Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ironman Canada 2009 Race Report

I remember when I *thought* I only wanted to do one Ironman in my life... Well, numero cinqo has come and gone and what a race it was! YEEHAWW!

Total time was 12:02:17 -- I managed to whack off one hour and 26 minutes from last year's time. :) :) :) :)

Swim was great! I felt super strong and fast -- funny that I was actually a few seconds SLOWER than last year! Hahahahaha!!

Bike -- Too many cyclists out there. I personally saw three crashes, and couldn't get around the PACKS of men, drafting and hogging the road. Seriously, I would have to scream "On your LEFT!!!!" and these guys would still be hugging the yellow line. I could go on forever about this, but I won't. All I know, is that if they don't start capping IMC's race numbers, 2010 will be the last time I race there.

Run -- Got a real good feeling passing those drafting packs of men on the run. Started falling apart -- lightheaded, woozy, that terrible but oh-so-familiar feeling I always get on the marathon portion -- at about mile 11. Started taking cola at every aid station and made sure to take some electrolyte pills. The electrolytes were what I needed. :) After downing the cola, I would run for 10-12 steps and then have to burp. I'd walk, pound my chest, emit two large and deep burps, and then run again. Heh-heh-heh!

I felt GREAT for finishing in the daylight (finally!) -- and am signed up for next year. Next year I am racing two IM's -- Couer D'Alene and Canada so I am sooooo excited about resuming training again. :) :)

For now, I'm in rest mode. :)

Amber -- I heard you shout my name on the bike course and then saw your logo "Women of Strength" emblazoned across your vehicle!! It was so awesome that you were there -- thanks for the boost! :) :)

Jenna -- You are the BOMB!!!!!! I heard you all day every where I went it seemed -- you are such an awesome spectator! :) :) :)

Keith -- I loved seeing you when I began the run. You looked so exhilarated and full of excitement yourself! :) :)

Sara -- YOU ARE THE BEST COACH EVER!!!!! :) :) :)


Keith said...

I was pumped to see you out of the water with a big smile, then out on the run looking good. Congrats on a great day and taking such a huge chunk of time off your day.

Runner Leana said...

Awesome Julie, congratulations!!!

Jenna said...

Way to go Julie!!! You left it all out there and let'er buck!! Sorry I cut your head off in the picture I took of you - me bad!

Beth said...

Congrats Julie! You have worked hard and that is a HUGE PR!

Amber Dawn said...

Great race superstar!! I also yelled at you on the run, but it turned out not to be you hahahaha. There were a few girls out there wearing 'your' race suit.
It has been so awesome to read/watch the progress you made this year. And now TWO ironmans next year??!! Dude!
Your dedication is inspiring :)
But please take a few days to be lazy :)
Big Hugs and High Fives!!

runningman said...

Awesome PB Julie! I did see you on the run, but barely, we were just passing by when I did spot you and I'm sorry this time it was me that couldn't say anything.

Kelly B. said...

Julie...good job! You should be so proud of yourself. Can thank your coach but, you were the one who did came from you.

Chad Geiger said...

Great work Julie! That's a huge hunk of time...... GONE! Congratulations!


Tina said...

Congratulations, Julie! I tracked you all day from home. Way to go on the HUGE PR!

Cath said...

Hey you - not sure if my e mail got through (it was a bit hit and miss!) but can you believe just as I logged to track yo when I got up in the morning you'd literally crossed the line! You're such a wonderful person and fantastic athlete Julie - well done you! I'm very proud of you! And now, enjoy that well earned rest before you head back down into it!

I'll call you when we get back in a few weeks.

Lots of love and big congratulations hugs over the Pacific!


Charlie Browne said...

You are Rocket Girl

streaker said...

Hey! What about me sneaking into transition to give you some pre IMC love! And then up Yellow Lake! Yeah that was me in the short skirt! Rock on sister!

Julie said...

I forgot to add:

KELSEY -- I LOVED seeing your smiling face in transition at the bike pumps race morning. I wanted to just plunk down and talk!! :) And I was so surprised to see you at Yellow Lake too!! :) :)

Love you babe! :)

streaker said...

so lady I was searching for nut free Ironman recipes and when I googled "nut free ironman" you site came up first! Different nut I think though

KK said...

Holy Guacamole you are one fast IRON woman! Congrats on a great race! The packs of annoying men sounds ANNOYING. But i am so glad you showed them who is boss. And that is so cool that you are doing TWO next year. I admire your commitment, enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Awesome job!!!