Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tri Brain

Why are you swimming/biking/running so much?

Because I want to get better.

I'm not one to tally up my hours and distances spent training on all three sports. I love to train, and I like to see my *numbers* in my race results. That said, the program that my coach has me log all my sessions on keeps track of all these automatically.

I still don't pay much attention to the data -- I only view the info as an indicator as to how careful I'll need to be about getting enough sleep and eating properly.

Yesterday, I tried to put the big olive oil jug into the microwave (didn't fit), took out the milk instead of the orange juice, and woke up this morning to find the orange juice I managed to take out of the refrigerator stayed on the counter all night....LOL!!

Last week, was my biggest week yet -- 28:52 of training. :) :) :)

I am FINALLY making swimming headway too!!!! I finally have experienced a breakthrough of sorts -- I know what it feels like to start catching the water. :) :) I have a long way to go still, but I'm finally on the bottom rung of the ladder!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I saw my usual swim times for the same workouts drop. Significantly. I couldn't believe my watch and I couldn't believe how I could actually feel the difference in the water.

You always hear people talking about feeling the water -- it is true -- you can! Don't bother asking me what my times are -- homey don't roll like that. Training is training and I'll do my talking on race day. :)

My little hairs on the back of my neck are bleached and wiry, my skin is so dry from the chlorine that my skin hurts when I bend or move. Especially the spot in the middle of my back where I can't reach to apply moisturizer.

And I love every single minute of it. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Keith said...

28:52. I like the precision. I remember Julie riding in my basement, and I was shadowing her workout. We are talking to the second, peeps. The very second.

You are a long way up from the bottom of the swimming ladder!! Especially now that you've got water feel. It will come and go, and swimming in a hot tub doesn't help. But this is a huge step forward, Congrats!

Mosturizer on the back, that's easy, if Mike won't do it. Put some on Peanut's paws, then bend over. move around a bit so she walks on the dry spots. Wait, is moisturizer bad for cats?

Julie said...

Hahahahahaha!! What a great idea to use Peanut!! LOL!!! Awesome, Keith!!!

Cath said...

One tip - get the body moisturiser out - itchy chlorine skin is v v v annoying and it can keep me awake at night! Oh, and if peanut won't do it - moisturiser on the back by doing some arm stretching exercises to get the hand right to the centre of your back - hahahaha!

Great work though - way to go, girl!

PS I'm sure I've told you this before - but my Mum's words in my old swimming days were "do your talking in the water" rings in my ears still 25 years on :)


Julie said...

Hey Cath! I knew I screwed up your Mom's saying --- LOL!! You know of course, that I totally stole that line from you, right? Hee-hee!!! I can't even plagiarize very well. Hahahahahaha!!

Cath said...

Hahaha - I hadn't realised - I thought it was your own - that's because I'm dim! Actually, no, just thought - you made it your own saying - even better!

You around tomorrow pm - I'll give you a call for a natter - I've got my CT back scan but should be home around 4-5ish.....let me know kiddio :)


Jenna said...

Good job on the training and the swim breakthru :) Breakthrus are so motivational. They provide reward for endless hours of non breakthru struggle. It is like the one gold swing that cracks the ball just right - you only need one of those once in a while. as for the dry back... when i am desperate (as in OUT OF MY MIND) I put some wax paper on the wall (tape it there) squirt some lotion on it, and then rub my back against it. Sounds absurd but frick - I am so not flexible so that little spot on my back i can't get is quite huge.

You are a feistly little firecracker and I expect you to do nuthin other than all your talking on race days.

Julie said...

Cath -- I'm here tomorrow that time. Good to know that the CT scan is finally happening! Looking forward to chatting!! :) :)

Amber Dawn said...

The last thing you probably feel like doing after all that hot water swimming is having a bath... but some baby oil or almond oil in a tub is a great way to moisturize that dry skin.

And 28hrs..... ROCK . STAR !!!!

PS I like knowing the numbers. I agree that race day speaks for itself, but I still like to hear about the 100s of meters you are swimming to make your arms throb all night! It makes me feel more normal...bahahahaha!

Amber Dawn said...

I meant 100s of thousands of meters you are swimming!!! :)

Beth said...

That is a massive amount of training! You must be so strong!

Julie said...

Jenna -- I remembered your trick of squirting lotion on the wall, but I forgot the wax paper bit....LOL!! I was at the pool, and the walls are rough painted concrete blocks, but I managed to get some on my back. :) :) Thanks for that tip!

Amber --I have to try that baby oil in the tub idea. My skin is so dry I can't stand it. I apply moisturizer all the time so it is driving me bananas that my skin is still dry! And just for you, looking at my workout log, here was last week's swim total: 22300m.

But with the amount you are running, I am afraid you WILL NEVER BE NORMAL AGAIN!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Beth -- I'm stronger than last year, but I still have cellulite! LOL!!!

Runner Leana said...

28:51, wowza! Nice job Julie!! So glad to hear you are feeling the water and that you feel as though you are making progress. Awesome!!

Cath said...

crazy couple of days - sorry I missed you! I'll call tomorrow - should be a LOT quieter :) xx

Julie said...

No prob Cath -- I might miss you -- it is going to be nuts for me today! We are a couple of nuts, eh? :)

Jonno said...

Wow, now that's inspiration.

KK said...

Whaaaa? 28 hours of training??? In the winter??? Holy heck you are amazing. Do you have more hours in your day than the rest of us? :)

Breathroughs are the best! Just like Jenna said, it's validation that the endless hours spent training are actually helping. And it boosts confidence. I don't know about you, but I've never met a confidenece booster I didn't like.

Great job, sistah!

Missy said...

I know that feeling - I had the same feeling when I hit the 20K mark for weekly swimming. Like I was just on fire all the time and my hair was cotton candy. I like the oil in the tub idea. I still put hair conditioner in my hair under my cap, before I get in the pool. Seems to help...even just a little!