Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Double Tag, The Tag Ends Here

I've been double tagged, but as I've dragged my heels, there is no one left for me to tag...Here goes:

1. What are your current obsessions?

Training for and racing in triathlons.

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?

Polar fleece MEC pants.

3. Last thing you bought for myself?

Pink Under Armour top when I was in Kona.

4. What’s for dinner?

Chicken and peanut stirfry with lots of noodles!

5. Say something to the person/people who tagged you:

I met both Keith and Jenna through the blog world. I have developed close friendships with them -- love the blogging world! :)

Keith -- You are a very good friend. Thanks for sending me all your thoughtful and inspiring emails. I've learned a lot from our email dialogues -- and am still learning too! :) You have a wonderful sense of humour and both you and Linda feel like a second family to me! :) :)

Jenna -- What can I say? My sistah from another mistah! The moment I physically met you, I KNEW we were going to be good friends. Your advice is ALWAYS bang on -- thank you for kicking me in my butt recently. :) :) I am always excited when I see an email from you -- and our phone dates never last long enough. ;)

6. What is one item you could not live without?


7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die?

Macchu Pichu and the Nazca Lines

8. What is your most immediate short term goal:

To totally smoke my PB at the Lethbridge Oly this Sunday (!!)

9. What are you reading right now?

A book about visualization for peak sport performance.

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?


11. What’s your guilty pleasure?


12. What’s your favorite smell?


13. Whats something you look forward to?


14. Favorite Quote?

Pain is just weakness leaving the body -- I don't know who said this!

15. What is your dream job?

Doing it right now. ;)

16. Whats one thing you can't go a day with out doing?

Drinking water

17. What do you have an addiction to?

Checking my email

18. What do you like most about your personality?

That I am optimistic

9. How many pairs of shoes (not just running) do you have??

WAY TOO MANY --although I have been slowly trucking older pairs to the Womens' Resource Centre.

20. Tell us one random thing about you.

I'm always cold -- I always wear my warm robe around the house along with my fleece pants.

21. Why did you start your blog?

I jumped on the bandwagon -- everyone else was doing it! LOL!

22. If you had a do-over what would it be?

I would have learned to swim when I was a kid.


streaker said...

ohhh totally the swimming. Those bastards!

Keith said...

Yay!! See now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Just like everything else, the first time is the hardest. You're going to rock Lethbridge!

Amber Dawn said...

hehe, a fellow fleece pants wearing, cold blooded Canadian. We should live somewhere warmer, don't you think?

What's the name of the book you are reading?

Oh and I smell a serious PR for the weekend, and I predict you return home with hardware! :)

Amy said...

Good luck this weekend - you're going to do great!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber!! :) :) :)

Name of the book: The Mental Edge: Maximize Your Sports Potential with the ind-Body Connection by Kenneth Baum with Richard Trubo

Quite a mouthful eh? LOL!!!

Keith said...

I was going to ask for the book title, but you posted it first. You see, you read my mind. Women do this. It's why they are in charge. I'm sure of it.