Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten Things About Triathlon That Make Me Happy...

1. Standing up out of the saddle after 4 hours of riding and letting the warm summer wind blow through my shorts for a few glorious seconds.

2. Flying downhill in aero. :) :)

3. Cycling with the wind at my back.

4. Pushing past self-limitations (that I didn't realize I had put in place.)

5. Not passing out/bonking/or having blisters pop during Ironman.

6. Zipping up my wetsuit by myself.

7. Going to Sara's tri camps.

8. Getting a "Good work!" email from my coach. :)

9. Talking tri with all my tri buddies.

10. Cheering for a friend who is racing.

In other news....

I know a TV Reality star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee-hee!!

Mike's best friend is Paris Gagne -- for anyone that knows Mike and how he plays computer games (he's back on Star Wars now), Paris is who Mike is talking to on his headset when he's at the computer. LOL!!!

They call each other "Baglicker" It's such a familiar nickname, that when I see it is Paris calling on the call display, I say to Mike, "It's Baglicker!" Just like I'd say, "It's your Mom!" LOL!!!

Anyways, Paris is on Discovery Channel's "License to Drill." He's the head guy at the well -- I don't know the proper terminology -- don't even ask me what Mike does for living. LOL!!! Last week, Paris managed to come down for a quick visit between jobs. I had to get my picture taken with such a famous guy!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!


Keith said...

He might be famous and on Discovery Channel, but you're the famous one for us in the tri community. And you're better looking by far,

Kelly B. said...

Wow! I don't watch tv so I have no idea what you are even talking about...BUT if he is kind of famous and you have your arm around him...then that is neat!!
Someone had to explain to me "The Bachelor" a week or so ago...That? is the weirdest idea for a tv show!!! Who thought that was a good idea? Weird.

redbobbin1 said...

Nice article in Work-It!

Julie said...

Did you read about that amazing woman that does those horse stunts? WOW!!! Now, SHE is hardcore!!!!!

KK said...

Wow-wait til my sister Amy hears about this-she's what they call a reality TV whore (sorry Amy).

Love your list-agree with all of them (and noticed most of them have to do with the bike-so true.)

Susi said...

sorry, have to wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing at Katie calling amy a reality TV whore. LOL.

go figure, even in the pass you can meet famous people!! very cool!

only four more sleeps!!!!

Amy said...

I want Baglicker's autograph. Cute pic and cute post about your 10 things. All of them made me smile.

Julie said...

Amy -- LMAO!!!!!!