Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Putting it all together...

Apart from sleeping, napping, and dragging myself slowly around the house, I haven't been doing too much! Hahahaha!

Susi spent the weekend here, on her way home from Ironman Canada, and we relaxed in a grand style. I got her totally addicted to True Blood! Hahahaha!! We basically sat on the couch all day and night and watched episode after episode. I had to refrain from giving anything away when Susi would wager a guess, "Oh, he's a werewolf for sure." LMAO!!!!

Susi returned the favour by helping me out with my nutrition -- this girl knows her stuff! This past year, I struggled with not getting enough calories in -- and then gorging on ice cream bars, Chinese food, etc, when the painful hunger hit me. I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to subsist on salads -- it just wasn't enough for me.

Well, a weekend with nutritional guru Susi, has firmly planted me on the right track -- she has cleared up a lot of my misconceptions about eating -- namely, don't try to exist on salads alone -- bad idea!

She supervised me in the kitchen as I roasted vegetables and soaked steel cut oats. Susi, thank you so much for all your advice -- it is really working!!!!!

First off, was the much needed and long overdue purchase of coconut oil. Kelsey had tried to tell me about this before, but as all my friends know I can be pretty stubborn...LOL!! This plus the fact, that most health food stores give me the heebie-jeebies. As I told Susi, it had always seemed to me that really pale, skinny women who don't shave their armpits and buy crystals go there. When I would hear I "have" to buy such and such a product, I would automatically cringe and doubt -- wouldn't you? Hahahahaha!

Next, THIS is what I am eating now -- no more puny dit salads. Give me some full on vegetable love, baby! Hahahahaha!

I brought out my handy-dandy food processor and made my own hummus -- Chuck, just try it, OK? I know, I know, it looks like light poop, but trust me. LOL!!!

And the wonderful seaweed wrap or nori wrap!! Susi converted me to the delights of this!

And finally, again with my food processor, I whipped up some nice recovery balls -- coconut and date lovelies! :) :)

I am so excited to have FINALLY found some nutritional solutions -- things I can make without having to buy 79 ingredients -- simple, healthy, and truly NUTRITIOUS eating that fills me up with the right foods and leaves me satisfied and fueled.

I am ready for next year, baby!!! Hahahahahahaha!


Keith said...

What could be more important than "sleeping, napping, and dragging myself slowly around the house"? Only 3 things, wine, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and sex, in whatever order you prefer.

Susi knows a ton of stuff about nutrition. She gets started and my eyes glaze over. Too many foods that I've never heard of. Waaaay too many veggies. I only recognize one of them in your photo, the peppers, red and green. I like the yellow and orange ones. No idea what the other stuff is. Looks suspiciously healthy.

The coconut oil. You don't say if you're going to eat it, slather it on your body, or wash your hair with it. I agree about the health food stores; I've seen those people. It's all well and good to eat healthy, and try to take care of yourself, but there is such a thing as going over the top about it.

Chuck, hummous is wonderful! Try it, you'll like it.

You can buy seaweed wrap in Crowsnest Pass?? Colour me astonished! Neither do I believe you got it at the Wallyworld in Pincher. Come clean, Susi had it with her, as part of a long term plot. For something.

Those recovery balls!!! Expect me in two hours!

Runner Leana said...

Oh my word, I love, love, love True Blood!!!! Just starting in on season 2 myself.

Can you send Susi over to my house now please? I could use the help!

Julie said...

Keith -- I actually bought the seaweed at Overwaitea in Sparwood. I dismissed Wally world right away. LOL!!

Leana -- SOOKIE!!!!! LOL!!! Me and Susi kept saying SOOKIE with a Cajun accent when she was here. LMAO!!

Charlie Browne said...

Hmmm did not read anything about the spooning!!!!

streaker said...

I think you can actually purchase coconut oil in regular grocery stores now.

Plus I go into health food stores all the time and I always shave my armpits and hardly ever do what the rock crystals tell me to!

Phone date asap missy

Amber Dawn said...

what do you use the coconut oil for? And what are you doing with the seaweed? and where is the recipe for those recovery balls?
I heart hummus...mmmm the more garlic the better!

Julie said...

Amber -- you cook with the coconut oil instead of oil, just weird because it is sort of waxy.

2. Spread the hummus on the seaweed and roll -- OMG it is such a good snack, you won't even believe it!!

3. Put a bunch of pitted dates and a bunch of unsweetened shredded coconut and a little bit of coconut oil in food processor. Whirl around, stop, roll into balls and freeze!! That's MY kind of cooking!! LMAO!!

Susi said...

i had a total blast out there too jules!! glad you liked all the info i shared. i haven't tried the date balls yet so would love to know how it is! also, you have to post the hummous recipe.

ps, you can actually use the coconut oil as a skin moisturizer too. LOL. and you don't have to be pale with arm hair to do it...


Amber Dawn said...

Thanks Julie! I just looked back to find this :)
I looove seaweed, when we were in Kona last year Darin introduced me to these rice triangles that are basically rice with tuna wrapped in seaweed. You could buy them at 7-11 and other convenience stores. Soooo good.
I will have to try the coconut oil too. Sounds weird-like cooking with lard or something. But I'm not above weird :)