Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do You Want Me to Wash Your Back?

You can picture my astonishment when I heard this as I stood lathering myself up under the communal showers at the pool...


It was an LOD (Little Ole Dear -- Susi's expression I'm borrowing!) that asked me. I blinked, laughed and then said, "No thanks, I work on my flexibility this way!" She was so cute -- she said, "I have trouble turning, and 'insert other LOD's name here' has hip trouble so we wash each other's back."

Sure enough, the other LOD carefully picked her way across the slippery floor to the showers with her soap, etc, and then they took turns washing each other's back. What a great world we live in, eh? Hee-hee! People helping people. :) :) :)

I'm only 4 days into my schedule and EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE in my body is in pain. The type of knee-buckling pain that makes it hard to climb stairs, bend over, basically function as a human being. Even my toe muscles are sore from doing these calf raises. Hahahahaha!!

Good times and more to come! :):)


Darin Hunter said...
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Amber Dawn said...

Sorry, I posted a comment and was logged in as Darin. I thought I had better delete it as it sounded really weird coming from him LOL!

Don't you just love how you can be an Ironman one day and the next be reduced to a hobble by 8lb weights and a step?? LOL
Over the past 3 weeks I have felt pain in muscles I didn't even know I had!!

I think I am going to enjoy being a little old lady. They can say and do nearly anything and get away with it!

Keith said...

Do I really want to know how many calf raises you have done? I somehow suspect not.

Did nobody ever tell you that you should ease into it? That the first week is reminding your body of what it used to be able to do?

I would be totally creeped out if someone offered to wash my back in a public pool shower.

Amy said...

I agree with Amber Dawn about the muscles thing. I did one weight lifting class at my gym recently and couldn't move all weekend. It was nuts.

And, now I have to agree w/ Keith. I might have been creeped out if someone asked to wash my back at a public pool too. But I think it's cute since a LOD did it. But, still, weird. :)

Jenna said...

yeah, I am on the "i'd be creeped out" team. Little old dears do it cause they need the help, but quite frankly, I would rather throw soap on the shower wall and rub myself on it than have some stranger offer to wash my back. Maybe I am a touchophobe....honeslty..creeps me out. On a hot vacation I took once, I took part in the aquasize class (in an effort to combat the alcohol consumption). First mistake. They had us get in a circle and then turn to one side and rub that back then turn the other way and rub the other back. CREEPY. GROSS. INVASION OF PERSONAL SPACE. ASSULT!! ICK!!

Melissa said...

Oh that is so cute and funny. Why didn't you take her up on the offer? ;-)