Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First lessons from Australia....

#1. Exercise-induced asthma: Was doing a warm up with drills and strides -- the first set of strides I did triggered and asthma attack so bad I was truly frightened. I've never had it that bad. It was 31 degrees Celsius and the humidity was incredible -- let's say working out here in Noosa feels EXACTLY like running/biking/swimming in a hot steamy shower. You know when the bathroom steams right up and when you open the door, the delicious cooler air feels so awesome? Well, subtract the delicious cool air bit. ;)

I couldn't even walk - it felt like someone had poured cement in my lungs and there was only one inch of space left to breathe. The feeling directly linked to an emotional involuntary response too. If you have ever been so grief-stricken that you are swallowing your grief....that is how it felt too. Very weird. I had to fight against the response not to cry. So odd.

Our track session was just about to start --- I was to do 10x400m with whatever rest the coaches told me to take. This was the second time in my life I have run on a track. Hee-hee!!

Mind you, this track was not really a track -- just a huge grass field sproingy with mud and moisture from all the rain. But it did have track lines on it.

The first two times I went around, I started to get that terrible feeling again. The two coaches told me to breathe deep, relax, don't panic, and concentrate on floating around the track....Well, as my Dad would say, "HOLY - O - CRAP!" My times started dropping immediately -- they told me I took 20 seconds off my first two times!

I asked them, ""How is that even possible?" Their response? "You are running now -- real runners are relaxed."

I am not kidding -- the running changes I made felt like I was going too EASY. It felt like I was loping around the field, which was why I was astonished again and again when my times kept dropping. Running felt EASY!!!! It felt too easy!

I mean, I was working hard by breathing harder and my muscles were pumping, but the action of running felt ridiculously easy...Go figure!! I wonder if swimming might be like that too. Hmmmm.

Well, I will post more about the AWESOME swimming coaching/advice I've been receiving later.

And my adventures in the freakish and HUGE crashing and pounding frothing surf. Oh my God, I can't believe I learned how to swim in that!! Hahahahaha!!! That was yesterday: into the ocean, swim to a buoy, out of the ocean.

Run into the ocean swim some more, back out of the ocean. WOW.

Today's menu is a coached swim with swim squad, 4.5 hour bike with hill reps, and a run off. Something tells me I'm going to sleep well tonight!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!

I LOVE NOOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


Cath said...

And I bet Noosa loves you even more! Cool place eh?

Running like a floating princess - just like those Olympians that make it look oh so easy! As we all know they're working their bums off, but running soooo efficiently, that everything just floats - great feeling eh?! And not that I run like that all the time, just now and then you get "the feeling" and it's bliss! There's something very special about running when it clicks, as it's so basic and simple....and, yes, you'll get that feeling with the swim too - just whiz through the water like a little torpedo :)

Swimming in the ocean is a funny experience eh - bit different to turtle lake for sure!!!

I'm sooooo glad you're having such a good time - you bring the odd tear to my eye with just how much you're getting out of it - you go girl, and enjoy every last minute of it!

Sending you lots of love and huuuuuge hugs over the Pacific!

Me and Jase xxxxx

Jenna said...

No way in hell I would be swimming too far into the ocean.... U are very brave. Me big chicken. LOL. Sounds fabulous so far - have fun, continue to share your tips so that thoses of us still on trainers and in indoor pools can visualize YOU and NOOSA when we are working out.

I hope you can sort out the asthma thing. I do find a nice SLOW warm up does help to some degree rather than smashing off too quickly and irritating everything off the get go.

Amber Dawn said...

it sounds soooo fun! Enjoy it sista! Now all those hours you have been training make sense- you had to prepare for this camp!! lol
Keep breathing :) I remember that humidity. The upside is it will do wonders for your raisin skin and straw hair!

runningman said...

Wait a sec, are you training with Lifesport Julie??? Lisa Mensink was talking about the same type of track.

Beth said...

In theory your training sounds awesome, in actuality, I would probably keel over! Sorry about the asthma.

Keith said...

Would love to be there training with you, but it would likely kill me. Heat. Humidity. The sheer effort of trying to keep up.

Julie said...

Cath -- I wish you were here!! All your stories about Noosa make so much sense now that I am here. Hee-hee! I just couldn't visualize a place so wonderful! :)

Jenna -- You are NOT a big chicken!! You freaking inspire me so much -- you have no idea. I always think of you and how you push through life obstacles whilst retaining such a great, positive attitude and unselfish heart!

Amber -- Hahahahaha!! You are so right!! I don't even have to apply moisturizer my skin is so soft here!! YAY!!

Darryl -- Yep. ;) Lisa, Rachel, Sara....and me. Hahahahahahah!! Surrounded by studs, I'm hoping some of their studliness will rub off on me. Hee-hee! :)

Beth -- Keeling over is allowed -- you just have to get up again! Hee-hee!

Keith -- Nothing like some good ole heat acclimatization eh? Hahahah! I have to admit, I am astonished that I can actually do my sessions in this heat/humidity. It is stinkin' hot for sure!

KK said...

Wow! That sounds like such a cool camp. I am glad you got your breathing in check and found that sweet spot for the intervals-that is the best feeling!

You are a machine, girl!

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