Sunday, May 3, 2009

Road to Nepal OR..."Linda Blew the Fur Off My Pooper!"

AH yes! This is what happens when you gather three triathletes, an exotic beauty (Darryl's wife), and a super chef (who got into the Sangria) around a dinner table. HAHAHAHA!!

What can I say about the 3 hour hilly ride? Awesome! Gorgeous! Sunny! (I had to put on sunblock!) Most importantly, not on the trainer! Wheeeee!

The first 45 minutes of a hilly ride always feel terrible to me. It's like the magic number of minutes until I am properly warmed up. I only noticed this phenomenon this year whilst training in Arizona.

We started the ride, or should I say the endless, wonderful hills, and I felt TERRIBLE. My legs felt fried, I was breathing hard, the usual. Sure enough, a little later on, I felt a subtle shift of perception while climbing up another hill. I still hurt, I was breathing even harder, but for some reason, it felt BETTER. I glanced down at my watch and it said: 45:32. Weird, eh?

Now for me, at the end of a really good ride, I start to moan and grunt a little. I shift around on my seat, and when I reach the top of a hill, I'll say, "Ohhhhhhhh." I also get pretty frisky when I get tired. I joke around with whoever is at hand, and laugh at my own jokes before they do. Hahahahahahahaha!! That said, I was teasing Darryl at the end of our ride. I'd read (on his blog) how he had been taking garlic pills to fend off a cold, so I said to him, "It's weird, I can really smell garlic..."

Hahahahahaha!! He gave me a quick look of alarm before I started laughing. hee-hee!!

Let's other thing I can't seem to shake is the habit of saying hello to everybody. Every time I passed an oncoming rider, I would shout out a greeting. Sad to say, most cyclists looked at me like I was from another planet. Hahahahaha -- No matter, I yam what I yam!

As for Linda blowing the fur off my pooper...

Keith's wife, Linda, used a funky marinade for our BBQ chicken dinner. The label guarantees to "blow your fur off your pooper", so needless to say, that got all of us laughing pretty hard, pretty quick. In fact, Keith promised payment if I posted it as a title...LOL!!!!

However, I am liking the expression in and of itself -- I didn't need to be bribed. Just think of all the cool uses for that phrase...

1. After climbing a particularly grueling hill: "Man! That really blew the fur off my pooper!"


2. After blasting down at least 70km/hour while escaping a near miss with a gravel patch: "That blew the fur off my pooper!"



Keith said...

This is Linda - I'd like to point out that it was the sauce (not me personally) who blew Julie's pooper fur (& for the record, the sauce is not that hot despite the claim on the bottle). LOL Julie & let us do this again sometime soon - maybe I'll get to meet the elusive Mike someday:)

Keith said...

Keith this time. Linda had a cunning plot to distract me with oatmeal so that she could read Julie's blog and comment first.

You guys should know that during her 45 min 'feeling TERRIBLE' she blew past me during the easy ride to 22X and I think passed Darryl as well. There's something hypnotic about it. She gets into aero, and then her legs are the only thing moving. (I wasn't behind Darryl long enough to get any details.)

The other bikers on this road tend to just wave or nod when they're going the other direction. I can see why they don't wave, if they're downhill at 70+ Kph (45+mph). Some pass and chat for a minute. But some of them pass you and don't say anything, just whoosh off ahead.

I hope you never lose the habit of saying hello to everyone! There isn't enough of that going around.

And sorry about no photos. We could of at least got a group shot of us and our bikes.

streaker said...

awww I missed a Julie visit and the road to nepal! I love the road to nepal so much.

I'm the same way for time. I need to be good a warmed up before I can really have some fun.

Julie said...


Susi said...

love the road to nepal! glad you guys had an awesome visit!!! i'm still laughing at the fur thing. tee hee.

Cath said...

Sounds good fun! I had a Pass special wind ride yesterday - just trying to stay upright was all I could do, made me think of the Pass!

Jase landed in Fernie last night, so if you get a chance give him a shout to say hi :)


Amy said...

Sounded like a great ride AND dinner. :) I am so excited it's springtime. Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can all enjoy the outdoors!!!!