Sunday, January 17, 2010


UGH. Or should I say OWWWWWWWWW!!! The longer I run, the more I chafe underneath all my layers of clothing.

This is still a relatively new experience for me. I never had a problem with chafing before, but now.....OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I chafe all around my sports bra and around the waist line on my tights. I am pretty thorough with the Body Glide application, but today I missed some spots and later on, they welted up like an allergic reaction. So now, I am an avid user of Polysporin too. (I'm still wondering why now, all of a sudden, I am a chafer.)

Today, one side of my freaking belly button chafed!!! WTF is going on????? I put a dab of Polysporin on it before I went to the weight room, only realizing when I got there, that the oily dab of Polysporin had absorbed into my tech tank. A belly button dark spot. NICE.

By the time I got to the gym, my legs were sore from my first run session...There was hardly any wind today, hence I was clocking some serious kms compared to my usual running-in-place-on-slippery-snow-and-against-the-wind. After I showered and changed for my next run session and the weight session, I had to hobble sideways down my front stairs. Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!

Compression tights never felt sooooooooo good. :) :):) :) :)


Keith said...

All that chafing has nothing whatever to do with the dozens and dozens of hours of sweaty exercise. I'm sure of it. And the "stank" That isn't you, it's the polysporin and body glide mutating in the clothing. My theory is that since chafing is caused by clothing rubbing against skin, the solution is to wear no clothing.

It certainly solves the biggest problem many women have, one that makes chafing look like small potatoes. I refer of course, to men.

However I admit this solution leads to problems in cold weather, but no theory is perfect. It just needs more work.

Amber Dawn said...

Did you switch laundry detergents? Maybe your efforts to remove the stank have resulted in a skin reaction?

2 bikes a day, 2 runs plus weights a day...I need to quit complaining about being tired!! lol.

runningman said...

X2 on the laundry detergents. Some of those spots shouldn't chafe.

Julie said...

LOL at working out naked!!

Come to think of it, I did recently switch detergents to a hypoallergenic one.....Go figure. I wonder if that is it?

Amber -- ignore my whining -- YOU are the freaking rockstar machine!!! I need to borrow your legs for a couple of days to teach me to HTFU. :) :) :)

Runner Leana said...

I regret not taking your polysporin advice when I had a chaffing spot on my ankle from one of those timing bands. Now I have a pretty scar on my ankle from it. I really should invest in the poly!

I'm not sure what to suggest for the chaffing! If Body Glide isn't cutting it you could always try Aquaphor if that is available up here. Maybe at the pharmacy though as I haven't seen it in the local run/bike shops.

Amy said...

You are a workout machine!

Julie said...

I think I *might* have figured out why I am chafing so much -- I've lost a bit of weight and I noticed today my sports bra was a little baggy....LOL!!!!!

Cath said...

Get you, skinny malliney! That WOULD make sense x

Julie said...

Of course *they* are the first to go.....LMAO!!!!!!

Beth said...

Ouchie. That does not sound fun! I hope you can figure out a solution.