Sunday, March 21, 2010

Race Report

All race photos courtesy of Clint Lien

So the race was a Splash and Dash -- although technically it should be called Splash and Dash AND Splash and Dash. Hee-hee!!

I was entered in the "long course:" 600m swim, 3km run, then back in the water for another 600m swim and then another 3km run. The run consisted of two 1.5 km loops. The men were given a one minute head start and then it was our turn...

The race was held in calm waters -- protected by a and Rachel didn't know what a breakwater was, so we googled it the night before the race. LOL!! In case you are as clueless as I am (errrr, was? LOL!) the breakwater was a big bunch of rocks forming a wall shaped like a boomerang sticking up out of the water about 800m or so away from the beach.

But there were still waves. To this pool swimmer, the waves were enough to ensure I swallowed a good amount of salt water....nice.

As swimming is my weakness, I immediately glommed onto a gal that was swimming just a tad faster than me and happily drafted the entire 600m. I was quite pleased with myself at this! Hahahahahaha!

There was a bunch of discussion amongst ourselves prior to the race as to what we would do with our swim caps (which were optional and BYOSC -- bring your own swim cap) and goggles. Some people just kept their caps on and ran with their goggles pulled up on their heads. I opted for this ensemble...

As I approached transition I ditched the idea of putting my swim cap on (and promptly ditched it) and just went with my goggles. My hair (in case you haven't noticed) is now long enough to get it into a little nubbin of a pony tail. YAY!!

The run was AWESOME!! For the first time in a race, I was passing people on a run portion. What a great feeling! I was pushing myself but was aware of the salt water in my belly. On the second 1.5km loop (the first time around) I suddenly KNEW that if I pushed harder I would puke it up eventually. But, I was counting on the fact that the race was so short that I'd be able to ward off the vomit monster. Heh-heh-heh.

It was so exciting to use the people ahead of me as targets to push guy I passed was super skinny and had those flashy neon green/blue special shoes on. He repassed me once and then slowed right down...I realized, "Oh my God! I am faster than him -- I have to pass him again!" And I did and that was the end of that one.
Then there was this chickie poo ahead of wearing a fluorescent orange bikini top. It was near the end of the second loop where I passed her.

A LOT of the people I passed on the first "dash," re-passed me on the second swim. Hahahahahah!! Sadly, there was nary a person near me who I could find to draft from -- so I "floundered" (Coach Sara's description! LOL!) the second 600m.

As I was *swimming* -- or whatever it was I was doing that approximated swimming for the second 600m, I reflected to myself...."Take it easy, Jules -- just relax and survive this swim. No need to trigger an asthma attack -- just save yourself for the run!"

Soon enough, the second swim was over (and yes, it is very very weird to go swimming again after you've just ran hard) and I was running up the beach to get my running shoes on.

The second run was great too -- I passed more people and didn't take a drink of water for the last loop --- I wanted to give it all I had. LOL!!!!

Sara is turning me into a runner!!!!! Thanks Sara!!!! :) :) :)

Here is a pic of Rachel and Heather (triathlon super studettes!) Rachel placed 2nd in her age group and Heather placed third in her age group.

On the drive back to our condo, I was rustling in my bag and I found my very own koala!!!!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see a koala before we leave.....and Rachel surprised me with a little koala and a note from "Paula the Koala." LOL!!!! Here is Paula on my pillow:


Kelly B. said...

That is GREAT Julie!! What a great event and I LOVE swimming in the, love, love it. But the salt water burps are annoying afterwards. good for you for keeping the barfs down!

Jenna said...

I am so PROUD of you I am tearing up here!! Way to hunt down the peeps in front of you and steam roll your way through them. What a year you will have. I hope to be a runner some day too!! I got my workout email from sara that said... part 1 becoming a running and got so excited because if anyone can make me run faster, it is her.

I thought when you were describing the salt water in your belly that you were gonna push hard enuf to puke it up and get rid of the annoying You rock Jules!!! Way to go and sweet Koala:) Seen any drop bears yet?

Keith said...

What fun! Compliments to your photographer. You have to know I woke Linda up with a rude noise when I read "*swimming* -- or whatever it was" because I nearly inhaled then spat out my granola.

Amber Dawn said...

yahooo!!! That has to be one of the toughest kinds of races- to jump back into the ocean after a run!!?? I would be flailing too, but I think I would drown!!
You are so brave! Keep it up super stud!

Cath said...

LOVE PAULA!!! Hahahaha!

What a great race, well done you - "drowned" a few demons along the way - hahahaha - d'you like me joke - made me giggle anyhow :)

Enjoy the rest of your time out there. I was thinking of you yesterday - I was biking up around Kimberley - I was doing my all to keep my bike upright - the winds were out good and proper - head wind in your face up a 12% gradient - just kept telling myself - "better than the trainer in the basement" - hahahaha!

Have fun and keep them legs a-runnin and that smile a-smilin' :)


Cath said...

PS If you get time, get yourself down to Lone Pine Sanctuary - it's a koala sanctuary - and BRILLIANT! you know how i hate zoos, well it's not like that at all - it's about an hour from you....soooo.....if you get time, go see them :)


Charlie Browne said...

Best feeling in the world is having someone come "into your sights" and slowly but surely reel them in!! You running rockstar you!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

NICE!!! Congrats

runningman said...

Awesome race Julie, who's that runner I see in the pics??? Oh wait that's you!!! ha ha Keep it up!!

Susi said...

totally awesome my friend!!! you look fantastic! i can only imagine everything that you've learned down there - very cool!!! keep up the good work! xoxo

Keith said...

I was looking at that first photo again. There is everyone else, milling around aimlessly. Then there is Julie, staring out that course with laser intensity. Planning every move. Mentally preparing to dominate and conquer!

Then a couple photos further on, - nice abs, and the usual huge grin!

dee said...


Runner Leana said...

Yeah!!! Congrats on the race Julie! So fun that you got to experience that. I don't know how you didn't barf up all that salt water though! Blech!

And very cute koala.

Amy said...

Wow, that race sounds like something I would love! I loved all the pics and expecially your Koala. What a great friend.