. Peanut usually sits on the edge and paws at the water and sometimes climbs on my back. Then I'm yelling for Mike to come and get her off. Toby usually comes in the bathroom too -- but she likes to lick any renegade droplets of water that land on the edge of the tub. As you can guess, the bathroom door at my house is rarely closed. The only time it closes is when a guest is over. Even then, at least one cat and one dog will follow said guest and scratch at the door while the guest goes about his/her business.

As I was relaxing in my tub yesterday, it suddenly occurred to me that I hang my swimsuit to dry by the crotch on the door handle of the bathroom. So the odd time when someone is over and has to use the loo, they have to touch my suit...Yep.

I was feeling pretty relaxed in the tub and got to thinking about how long I could blow bubbles out of my nose with my face under the water. I bent my face into the water and exhaled, listening to the bubbles. I must have zoned out, because the next thing I heard was, "WHAT are you doing??" Mike came into the bathroom and saw me sitting in the tub, with my upper body bent over my legs to get my face in the water. Shannon's quip entered my head ("You married it!"), however, Mike and I are not technically married, but you get the gist!!! LOL!!!!!

In other news...the mouse that has sought refuge behind our stove for the last week finally made his move this morning. Peanut and Mandalay had been taking turns staring under the stove, and I even caught a glimpse of it ON THE COUNTER last night as I did the dishes. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!! Mike pulled out the stove, and of course we couldn't find it. But the sight of dust bunnies and all manner of drips, stains and assorted stuff underneath the stove grossed me out enough. I wasn't going to clean it though, because I was too afraid of the mouse!

This morning, as I was putting the dishes away, I noticed a bunch of tiny mouse poop in the sink. I continued to buzz about the kitchen getting ready for my swim, when suddenly I saw the mouse dart behind the toaster oven!! RAISE THE ALARM!!! I was hooting and hollering and poor Mike, shot out of bed grabbed his bathrobe and tried to get into the kitchen while simultaneously waking up. As the toaster oven sits in the corner, we managed to block it off with two extra Ikea bookshelves. Then, in the little space betwen the shelves, we placed a laundry hamper underneath, on the floor.

Mike put some gloves on, and then we had to wait for Peanut to finish up her morning poop. She was scratching away at the litter box downstairs, and then came roaring up the stairs. (As an aside, there is a direct correlation to the stink of Peanut's business and the speed with which she flies up the stairs.) I grabbed The Nut, and put her in the blocked off area where the mouse was. And then the fun began...

Things happened fast, and I was squealing, Mike was yelling at me to hold the shelf in place, I didn't want to look but could not look away...The mouse got past Peanut and fell into the laundry hamper! He started jumping -- really jumping, and squeezed out through one of those laundry hamper holes. DANG!! He scurried underneath the desk and now Toby and Diva were also involved. I was totally freaking out by this point, and it was all I could do to try and help Mike. Poor Mike!!! Hahahaha!!

The mouse finally made a mad dash toward the back hall where a little crack in the floor leads to the basement. The dirt basement where the rest of his family has probably burrowed in for the winter. Eeecccchhhhhhhh. All that action before 6:30am!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!


Jenna said...
and no, i don;t know about that feling that you get when you do something that feels so good you think it's wrong?? Please explain. LMAO

Susi said...

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! GO MOUSEY GO!!!! tee hee.

glad everyone is now safely bundled away for the winter, haha. i'm sure mousey won't come back upstairs after that incident! haha.

i think we should now call you bubble girl...LMAO

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

My tub does not make bubbles unless I make bubbles...

Susi said...

oh geez, i just about spit out my oatmeal due to a large guffaw at shannon's comment!

Keith said...

I'd have paid money to see the mouse show!