Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Smoothies and Quinoa

One of the greatest reasons to travel (for me) is to find out what other people eat. I am not very creative with food, so the only changes I make are when I am exposed to a new meal or way of preparing stuff.

When I was in Victoria and stayed with my beautiful friend, Kelsey, she taught me a bunch of things. It was the day after the race, and I was secretly dreaming of waffles, but she suggested a green smoothie...

I'm game for anything, and knowing Kelsey, the smoothie would not only be amazingly nutritious, but tasty too. Remember her Boundless Energy Bar recipe? True to form, her smoothie was so good, I gulped mine down in 3 swallows while she enjoyed hers. Hahahahaha!! Next was the quinoa.

Now, Susi has exposed me to this the last time she stayed at my place, but I hadn't worked up the nerve to cook it myself. But holy crap is it ever good! I'm an oatmeal gal through and through, but quinoa is much more filling and less gluey. I can eat a big honking bowl of quinoa and go for a run, whereas if I ate a big bowl of oatmeal, I'm FULL and then starving an hour later. Kelsey, I'm a convert!!!!! :) :) :)

Here's the proof... My Magic Bullet came out of retirement!
Ingredient list: Spinach, Kale, Mango, Banana, Almond butter, Flax oil, and some Milk. Kelsey used almond milk, so I CREATIVELY decided to used almond butter and milk myself --- WOW, eh? See? Now I'm all motivated. Hahahahahaha!!

Green Smoothie --- YUM!!!! :)

And here is the quinoa...The great thing about it, is that you don't have to measure the amount of water or quinoa. Just boil a bit of water, then throw in some quinoa (and I also added almonds and raisins). Cover and let it boil away until the quinoa absorbs the water. Scoop into a bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon, and you're set! IT IS SO GOOD!!!

I had a great ride yesterday up Highwood Pass. It was one of those days where the wind is blowing at you both ways, but I was in heaven. There were quite a few cyclists out, but got lonely pretty quick the higher I ascended. The road was in great condition and the sun was warm -- it only got a little cooler when I got right up there.

I was prepared though -- food, camelbak full of water, clothes, spare tubes and cartridges... ;)

The descent wasn't as fast as it could have been due to the wind, so my 2.5 hour ride ended up being just shy of 3 hours. Then it was a hard run for me after -- 10 sets of 30 sec hard and 30 sec easy followed by 10 min easy running. I just about died 10 times, I swear. My left quad started to seize up too -- that was a first! Hahahahaha!

All that kept me going was visions of me immersing my legs in the ice cold river...

As soon as I finished my run, I grabbed my chilled V8 from the car, took off my shoes, slipped on some sandals and toodled on down to the river. (Keith and Jenna have already read this practically verbatim, so sorry guys! Hahahaha!) This was where I made my most important discovery!! The river was raging, but I found the perfect water throne -- a place to sit and get my legs fully covered without being swept away by the river.

My GOD it was a shocker when I first got in, but I could feel my legs saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" I watched as my legs turned pink, and finally got out.

All I have to say, is that ice water really does work. My legs felt great after, and they are ready to go today! After today's run, Toby will join me in the river. The last time we went in the water, I made such a hullabaloo and noise. Sounds like this, "OH MY GAWD. OH that is COLD!" For some reason I glanced over at Toby, and she was standing mid-stream, head cocked to one side and giving me the queerest look...Hahahaha!!

OH!! I almost forgot! Amy had asked what would you do if you won the lottery after buying all the stuff you ever dreamed of, etc. Well, this is a secret goal of mine -- it doesn't necessarily have to happen because I win the lottery, but I thought I'd share it with you guys anyways...

I would LOVE to get my photo (with my bike of course) taken with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife and team. Hahahahaha!! I am serious!!! I think he is awesome!! So there you have it! Hee-hee!!


Keith said...

Waffles. mmmmmm. Like yesterday, with blackberries.
Oatmeal. mmmmmm. Especially using the large flake stuff. Takes a bit more cooking, but tastes better. Add in cranberrys, or blueberrys, or cran-raisins, some nuts, along with maple syrup. mmmmmmm.

I guess I'll have to try the quinoa. I'm not big on green stuff, so I'd probably have to close my eyes while I drank that shake, and NOT ask what's in it.

streaker said...

Keith, you won't be able to test it I awear!

Quinoa on the other had is a awesome grain. Full of protein and whole grains, keeps you full for hours!

Way to go Julie! I promise to send you more recipes.

Charlie Browne said...

Ok where do you find the local grocery store or somewhere else?

My mom has a crush on Dog!!

Julie said...

Chuck!! How was the race?

Some grocery stores have the bulk food section and I found mine there. But, you know who always has it? Those organic food/bulk food health places -- you know the ones that have all that weird stuff and seems like everything is overpriced? Same place where I found the "flax oil" and the almond butter. Kelsey said flax oil, so Julie bought flax oil. LOL!!

Jenna said...

and here I thought the Magic Bullet was a vibrator....hahahahaha!!

Just kidding!

That smoothie looks really good. I think I need to go visit Kelsey under the guise of learning how to make one!

Chuck secretly wants to get a picture with Dog's wife Beth ;) must be the boobs or the practical bounty hunter stilletos she wears:)

Runner Leana said...

You rode Highwood Pass - I think that is on my plan for this weekend. I am looking forward to checking it out!

Susi said...

bahahahaha you slay me. dog the bounty hunter! awesome. he is a cool dude though. i wish his mrs would ditch the kidney belt though, it does NOT go with shocking pink mini skirts!

isn't quinoa brilliant!! and you were scared to make it. sheesh.

i've been doing green smoothies too but using a green powder i get from the health food store. likely the fresh veggies are way better though!

and no jenna, you were so not kidding about the magic bullet! LOL.

Runner Leana said...

Thanks for the offer Julie! A few of us are meeting at the north gate though, Saturday at 10. Maybe we'll cross paths?

Amy said...

OMG, I am dying with your wish-list item. Do you know Dog sometimes films here in Denver? He's from CO originally and Patrick and I watch that show. TOO FUNNY! I hope that wish comes true!

Love the recipes, thanks for sharing. I'll have to try them. I heart my magic bullet. It's so easy to use!

Good to know about the ice. My leg is bothering me today after my run yesterday so maybe I'll try it. Brrrrrrrrrrr.