Thursday, February 4, 2010

39 Degrees Celsius Today....

On the pool deck.

Something is screwed up at the Pincher pool (again). For the past two days, the temperature at the pool has been ridiculous. I don't know whether something is broken or what is going on, but leaving the change room to enter the pool deck was like stepping off into the Equator at noon. And humid.

I don't know what the temperature of the water was -- but it was HOT as well.

Yesterday, I wanted to just walk back out of the pool and drive to Sparwood instead. I could taste the chlorine in the air. I knew I was going to have a hell of a time breathing. And the past two days have been so difficult. I'm still trying to sort out this asthma thing, and for the last two days, the heat and chlorine fog has had me wheezing no matter what. I can't wait until the Pass pool opens this spring. Sigh.

Onto today's swim workout...

The lifeguards told me the temperature reading outside the guard room and I just blinked in dumb awe. 39 degrees Celsius. Come on people. For the temperature to be that out of whack, and not be fixed yet? Sigh again.

My lifeguard buddies propped the emergency exit doors open to the -10 degree Celsius winter air -- and OH MY GOD was it ever blissful. When I finished a lap, I would stand up and let the cold air surround me. It felt sooooooooooo good!

You know how when you take a bath and you are all pink and hot from being in the hot water? I swear, I was pink from head to toe and the cold air was the only thing that saved me today -- it enabled me to actually complete my session.

Double swim tomorrow -- I'm thinking I should invest in an ice vest to wear in the pool. What do you think? ;)

Oh yeah, but the way, the pool water temp was 30 degrees Celsius.


Keith said...

39 C indoors is insane. For a minute I thought that was the *water* temperature, and I was imagining parboiled Julie.

I think it would be hysterical if you took a big cooler full of ice cubes, and started shoveling them into your suit every few laps.

Kelly B. said... there someone to call and tell them this? I imagine they know already but that is way not cool...(get it!!??) Ha Ha!
I hope you get the asthma thing figured out.

runningman said...

WOW Julie, that is crazy hot. May I ask how long was your swim in that? Like you're training for the kona swim or somthing. hee hee

Beth said...

Swimming in heat like that when its not outside sounds awful.

One of my best girlfriends is from Sparwood.

Julie said...

Darryl -- 2 hour swim -- would have been shorter but I needed to catch my breath between sets of everything. :)

Beth -- you are serious? What a small world!! :) :) We might know each other. I lived in Sparwood 1996-2000.

Keith said...

I'm going to hurt myself laughing if it turns out that Beth and Julie are the best friends. Or Julie is buddies with the best friend.

And 30 C pool water. I've had baths and showers colder than that.

Amy said...

I hate swimming in hot water. It's like you can feel yourself sweating (which is gross, cause you're IN WATER). I hope they figure it out STAT!

Amber Dawn said...

That is just gross! You should pick up a few big bags of ice and just start dumping them in your lane :)

Cath said...

Gross most definitely! But then you could be like me - suddenly become allergic to your swim cap after 30 years of swimming and look like a cling-on!!! Mmmmm....niiiiice :)

Beth said...

I actually know a lot of people from Sparwood, but my best gf left in 1994 after graduating high school. Her family is still there.